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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter 29

Jon and Alex could not get enough of each other. Jon could not believe his own reaction to her, his body's reaction to her was one he had never experienced before. He knew emotionally he could never get close enough to the exquisite creature lying beside him, but his physical need was just as urgent. His recovery time was unheard of; it seemed that he barely had enough time to catch his breath before his body was responding to her once again. Her reaction to him spurred him on; she was insatiable and willing to try anything he initiated. Her lack of experience more than compensated for in her enthusiasm.

Sometime after midnight, and several episodes of lovemaking later, Alex finally became bold enough to initiate a session herself. Though lacking in actual experience, her intimate conversations with Lanie, who was far more experienced than herself and the little reading she had done meant she was now confident and comfortable enough with Jon to try some of the techniques she had discovered.

Jon was lying on the bed one arm behind his head, the other cradling Alex to his side. They were covered to the armpits now by the downy quilt, a slight chill now in the night air. Jon had, at some point released the organza from its tethers at each corner of the bed and it now swayed in the breeze, its decorative form also functional in that it was keeping the insects at bay.

Jon doubted whether he could ever feel this content again. The woman of his dreams, for she was a woman now...no longer the girl he had met two years before, was in his arms, they were alone and the world couldn't touch them. It was bliss; at least he thought it was until Alex began to move. She threw back the doona and Jon shivered, though more from anticipation than the chill. He loved that she was comfortable enough with him so quickly that she was willing to make the first move. At least he hoped that's what it was. He wasn't disappointed.

The long slender fingers of her right hand began to trace lazy circles across his chest, his nipples immediately forming hard peaks. She trailed lower, thinking it was time to take matters into her own hands....literally. She 'walked' her hand down on her two first fingers and wrapped it around his semi errect penis. Immediately it jumped in response and began to harden further. Slowly Alex stroked her hand up and down at first avoiding the head; she didn't want him peaking to early after all. Alex kissed him tenderly, and then as her hand worked his swollen cock, she began to lay gentle kisses across his torso following the path her hand had taken.

She took each nipple in her mouth in turn, teasing, titillating, but didn't pause there for too long anxious to get to her prize. She circled his navel with her tongue then with the tip barely touching flesh took a direct path to the base of his penis. As Alex moved lower a trail of silky curls ticked Jon's chest and abdomen, and just as he was wondering what it would feel like on his thighs, she flicked her head and the tangle of tresses fell across them, causing goose bumps to rise and giving her a perfect view of his reaction. Her hand continued its slow pumping action low on his shaft as her mouth found its way to the top, laying kisses along the way. She kissed the circumcised head, before following the slit with her tongue, tasting the evidence of their earlier lovemaking.

Then she let her mouth envelop him. Her luscious lips, swollen from passionate kisses, surrounded him as she moved up and down over his cock. She could not deep-throat yet, that would come with time, but she managed to take the majority of his length into her mouth on each downstroke and on the up she would pause to flick over the sensitive area of flesh just below the head with the tip of her tongue several times before moving back down.

Alex's reward came in the way of Jon's response, deep, husky moans and groans escaped him involuntarily. His hips began to move almost of their own volition, pumping in and out of her mouth. When he did this Alex would pause and pull way, prolonging his pleasure...and the sweet pain that came of ecstasy. When he settled down she would begin again, each time taking him to the precipice but not allowing him to go over.

Jon had had just about all that he could stand, one hand gained purchase on a bed post, while the other formed a tight white knuckled fist at his side. It was taking every ounce of control he possessed not to grab her head and fuck her mouth senseless. Alex glanced up over his body, admiring the beauty of it, his abs taught with unreleased tension; a film of perspiration glistened on his tanned skin and seemed to glow in the flicker of the fire torches that surrounded them. His eyes had lost focus now, she knew he was close, his bottom lip clenched between his teeth. His nipples stood proud and erect through the dark fur that laid a trail from her position and widened as it approached his chest. She reached up and flicked one lightly with a nail.

"Oh God.... Ali ...I can't... h-h-hold it...any...... I'm gonna c-cum" Jon panted short of breath.

In response Alex moved to the tip of his cock and sucked harder, giving Jon the signal that it was ok to cum she was ready for him. For the final time she moved down his length, a gravely moan erupting from her throat, and Jon came undone. She clenched then released the base of his penis to extend his orgasm, tide after tide of cum erupted from him and she swallowed all of the creamy tangy fluid hungrily. Alex continued to suck Jon's cock until the flow was exhausted, when even the slightest touch on his sensitive head made him flinch and spasm. She then moved up his body to lie beside him.

He rolled over and kissed her thoroughly, tasting himself in the velvety depths of her mouth. She had been hesitant to initiate a kiss, not sure whether he would want to or not, but she was more than happy to participate.

"Now you are sure you've never done this before?" Jon asked playfully when he got his breath back.

"Of course I'm sure I ...." Alex trailed off when she looked into his eyes and saw the laughter there. "Oh YOU, you..." She didn't get any more out than that. He rolled her onto her back and his mouth came down on hers and any words or even coherent thoughts were lost.

Their lovemaking continued through the early hours of the morning, sometimes slow and sensual, other times passionate and explosive. The long awaited and highly anticipated union heightening every sensation each of them experienced until they finally fell asleep sated and exhausted in each other's arms.

When Alex awoke a golden glow surrounded her. She reached to the other side of the bed for Jon but he was gone. She stretched languorously and opened her eyes slowly to the glare to witness a fiery orb rising leisurely from ocean and then he was there beside her lifting her from the bed and carrying her beyond a copse of trees just feet away where a claw foot bath sat on a raised timber deck overlooking the ocean. Gently he lowered her through the white cloud of bubbles into the steaming hot water then slipped in behind, his legs and arms surrounding her. Alex relaxed back into him resting her head on his shoulder and he kissed her temple tenderly. She tilted her head so she could feel his mouth where she craved it most, for her entire life she would never experience kisses like his, filled with urgency and passion and longing and lust yet so patient and tender and loving. As the sun crept slowly up into the sky the lovers silently enjoyed the view and each other's company.

Both Alex and Jon were now feeling the pressure of time slipping away, but did their best to ignore it, instead focusing on each other exchanging soft and sensual caresses, heated kisses, and lusty lovemaking. Long before they were ready it was noon and the yacht had returned to ferry them back to the mainland. As they gathered their things, no words were spoken. They weren't required. The look in each other's eyes was enough to convey the change that had occurred in them both. Neither was quite ready to confront reality head on and as the boat slipped away from their island paradise, they were each consumed by those nagging insecurities that the real world would bring. Where do we go from here? It was not a question that would be easily answered.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible night...and what does the rest of the week hold? How do you say goodbye after a hello like that?

Happy THanksgiving, Venus!


Anonymous said...

That was on hell of a romantic night Jon planned for them. Amazing!!! So sad that it has to come to an end & they have to face real life. I hope they can keep the magic alive that is them.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!