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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chapter 1

He stood anxiously before the huge expanse of plate glass that served as a bedroom window, his attention fixed at the end of a long tree lined drive. This was the best vantage point in the “cabin” to view any arrivals, and he didn’t want to miss a second of this one. His life as a rock star afforded him many luxuries, but time was not one of them. What little he did have was spent with his family, except for the time he had stolen for her. It had been many years since their first meeting, the one at which she had stolen his heart. His crystal blue eyes lost focus as his mind drifted back to that first meeting.
It was 1987 and his first time in Australia. He and the band, his “brothers” were riding an all time high. Their album was number one worldwide and here they were on the other side of the world playing to capacity crowds. Tonight’s was the first of five Sydney shows backing up six in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. He had been tired, so tired in fact, it surprised him that knew where he was. It wouldn’t have been the first time he’d forgotten, so he had taken to writing the name of city on the palm of his hand for use during the show. It was the tail end of the tour. They had been on the road for about fifteen months now but thankfully tour would soon be over, just six weeks to go and he’d be home. The day previous had been a rare free day so he and the band had spent it relaxing on a yacht on beautiful Sydney Harbour. It was the break he had needed to recharge and focus, and it had left him feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world again. There was no need for writing on his palm tonight. Tonight he knew exactly where he was.

It was almost time for them to take the stage and he was pumped. The band, his band, his namesake Bon Jovi, had already gone through their usual preparation, warming up muscles and voices. As his brothers moved off, getting ready to take their positions on the stage, Jon retreated to his quick change dressing room. It was located beneath the stage and was adjacent to the stairs that would lead him up to his place in the spotlight, after each band member had taken their position. While shadow boxing around the small space Jon could hear the roar of the crowd as the support act finished and stage technicians began to set the stage for the main event. It wouldn’t be long now. He walked closer to the curtain that obscured the room, and its occupants, from view of the auditorium and inched it open, just enough to peek out.

The venue was packed to capacity. His eyes scanned the thousands of faces in the crowd, but came to a rapid halt when they fell upon her, it was a very rare thing indeed for one face to stand out in a crowd of thousands, but she certainly did. Her manner was like an island of tranquillity in an ocean of hysteria. All around her fans screamed and chatted animatedly in anticipation of the impending show, yet she stood calm and serene, almost aloof as she studiously examined the equipment installed throughout the arena. It made him wonder if she was a fan at all, a notion that rather intrigued him.

She stood in the front row of the first elevation to the side of the stage, merely ten to twelve metres from where he stood. She was breathtaking, literally breathtaking, it took him long moments to realise that he had been holding his breath since spotting her. She was gazing in his general direction and for a moment he thought that she may have even spotted him looking out when he saw her squint, trying to better focus her eyes in the dim light but she became distracted by something in the row behind and turned to investigate.

As the woman turned Jon noted that her long auburn hair cascaded down her back in loose curls and stopped just above deliciously rounded hips. He imagined her hair felt like the finest silk and longed to run his fingers through it to find out. Her slim legs were fitted into tight jeans that were fastened at her tiny waist with a large silver buckled black leather belt. She wore a fitted white tank, the neckline of which plunged low enough to hint at the ample cleavage contained beneath yet protected her modesty. He tore his eyes from her breasts and looked into the face of an angel. She had fine chiselled features, a delicate nose and large expressive eyes, the colour of which remained undetermined. Her full luscious lips held the barest hint of a smile. His stomach clenched as he thought what those lips would taste like. At that moment he heard David on the keys playing the first strains Pink Flamingo’s. It was his cue to join his band mates.

As Jon ascended the narrow staircase that led to the stage, a plan formed in his mind, it had never been done before but he hoped it would work. He stopped at the top of the stairs that led to the rear of Tico’s drum kit, just shy of public view, pulled aside his head of security, Reg - at least that’s what he was calling himself this week, and explained just what he wanted done to set his plan in motion. As Jon ran out into the spotlight he knew that life didn’t get much better than this.

“Hello Sydney, are you ready to rock ‘n roll” he shouted into the microphone, and with that his night began.


Anonymous said...


I have just started reading your story and I wanted to say, it's great. :)


allina_90 said...

Ouuuuh, a new and great sounding story!

I just found your story on topix.com and couldn't resist but read a bit. It sounds really great so far ;)


Sunstreaked said...

I just love fics that have puppy elements in them! Glad to have been directed here and so glad to have a new fic to read.

I like the set up. He must have been exhausted during those years!

TaraLeigh said...

Great opener, V!
I was feeling a little FF this morning and decided to stop by and see just what Edge was about.

I must say...I do love redheads in stories. ;)

Very visual scene--the roar of the crowd was palpable and yet in the middle of it all--just one face.

I bet that happens to him a lot.