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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapter 22

The evening went well with everyone enjoying good food and better company. Most of the girls there were not as Alex had expected from first impressions. True, the majority were hookers or strippers but a few were just normal suburban girls like herself, who held down office jobs or similar, some of which had families or boyfriends. Most of the girls were friendly and happy to get along except for a small minority who resented having to share, and in particular having to share Jon with Alex, who was clearly entranced by her.

Alex had taken her seat between Jon and Richie and was now imbedded in conversation with the band. Each of them had a female partner at the table, none of whom, thankfully, belonged to the bitchy minority. The group laughed and chatted amicably. David, whose date Amanda was a pretty legal secretary from Adelaide, kept every one amused as usual. Tico, for the most part, chatted quietly to his date Carmen, a fiery South American beauty who worked for a small art gallery in Melbourne. Alec was flanked by Candi and Bambi, bottle blonde, fake breasted, Barbie impersonating sisters from Queensland whose claim to fame was being the star attraction at one of the Gold Coast's hottest strip clubs. Jon and Richie bantered back and forth the entire evening, trading good natured jibes, while Alex and Richie's date Elle, a natural blonde bombshell who had had some success modelling for fashion magazines and who was none too pleased with Jon for his interruption in Sydney, looked on in bewildered amusement.

Slowly as the night went on, couples and some trios began to pair up and take their leave, each of the band members coming past to kiss Alex goodnight on their way out. She had made fast friends with them all over the past eighteen or so hours, only Alec left her slightly uneasy but she was sure that was something she would get past given time. Eventually all that remained were Richie and Elle, Jon and Alex. Jon ever so subtly gave Richie the hint it was time to go, Richie finally getting it about a half hour later.

Richie bid Alex and Jon goodnight, hugging her from behind he whispered in her ear. "Be kind to him Darlin'. He's got it real bad."

Elle said goodnight as Richie grabbed her hand to lead her back to the villa neighbouring Jon's at the far end of the resort. He had plans for her and he hoped this time he wouldn't be interrupted.

"She's lovely" Alex said when the pair were out of ear shot. "She doesn't like you much though."

"No, if I am assuming correctly I interrupted ah...let's say her time with Rich back in Sydney. She obviously hasn't forgiven me" He said with an amused grin.

"You interrupted them?" She questioned.

"That night I'd seen you dancing for Rick, well I thought it was you, I went back to the hotel to and went to see Rich. He greeted me at the door with a hard-on and a frown, and I'd say Elle was the inspiration. I left him to it but he was at my door ten minutes later to commiserate" He explained.

"Can't say as I blame her in that case, I don't like my toys being taken away either."

"Yeah well it wouldn't be the first time it happened and it won't be the last either. Back when we were writing Slippery, I'd roll up to Rich's house around one, he'd still be in bed so I always had to let myself in cause his Mum and Dad were both at work. Well going into his room was always a little scary....I never knew who or what I'd find in there with him." Jon said on a laugh.

Alex enjoyed the twinkle in his eyes and laughed along with him, and could only imagine just what it was he had discovered in Richie's bed.

"Can I get you another drink Ali?"

"Thanks, but no. This Martini is a little like rocket fuel, if I have anything else I don't think I'll be able to stand let alone walk home, which is really where I should be headed." She said indicating the drink before her. She was enjoying it but her head was starting to spin ever so slightly and she knew that she'd need every ounce of her senses to be able to resist him.

"I can always carry you"

"Ummm... I don't think that would be the best of ideas"

"Why?" He reached across and took her hand in his, tracing slow circles on the back with his thumb until goose-bumps began to rise and she pulled away.

"We've been through this Jon. Please let's not do it again and ruin a beautiful evening. I'm not going to deny anymore that I want you. That would be a lie and just plain stupid but I can't go there, especially not now, not after this afternoon." Tears began to sting Alex's eyes and she looked away.

Jon turned her face back towards him and could see the film of unshed tears in her eyes "Ok baby, I won't push. But despite what I said today, I will wait. You did know that was just my bruised ego talking didn't you?"

"You know what? No I didn't. I still don't. Jon it's your intent to cheat on your wife with me. Why wouldn't I expect you to cheat on me with them?"

Jon didn't have an answer for her. At least not a considered one as it was the last thing he expected to hear. In his own mind he was so sure of his feelings for her, that he hadn't even considered another woman sexually... not even his wife.

Alex sat patiently waiting for his response. After hearing his conversation with his wife she wondered what spin he would put on this.

After a few minutes of thought Jon was ready to respond. "Ok... god this is hard. I don't want to lie to you Ali, you've been honest with me and I don't want us to be based on a lie. I can't tell you that I would never cheat. I have had one night stands, too many to even count, and I can't honestly say that it won't happen again. It's hard when your hundreds of miles away from your loved ones Alex.... I can't guarantee that loneliness would never lead me astray. What I can guarantee though is that I will never be as emotionally invested in anyone as I am in you, and that includes my wife. The women on tour are just a hole to poke; a quick fuck or blow job." Alex flinched at the term. "Sorry if that was a bit too graphic but that's all they are. They come and go within the hour. But you...you have had a piece of my heart from that very first moment I held you in my arms. And I know now that it's a piece I won't ever get back."

Jon's honesty was confronting but appreciated. "Thank you for not spinning that." Alex said. "The thing is Jon, I just don't think I can be that girl to sit around and wait for you. If I wasn't so "emotionally invested" to use your terms, it wouldn't be an issue for me to sleep with you. But I am and it is. I would have loved for you to be my first Jon, even now there is a part of me that still wants it, but can't you understand, that would just make it so much harder when eventually it all falls apart. I can't see a happy ending here Jon. No matter how hard I try."

"Alex I promise I won't push you into anything, I know I couldn't even if I wanted to, but I will give you the time you need. But please...please just take some time and consider what we have and what we'd be losing"

Alex nodded, downed the rest of her Martini and rose from her seat.

"Where are you going?" Jon grabbed her hand.

"Back to my room. It's been a long day."

"Not yet! Dance with me?" He asked her not wanting to release her just yet.

"Jon, don't be silly...the bands packed up and there isn't even a sound system or radio" She said looking down at him.

"That, I can fix" he said on a grin.

Jon pushed his chair back and slowly stood to take Alex into his arms and move her out into the open. His taut muscles strained beneath her hands and his warm breath tickled her neck as he began to sing, soft and low...

If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right
If being right means livin' without you I'd rather live a wrong doing life
My mama and daddy say it's a shame, it's a downright disgrace
But as long as I got you by my side I don't care what people say

Your friends tell you there's no future in loving a married man
If I can't see you when I want I'll see you when I can
If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right
If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right

Am I wrong to fall so deeply in love with you?
Knowing I got a wife depending on me too
Am I wrong to hunger for the gentleness of your touch?
Knowing I got someone else at home who needs me just as much

Are you wrong to give your love to a married man?
And am I wrong for tryin' to hold on to the best thing I ever had?
If lovin' you is wrong I don't want to be right
If lovin' you is wrong I don't want to be right

The couple danced close, body to body, soul to soul, as one. With the slightest pause in the song Jon would nip at Alex's ear or kiss her throat, all the while his strong hands gently stroking up and down her back, causing explosions of heat every time he touched the bare skin above her dress. She had her head buried in his neck, breathing in his scent, and feeling the vibration of his song on her lips as she pressed feather-light kisses up and down. She knew then what she would do. If loving him was wrong she didn't want to be right, she wanted to be his, whether for the night or a lifetime, she would deal with the repercussions later.

She could feel his arousal beginning to grow and his body tense. As he finished the song she reached with one hand, and fisting her fingers in his silky hair pulled his face towards hers and kissed him gently, licking at his lips. They opened for her and she kissed him soundly. She lifted his T shirt seeking the warm skin beneath and bought her hands around to nest in his fur, finding the firm pebbles within.

Jon cupped her cheeks delicately in his hands and deepened the kiss further before wrapping his arms around her once more and dragging her tighter in to him so she could feel his intent. Her hands began to tremble in anticipation of what was to come when he moved his hand lower to grasp the firm, rounded flesh of her other cheeks. He wanted to spread her wide on the table before him and plunge into her, lose himself in her. He had never felt so out of control with a woman before, his resolve to do things right, tested to the extreme, as he melted into her...


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