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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter 29

Jon and Alex could not get enough of each other. Jon could not believe his own reaction to her, his body's reaction to her was one he had never experienced before. He knew emotionally he could never get close enough to the exquisite creature lying beside him, but his physical need was just as urgent. His recovery time was unheard of; it seemed that he barely had enough time to catch his breath before his body was responding to her once again. Her reaction to him spurred him on; she was insatiable and willing to try anything he initiated. Her lack of experience more than compensated for in her enthusiasm.

Sometime after midnight, and several episodes of lovemaking later, Alex finally became bold enough to initiate a session herself. Though lacking in actual experience, her intimate conversations with Lanie, who was far more experienced than herself and the little reading she had done meant she was now confident and comfortable enough with Jon to try some of the techniques she had discovered.

Jon was lying on the bed one arm behind his head, the other cradling Alex to his side. They were covered to the armpits now by the downy quilt, a slight chill now in the night air. Jon had, at some point released the organza from its tethers at each corner of the bed and it now swayed in the breeze, its decorative form also functional in that it was keeping the insects at bay.

Jon doubted whether he could ever feel this content again. The woman of his dreams, for she was a woman now...no longer the girl he had met two years before, was in his arms, they were alone and the world couldn't touch them. It was bliss; at least he thought it was until Alex began to move. She threw back the doona and Jon shivered, though more from anticipation than the chill. He loved that she was comfortable enough with him so quickly that she was willing to make the first move. At least he hoped that's what it was. He wasn't disappointed.

The long slender fingers of her right hand began to trace lazy circles across his chest, his nipples immediately forming hard peaks. She trailed lower, thinking it was time to take matters into her own hands....literally. She 'walked' her hand down on her two first fingers and wrapped it around his semi errect penis. Immediately it jumped in response and began to harden further. Slowly Alex stroked her hand up and down at first avoiding the head; she didn't want him peaking to early after all. Alex kissed him tenderly, and then as her hand worked his swollen cock, she began to lay gentle kisses across his torso following the path her hand had taken.

She took each nipple in her mouth in turn, teasing, titillating, but didn't pause there for too long anxious to get to her prize. She circled his navel with her tongue then with the tip barely touching flesh took a direct path to the base of his penis. As Alex moved lower a trail of silky curls ticked Jon's chest and abdomen, and just as he was wondering what it would feel like on his thighs, she flicked her head and the tangle of tresses fell across them, causing goose bumps to rise and giving her a perfect view of his reaction. Her hand continued its slow pumping action low on his shaft as her mouth found its way to the top, laying kisses along the way. She kissed the circumcised head, before following the slit with her tongue, tasting the evidence of their earlier lovemaking.

Then she let her mouth envelop him. Her luscious lips, swollen from passionate kisses, surrounded him as she moved up and down over his cock. She could not deep-throat yet, that would come with time, but she managed to take the majority of his length into her mouth on each downstroke and on the up she would pause to flick over the sensitive area of flesh just below the head with the tip of her tongue several times before moving back down.

Alex's reward came in the way of Jon's response, deep, husky moans and groans escaped him involuntarily. His hips began to move almost of their own volition, pumping in and out of her mouth. When he did this Alex would pause and pull way, prolonging his pleasure...and the sweet pain that came of ecstasy. When he settled down she would begin again, each time taking him to the precipice but not allowing him to go over.

Jon had had just about all that he could stand, one hand gained purchase on a bed post, while the other formed a tight white knuckled fist at his side. It was taking every ounce of control he possessed not to grab her head and fuck her mouth senseless. Alex glanced up over his body, admiring the beauty of it, his abs taught with unreleased tension; a film of perspiration glistened on his tanned skin and seemed to glow in the flicker of the fire torches that surrounded them. His eyes had lost focus now, she knew he was close, his bottom lip clenched between his teeth. His nipples stood proud and erect through the dark fur that laid a trail from her position and widened as it approached his chest. She reached up and flicked one lightly with a nail.

"Oh God.... Ali ...I can't... h-h-hold it...any...... I'm gonna c-cum" Jon panted short of breath.

In response Alex moved to the tip of his cock and sucked harder, giving Jon the signal that it was ok to cum she was ready for him. For the final time she moved down his length, a gravely moan erupting from her throat, and Jon came undone. She clenched then released the base of his penis to extend his orgasm, tide after tide of cum erupted from him and she swallowed all of the creamy tangy fluid hungrily. Alex continued to suck Jon's cock until the flow was exhausted, when even the slightest touch on his sensitive head made him flinch and spasm. She then moved up his body to lie beside him.

He rolled over and kissed her thoroughly, tasting himself in the velvety depths of her mouth. She had been hesitant to initiate a kiss, not sure whether he would want to or not, but she was more than happy to participate.

"Now you are sure you've never done this before?" Jon asked playfully when he got his breath back.

"Of course I'm sure I ...." Alex trailed off when she looked into his eyes and saw the laughter there. "Oh YOU, you..." She didn't get any more out than that. He rolled her onto her back and his mouth came down on hers and any words or even coherent thoughts were lost.

Their lovemaking continued through the early hours of the morning, sometimes slow and sensual, other times passionate and explosive. The long awaited and highly anticipated union heightening every sensation each of them experienced until they finally fell asleep sated and exhausted in each other's arms.

When Alex awoke a golden glow surrounded her. She reached to the other side of the bed for Jon but he was gone. She stretched languorously and opened her eyes slowly to the glare to witness a fiery orb rising leisurely from ocean and then he was there beside her lifting her from the bed and carrying her beyond a copse of trees just feet away where a claw foot bath sat on a raised timber deck overlooking the ocean. Gently he lowered her through the white cloud of bubbles into the steaming hot water then slipped in behind, his legs and arms surrounding her. Alex relaxed back into him resting her head on his shoulder and he kissed her temple tenderly. She tilted her head so she could feel his mouth where she craved it most, for her entire life she would never experience kisses like his, filled with urgency and passion and longing and lust yet so patient and tender and loving. As the sun crept slowly up into the sky the lovers silently enjoyed the view and each other's company.

Both Alex and Jon were now feeling the pressure of time slipping away, but did their best to ignore it, instead focusing on each other exchanging soft and sensual caresses, heated kisses, and lusty lovemaking. Long before they were ready it was noon and the yacht had returned to ferry them back to the mainland. As they gathered their things, no words were spoken. They weren't required. The look in each other's eyes was enough to convey the change that had occurred in them both. Neither was quite ready to confront reality head on and as the boat slipped away from their island paradise, they were each consumed by those nagging insecurities that the real world would bring. Where do we go from here? It was not a question that would be easily answered.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chapter 28

She had waited two long years for this moment, and as she laid there and admired his naked form Alex couldn't quite believe that her dream was finally coming true.

"Oh my God you're gorgeous" She said softly looking at him in awe. "I can't believe I am really here with you"

"Baby it's you that's gorgeous. I'm just an average guy, lying here waiting for you to love me."

He was still lying on his side leaning on his arm so she reached up to pull him down to her. His lips met hers in a kiss filled with such heated passion they almost expected to combust. His mouth soon left hers and found its way to her breasts, soft pliable mounds of flesh with rock hard peaks that ached for his consideration. Jon's hand travelled down her body and she arched her hips showing him where she wanted it to stop but he merely traced the outside edge of her curls and continued on down her thigh. He paused and drew lazy circles with the tip of his middle finger on the underside of her knee before making his way back up and repeating the action on the other side.

"Roll over Ali"


"I said roll over" he stressed each word and this time she did his bidding without a fuss.

Jon used his fingertips to trace feather light patterns all over the back of her body and down her sides. She had brought her hands up to support her head leaving the edges of her breasts exposed and he would occasionally glide over them with the nail of his pinkie finger, at which point he would be rewarded with a gentle mewing sound. He soon incorporated the use of his mouth following behind the path that his fingers laid down, alternating between delicate kisses and tantalising swipes of his warm tongue.

No exposed part of her lacked his attentions, from the tips of her toes to the nape of her neck, but it was not enough, not for Alex. Just when she thought she would go insane, every inch of her skin on fire, he rolled her over and started again, touching, caressing, everywhere but where she needed him the most.

"OH God Jon pleeease" She begged him and it was almost... almost enough to tip him over the edge, to abandon his plans ...but not quite.

He softy blew on the manicured curls at her center and she arched up off the bed but he had already moved on, creating a gentle breeze as he moved up over her taught stomach and ribs on his way to her breasts. He gently sucked on each in turn then blew on them gently causing them to pucker and become erect.

"Jon please no more torture, I need you now, I want to feel you inside me" He did not respond. And I want to be inside you but not yet...

He flicked the nub on one before moving to the other and gently nipping on it, grazing it between gentle teeth. As his mouth continued its ministrations on her breasts his hand came to rest on her rib cage and began to move lower, lower but it stopped short just shy of its target on her pelvic bone, his fingers tapping out a slow rhythm.

Alex trembled as a mini orgasm overtook her. She was so frustrated she thought she would scream. She was ready for him, more than ready, she could feel the wetness between her thighs,now trickling towards the bed. Finally she could stand it no longer. She moved her hand to her dripping pussy and was just about to slide a finger in to her warm folds when Jon pulled her hand away.

"OH no you don't" he took both of her hands and pinned them together above her head and kissed her soundly. "You can put on a show for me a little later baby, but for now I'm in control"

As Jon moved from her mouth down her neck and back towards her breasts he was glad that he had taken things into his own hands in the shower earlier. It was the only thing saving him from embarrassing himself, for had he not done so, he would have lasted no more than a minute after her dress came off. He could understand her frustration and knew the time was right to step things up a notch.

"I need to move now, will you be a good girl if I let your hands go?" He asked her. Alex nodded, unable to trust her voice.

Jon let go of her hands and kissed and licked his way down her body. He paused at each breast then moments later at her navel where he emulated what he would be doing soon after with another part of her body. He continued to move lower. He tenderly parted her thighs with his hands and lowered his head between them where gently nipped at her outer lips with flesh covered teeth. It was all it took to send her into a mind shattering orgasm. She didn't even feel it build, she was already so on edge. He moved back up to kiss her, giving her a moment to come back down before moving back down to plunge deeper into her core.

Again Jon started with her outer lips, kissing, licking, teasing. He parted them with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand to gain better access to the source of her pleasure. With the tip of his tongue he teased all around her clit with light flicks but barely touched it. He moved lower, licking her several times, in long slow strokes from bottom to top stoping just short if her erect bud causing her to moan and writhe beneath him. He looked up at her over her mound and found she was watching him intently. His cock was purple and straining, he couldn't last much longer.

Alex looked down upon Jon, his head contentedly between her thighs showing no sign of letting up. She lifted herself onto her elbows for a better viewpoint. She wanted to see everything she was feeling.

The knowledge that Alex was watching him urged Jon on. He slipped first one then two fingers inside her. He knew when he had found that special hidden pleasure trigger, for she bucked at first touch. Jon went to work in earnest then, his fingers plunged in and out of her increasing in intensity. He set his tongue to work on her clit, alternating between flicking lightly and sucking.

"OH FUCK JON ..YES... Oh my sweet lord yes.....right there" Alex reached down with one hand and gripped his hair, holding him into her. Each flick of her over sensitised clit now caused her to jump. Each time she was about to cum he would change rhythm slightly, holding her back but she was there now right on the edge and it was time to drop off.

Jon began a steady rhythm pumping in and out with his fingers. He placed a gentle kiss on Alex's clit then sucked it into his mouth, stretched it and released. He took it between his lips again and sucked gently, occasionally tonguing the small nub as he went. Jon continued this action until he felt her body begin to tense. He removed his fingers from her clenching pussy and replaced them with his tongue plunging as deep as he could, lapping at her sweet juice.

Alex no longer able to support herself in the throws of passion slumped back onto the bed, she could no longer see anyway...her vision now blurry. She had never felt so intense an orgasm. It started as a tingle in the very tips of her toes and built as it travelled up her body. One hand tangled in Jon's hair, the other in the beautiful bed linen. She felt she would die of ecstasy, that she would explode or implode...something. Just when she thought she couldn't get any higher Jon gave one last hard suck on her clit and she started to buck uncontrollably but he did not stop. He pumped her pussy with his fingers prolonging her orgasm but was mindful to avoid her now painfully sensitive clit.

When she had finally come down he moved above her. Alex could feel his arousal pressing firmly into her thigh. She pulled him down for a kiss and tasted her self on his lips, tangy, musky and sweet. She kissed him deeply, thoroughly.

"Are you ready baby?"


"You're sure?"

"Will you just get on with it and fuck me. I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel this inside me" Alex said as she gripped his straining member.

Jon positioned himself above her. Her touch had felt like fire scorching his skin. He couldn't wait any longer, he wouldn't last long as it was. He guided himself to her entrance then paused. He looked to her for confirmation and at her nod applied a slight amount of pressure. Her hymen was still intact and he felt its resistance. He pushed a little harder and felt her tense.

"OH God baby are you OK? I don't want to hurt you." He said with so much compassion that it bought a tear to her eye.

"I'm fine, baby, please just do it. I want you inside me...all of you."

With one firm push he was fully seated within her. She was warm and wet and felt so good. He stayed still for a moment before beginning to stroke in and out, slowly at first all the way in, all the way out. He kissed her tenderly his tongue reflecting the motion of his cock, slow and steady.

"You feel so good baby..I love how you feel inside me" Alex said, her tender tone belying the urgency she now felt as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Harder Jon, please..."

He didn't need to be asked twice the change in position had granted him deeper access, she engulfed him completely and as he began to move in and out slowly increasing his speed he could feel her starting to contract around him once again.

"Jesus Alex, you feel so good, you feel like home." He paused all motion then. "Look into my eyes baby please"

Alex did as she was instructed "Now don't look away, look right here" he said and pointed at the crystal blue pools that were his eyes.

Once again Alex obeyed, she held his gaze as he began to move, faster, harder, until she found herself bring her hips up to met him. Jon felt her begin to tremble amd new she was close.

"Wait for me baby" He pumped into her at a feverish pace now and only moments later the two of them exploded in pleasure wrapped in each others arms, staring deep into the others eyes. Alex trembled from within as she felt Jon's seed spill deep inside her, the force with which he had cum astonishing her.

"Ali" Jon said still laying above her, intimately connected.

"Yes Jon" All of her attention was focused on him. Every sense was heightened, every nerve tingled.

"I love you Alex! You don't have to say anything... I just needed you to know that what I feel is real. This is real." It was the most honest moment of his life thus far, his eyes glazed over with unshed tears.

Alex considered him for a long moment. Before struggling to speak "Jon"

"Yes baby? Oh Geez, are you OK? Am I hurting you?" He attempted to move off her but she held him still.

"No Jon I'm fine, please don't move. I love feeling this close to you"

He simply smiled at her "Me too"

"Jon" she paused unsure whether to continue.

"I love you too" She said, tears welled in her eyes, tears of joy but also tears of pain because she knew while she could have this, the here' and now's, she would never truly have him.

Chapter 27

Alex could not believe her eyes. How was it even possible for someone to organise this. She took a mental picture of the scene before her, knowing full well that it was something she would never forget.

Bamboo fire torches lined a red carpet on the sand, a path that led up the beach to a small clearing beyond. An amber glow flickered in the clearing, also dimly lit by bamboo torches. A large Persian rug lay covering the sandy ground and in its centre sat an ornately carved antique king size four poster bed. The canopy above was draped in white silk and gathered at each corner was fine white organza. Around the canopy were strung garlands of white plumeria blossoms, their sweet fragrance lingered in the air.

The bed itself was swathed in gold brocade, masses of plump pillows at its head. Beside the bed sat side tables, French provincial in style, the one to the left holding what appeared to be a small stereo, the one on the right, a silver tray covered by a silver dome and two champagne flutes to accompany the bottle of Crystal Champagne sat chilling in the ice bucket beside the right hand table.

Jon did not know it now but the scene before him would embed in him a deep affiliation for French provincial antiques, one that would influence his taste many years into the future. He had requested an ornate setting, a bed in the middle of a deserted paradise and was thrilled at the lengths to which the staff had gone to accommodate him. He could not have dreamed a more perfect scene.

Alex wandered around the fire-lit grove, running a shaking hand over the luxurious fabrics, she paused at the ice bucket, picking up the champagne bottle to inspect it before cradling it back gently in its icy home. She could not believe he had gone to all this trouble for her. Either his feelings for her were genuine or he was desperate to fuck her, and she couldn't imagine the later given his popularity with the fairer sex.

Slowly Jon came to her, he didn't want to spook her. She was clearly overwhelmed by the scene before her. Hell, he was in awe of it and he had planned it.

"You ok baby?" He took one of her hands and felt her trembling. "Are you cold?"

"Nuh Uh"

"You want some champagne?" he asked. She simply shook her head and moved to kiss him but he hesitated and stepped back. Alex looked at him puzzled.

"Ali, come sit with me" he said as he led her to the bed and sat beside her on the edge. "Are you sure this is what you want. It's a big step baby. I need to be sure you're ready. I'll be just as happy to lie down next to you to sleep and wake with you in my arms in the morning."

"It's what I want Jon, it's what I need, you're what I need. It's been that way since the very first night we met, I knew I wasn't ready then but I am now." She said as she took his hand in hers and bought it to her mouth lovingly kissing his palm.

Shockwaves of excitement raged through him at her touch. Finally it would happen, finally she would be his. He stood and moved to the other side of the bed where he turned a dial on the stereo so that the soft strains of Sam Cooke's 'You Send Me' filled the air, then returned to take her in his arms to dance. He pulled her in close, and they moved as one gently swaying to the music as he sang along with the song....

Darling you send me. I know you send me
Honest you do

Honest you do

Honest you do

You thrill me, I know you thrill me
Darling you thrill me
Honest you do
Honest you do
Honest you do

At first I thought it was infatuation
But it lasted so long
Now I find myself wanting
to marry you and take you home

You Send Me

You Send Me

You Send Me

Honest you do

Whenever I'm with you
Whenever I'm near you
Honest you do
I know when you hold me,
whenever you kiss me

His warm minty breath caressed her ear, the vibration of his voice as he sang causing the fine hairs on the back of her neck and arms to stand on end, and she shivered again in sweet anticipation. As the song ended he gently cradled her head in his hands and kissed her tenderly. His tongue parted her lips and then sought hers, stroking, exploring her. One of her hands came up and tangled in his hair, oh how she loved its silky length, perfect to hold on to and lose her fingers in. Her other had made its way to his firm ass, pulling him in closer if that was even possible.

They danced close like this for as long as Jon could stand it. He was trying very hard to keep the pace of the evening slow; after all they had all night and the island to themselves. He led her to the bed and sat her on the edge, she immediately missed his warmth, even in the balmy tropical evening air. He reached beneath one of the pillows and found the black silk scarf he had instructed be put there.

"Do you trust me?" He asked her.

"Should I?"

He smirked, but said nothing else as he placed the black silk scarf over her eyes. She heard the clatter of metal on metal and felt something pressed to her lips.

"Open wide baby" Alex slowly opened her legs showing him a good portion of silk clad thigh before crossing them and opening her mouth.

Jon momentarily distracted by the sight of her gartered thigh was bought back to reality when she spoke. "Well, I'm waiting"

He placed the object in her mouth and she bit down to an explosion of flavour, dark chocolate on strawberry, yum. When she had swallowed, something else brushed her lips and she opened to taste it, ripe mango, it's juices running down her jaw and onto her neck. Jon leaned in and used his tongue to clean her, catching the trail at the bottom near her clavicle and following it all the way up to her mouth where he couldn't resist a sensual kiss. She tasted of the fruits he had just fed her and he wanted to get lost in her, but not yet, he had more in store so he pulled away.

He picked up the last of the fruit from the tray and dipped it in honey before bringing it to her mouth. He pressed the tip of it to her lips and removed it so that only a trace of honey remained. Her wet pink tongue darted out to lick the sticky substance from her lips and when he brought the fruit back to her mouth she lapped at the tip of the banana and his arousal grew at the thought of that same tongue on the tip of his cock. And when she took the banana deep into her mouth and released it intact a groan escaped him.

The next thing Alex tasted was Jon. His lips met hers in a fiery kiss before he pulled away once again. She heard him walk away and an unfamiliar song began to flow from the hidden speakers. It was not soft and tender as the Sam Cooke song had been...this told of raw passion and wanting, it washed over her like the waves that crashed on the shore. She felt the bed move as he crawled up behind her, his knees creating a dip either side of her where he kneeled. He placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"This was written and recorded with you in mind, only you"

And then his voice began on the recording ...low and velvety at first, then husky and full of desire....

When I look in your eyes
I can feel the fire
I see through disquise
I can see your desire

He trailed the back of his fingers down her arms and back up again. He swept her curls aside and laid a gentle path of kisses across her shoulder, up her neck to her ear where his tongue flitted inside. Her senses were already heightened from the situation and her arousal acute and this small insignificant action almost took her over the edge.

"Jesus you're beautiful Ali, I don't think I'll ever be able to get enough of you" He turned her head and ravished her mouth with his and she responded in kind.

I can read your lips
I don't need no translation
It was more than a kiss
I want to make my donation

Every now and then he would whisper the lyrics of the song in her. It was the most sensual experience of her life. Knowing it was for her, about her...he was telling her what he wanted, what he wanted to do to her...

So turn out the lights
I'm going down slowly
Tell me what's right
Tell me you want me
Tell me you want me
Don't tell me you love me
Tell me you want me

Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby

She felt him move away again until he was standing before her. He took her hand and prompted her to stand, then turned her so that her back was to him. She felt his hand on her zipper and moments later her dress was on the floor in a crumpled heap, his mouth was once again on her neck and his hands were on her breasts and she was naked but for the shoes, the silk stockings and the garter that held them up.

Come a little bit closer
I want to play doctor
It's getting harder, harder, harder
To keep you away

Jon turned Alex around and his mouth found its way immediately to a pert breast, his tongue flickered lightly across her nipple, causing it to pucker and stiffen while his hands found their way to her ass, he dragged her into him then his hand moved on, roaming her body.

I want to taste the sweat
Rollin' off your body
We'll get the sheets all wet
Baby, I'll make you feel naughty

Turn out the lights
I'm going down slowly
Tell me what's right
Just tell me you want me
Just tell me you want me
Don't tell me you love me
Well tell me you want me, want me, want me

Lets make it baby
Lets make it baby
Lets make it baby
Lets make it baby

He couldn't get enough of her, he needed to be closer to her. He scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed. She still wore the blind fold and could only hear the rustle of his movements. When he laid down beside her on the bed she could feel his bare flesh on hers. She let her hand travel over his body, she ran her fingers through the thick, familiar hair on his chest then moved them lower, not knowing what to expect, as she, til this point, had only felt his torso.

So turn out the lights
And Baby go down slowly
Don't you tell me you want me
Don't you tell me you love me
Just tell me you...you...want me...tell me...tell me...tell me

Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby
Let's make it baby

Her hand brushed across the tip of his manhood and she felt it jump in response.

"Jon, can I take off the blind fold please?" She begged. "I want to see you. I need to see you."

Without a sound he reached up and pulled the scarf from her eyes kissing each lid in turn.

Chapter 26

On arrival back at the Villa Jon suggested that Alex might want to go check her room.

"Why? What have you done?" she asked excitedly.

"You'll have to go see for yourself" he said on a grin.

Alex took the stairs two at a time and burst through the door to her room, Jon, following behind her, laughed at her enthusiasm and thought she looked like a kid on Christmas morning. On the far wall of Alex's room stood a clothes rack full of evening gowns. She moved closer to inspect them. There were ten in total, each different in style and colour, but all her size. She picked one up and holding it against herself spun around, it's flowing skirt twirling out around her.

Jon was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame his thumbs hooked through his belt loops, with wide grin.

"Well... go on... have a good look. They're all yours if you want them, but you will need to pick at least one. You'll need it for tonight."

"Why is there a function?"

"Something like that" he said evasively. "I have to go get ready myself. Your next surprise should be here in about 20 minutes. I suggest you have a shower before it arrives"

"What surprise? Jon this is already too much. I don't need you to be buying me things, I can do things for myself now you know."

He crossed the room then, coming to a stop just inches from her. "I know, Miss Independent" he said tapping her nose playfully with his forefinger. "But I wanted to do something special for you...will you let me....please?"

She hugged him then. "Ok baby whatever you say."

He could have melted into her then, so sweet and trusting was her reply. Instead he kissed her forehead and stepped away from her. "I'll be back" he said as he moved to his room, calling out "Enjoy your surprise" over his shoulder as he passed through the door.

Alex showered as instructed. She was just wrapping herself in her robe when she heard a knock on the bathroom door and a female voice. "Miss Belle, are you ready for hair and makeup?"

Alex swung the door wide to find two stylists and one very large cosmetics bag. The first course of action was to pick out a dress, complimentary hair and makeup would follow. There were so many choices that Alex just didn't know which to choose. She discounted several gowns immediately, and tried on the remaining five. In the end it came down to two dresses, one scarlet the other black, she finally settled on the scarlet. While the black slip dress was exquisite in its simplicity, the scarlet spoke of passion and romance.

The gown was strapless with a gathered crossover top that was finished on the left hip with a stunning Swarovski crystal clasp. The skirt of the gown fell straight from the hip its defining feature a long split that finished high on Alex's left thigh that would reveal a hint of the silk stockings and black garter. Black five inch stiletto pumps completed the outfit. Alex removed the dress and placed it back on the hanger, ready for the stylists to work their magic.

Their names were Anna and Ivy, and they were stylists to the stars. They explained that they had been flown in that afternoon under a cloud of secrecy to prepare her for a very special evening. The girls got to work immediately, never once asking about Alex's date. She couldn't have told them anything anyway, except for who it was with, but she assumed they didn't even know that so she didn't offer up that information. Alex had never felt so spoilt. While Anna worked on her make-up, Ivy gave her a manicure and pedicure, painting her nails the exact shade of the dress. Jon's lyrics came to mind, Blood red Nails on your fingertips, bringing a smile to her lips that drew curious looks from the two women.

"Well what's so funny?" Anna asked.

"Blood red nails" Alex explained. "It's a line in one of my favourite songs"

"Ooo, mine too" exclaimed Ivy excitedly "I love Bon Jovi. That is the one you're talking about isn't it?"

When Alex nodded Ivy continued "I was at the concert a couple of weeks ago. WOW, what a show. The best I've ever seen. And Jon, Oh My God, what I wouldn't do for just one night with that man. Did you get to see them?"

"Um yeah I did" Alex was concerned that Ivy may piece things together, knowing that if she was at the same Sydney shows she may have seen her on the big screen and that would spell trouble for Jon, but at the same time she knew she was a terrible liar. She hoped for the best. "I saw them a couple of times in Sydney, how about you where did you see them?"

"Oh really! Same. I was at the second Sydney show. You?"

"First and last, the one where they played outside" Alex replied with relief.

"You were there? How cool. My friend was there too. She said it was amazing, seeing them so close and without the theatrics. She did say he was a little distracted though, that some photographer lured him away from the set and when he went back he just wasn't himself, I don't think he likes the press much. She said it didn't last long after that, he wrapped it up and took off inside looking annoyed. What did you think of it?" Ivy asked.

"It was nice to see them off the arena stage, but I was a little distracted taking photos to notice too much" well it was the truth, kind of.

"There" Anna and Ivy both exclaimed as one, then giggled. "you're almost done. Just the hair left."

While Anna busied herself doing Alex's hair, Ivy began to pack all the equipment that was no longer required. The hour was getting late so when she was done with the packing she began to help Alex into her stockings. Alex had never felt so deliciously pampered, she owed Jon big time, and intended to pay up in spectacular style.

Finally she was ready. Before leaving Anna and Ivy had helped her into her dress and wished her well for her big date, none the wiser as to whom it was. Alex positioned herself on the balcony and waited, knowing that the late afternoon sun was casting just the right light to flatter her. At 6 p.m. on the dot there was a light knock on her door.

"Come in" she called. "I'm out here."

Jon made his way out to the balcony but stopped dead in his tracks when he caught sight of her. Never before had he seen anything so beautiful. She stood against the railing her back to the ocean. Her silken hair was swept back from her face but tumbled down her back in a cascade of curls. The make-up she wore had been artfully applied, enhancing her fine features while being very subtle and natural. She had chosen his favourite dress and it fit her like a second skin, her breasts were lifted, her small waist pinched and the position in which she stood permitted him the slightest hint of a garter and stockings. All of this on five inch black stilettos, Jon thought he had died and gone to heaven, for surely she was an angel.

He stalked across the room, a predatory glint in his eye. It won't be long now, you will be mine tonight. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply, showing her the passion he felt. He tasted like home, smelled as good and looked amazing, dressed in a white button down shirt and black dress pants under which the hint of a cowboy boot could be seen.

"It's time to go" Jon said. "They'll be waiting"

"Where? Who's they?" Alex asked a little disappointment in her voice. "I thought we'd be staying here.... alone"

"You'll see"

Jon took her by the hand and led her out of the Villa and towards the main building. Alex assumed they would be heading for the restaurant for dinner but when he turned right a little further up the path she became very confused, it was the access path to the beach and she was in no way dressed for a swim. It was only when they cleared the small copse of trees that all became clear, for there moored at the jetty sat a small white sailed yacht, its length aglow with fairy lights strung from stern to mast to bow.

Jon led her by the hand down to the yacht and helped her aboard. Once on board himself he poured her a glass of white wine and signalled the captain that it was time to go. The captain was waiting at the helm and on Jon signal he released the moorings and began the journey to their destination.

Alex could not imagine a more perfect evening, a reflection of the first night they met. Set on the yacht was a table for two. Two shiny metal domes concealed dinner, marinated barbequed spatchcock served on crispy garlic and rosemary potatoes dressed with a lemon dressing, and were accompanied by a fine bottle of Tasmanian Pinot Grigio. As he had at breakfast, Jon helped Alex into her seat and removed the lids from their dinners before taking his own. He poured them each a second glass of wine and settled in for the hour plus journey that would take them to their destination.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you" Jon said.

"Oh and what would that be?"

"Well, your circumstances seem to have changed a bit since I was here last and you've told me as much on a couple of occasions now. Surely being staff photographer doesn't pay that well...." he said

"Oh I wish..... No actually, I had a small windfall. My father's Aunt passed away a year or so ago. She was a spinster, never had any children. I used to visit her after school when I could; apparently I was the only one. When she passed a little over a year ago now, she left her entire estate to me. She had made some very wise investments over the years and was quite wealthy, now I'm benefiting." Alex explained.

Jon and Alex spent the remainder of the trip getting to know each other over again. They had spoken throughout the day but hadn't really touched on the years they had lost. Alex told him about her studies and her launch into a media career, Jon shared tales of life on the road and the stresses it bought.

Time passed in an instant and soon the captain was dropping anchor off the coast of a small reef island. Alex could see a lighthouse and several outbuildings silhouetted against the night sky, but a lack of lighting led her to believe that the island was uninhabited that night. A mixture of excitement and anticipation at the thought of being alone, truly alone, with Jon set her stomach aflutter. She had imagined, dreamt this evening a thousand times and so far nothing even came close to what she was experiencing.

Jon helped Alex into a small boat that had been towed behind the yacht and got in himself sitting beside her, cradling her to his side, the captain joined them at the stern, controlling the rudder. He steered them into shore and dragged the boat up onto the sand so that his passengers wouldn't get too wet when they got out. When both of them were clear the captain pushed the small boat back into the water and was gone. Within half an hour the yacht would be gone from sight, moored on the other side of the island, ready to return them to the resort the next day, but only when summoned.

Jon took Alex's hand and led her slowly up the beach. Off in the distance he could see their destination clearly and a pang of trepidation gripped him. Now that he was finally there he was....scared. That was the only word for it. What if she didn't like what he had done? What if she had changed her mind again? What if it was not what she wanted? What if he was not what she wanted? These questions and dozens more swirled around his brain, and the closer they got, to his surprise, the more anxious he became. For her part he needn't have worried, as soon as the scene he had set for them became clear to her, so did his intentions and this time she was ready, even eager to see them through.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Message from Venus

Now I know you are all rather anxious for Jon and Alex to get on with things......well as the saying goes all good things take their time.

But in the meantime, as a special treat, I have posted a preview of my latest work. Frankie has managed to work her way into my heart...and I hope she manages to do the same to you....

So go meet her at Love's Legacy: Frankie & Jonny I really think you'll like her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter 25

Alex was almost out the door when Jon appeared behind her and grabbed her around the waist drawing her in for a breathtaking kiss. This was no chaste good morning, he started slowly, softly, prying her lips open so that he could explore her fully before he released her. "And where do you think you're going?" He breathed into her ear.

"I was just going to get a head start on the set up" Alex said. On pulling back Jon could see a hint of pain and confusion concealed in the depths of those beautiful amber eyes. Something was troubling her and he wondered what. He made a conscious decision then to reassure her of his feelings without being overbearing. The last thing he wanted was to scare her away...again.

"No, no, no, oh no you don't. I'm not letting you out of my site all day." He said grinning. "You're all mine."

Jon led Alex by the hand to the table. He pulled out her chair for her and helped guide her seat in before taking the one next to her, wanting to stay as close as possible. Breakfast was punctuated with innocent touches and quiet conversation. Jon ate ravenously but Alex barely picked at her food further confirming Jon's initial suspicions that something was wrong, it bothered him that she had not discussed it with him but felt it was best for her to come to him when the time was right.

With breakfast over the only other thing on the schedule for that day was the photo shoot. Jon gathered up Alex's equipment and arm in arm the pair headed out to the beach. The resort was all but abandoned. In an encounter with a resort staff member Alex and Jon found out that most of the other guests at the resort had fled in the wake of the bands arrival.

Though his preoccupation with Alex had prevented him from being a part of it, Jon could only imagine what the boys were getting up to on a free leash. He was a little chagrined at the behaviour that caused others to flee and hoped that it wouldn't come back and bite him in the ass. On the other hand he was pleased at what it meant for him and Alex...they had the resort to themselves until the yacht returned late that evening.

The photo shoot went well. Jon enjoyed watching Alex work, she was obviously as passionate about her chosen profession as he was about his and although he wanted this day to be about him and her, and not about work, he took pleasure in the pure joy he saw on her face when she worked.

For continuity Jon had once again worn his cut-offs and Alex became a little flustered every time her eyes strayed in their direction, recalling the events of the previous day. She found it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, her thoughts often wandering to how her time could be better served, especially after the kiss he had planted on her that morning. He had not made any advances since, besides holding her hand or the occasional kiss on the check and she was becoming frustrated at chaste nature of his contact. He was being very charming and sweet but she was beginning to wonder where the fire had gone.

Jon was finding it increasingly difficult to control his impulses where Alex was concerned. He wanted to take her in his arms and ravish her but he knew instinctively that a slower pace was what she needed. He was aware of her physical need for him, for after years of women offering themselves to him, either subtly or unconsciously, as Alex had been doing, or overtly, he was very confident that he could read the signs. He was nonetheless concerned for emotional reaction given the tremendous step she was taking. The loss of his own virginity had been less than ideal, but he wanted hers to be special, unforgettable...for all the right reasons.

With the majority of the work having been done the day prior, the photo shoot was complete by 11 a.m. just in time for lunch. They headed to the catering tent and had a picnic lunch packed so that they could eat it in the beach. The couple set out a picnic blanket in a shady alcove under a cluster of palm trees that overlooked the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They shared a meal of cold seafood, salad and tropical fruit before deciding a rest was in order. It was a hot humid day, Jon had not replaced the shirt he removed for the photos earlier and Alex was still finding it difficult not to stare. He laid back on the blanket his head supported by entwined fingers, a light film of perspiration causing his skin to glisten, his damp fur clinging to his well defined chest. Dark sunglasses concealed his eyes so that Alex could not see his line of sight. It was her.

From the corner of his eye he watched her remove the cheesecloth shirt that she had worn all morning to reveal two miniscule triangles of red fabric, which barely covered her, strung together by thin red straps. She was a golden brown, not a tan line showing anywhere and he was a little jealous of the sun for being able to kiss her where he hadn't. She was sitting crossed legged on the blanket beside Jon and had to reach over him to pull the Reef Oil from her bag. His cock surged as her silky hair swathed a path across his chest and he imagined what it would feel like sweeping lower, lower.... His cock strained at the fabric of his shorts and he willed it to behave, at least for now, it begrudgingly complied when he turned his thoughts to the tribulations Alex had experienced over the last month. He admired her strength so much more than her beauty, but what beauty it was.

In one fluid movement Alex stood and removed her daisy dukes. Though she could not see his eyes she was quite conscious of the effect she was having on Jon now, it was obvious, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Standing on an angle to him and gazing out over the ocean, Alex ever so slowly undid her top button. Then with painstaking slowness she drew down her zipper, pausing her hand when she reached the bottom. She placed both hands on her hips inside the waistband of her shorts and ever so slowly slid them down her legs over toned thighs, bending deep at the waist to follow them all the way to the ground before stepping out of them. She oiled the areas of her body she could reach herself, slowly caressing her skin, then turned to Jon.

"Baby" She said in the sweetest voice looking down at him. "Would you mind doing my back?"

Jon knew that if he touched her now it would be over, so instead he faked slumber, doing his best to regulate his breathing, he ignored her request and hoped she wouldn't push. She didn't. Alex knew Jon wasn't asleep but played along with his masquerade, suspecting its purpose given the evidence of his wakefulness displayed below the waist. She took the opportunity then to take her tease a little further. It was not something she would normally do, at least not in front of men, but given that he had already seen her topless on more than one occasion, she turned her back to him and removed her bikini top. She sat beside him again and, managing to keep her back to him the entire time, stretched out beside him on her stomach. Even looking away from him she knew he was admiring her; she felt the burn of his stare as he perused her body...and she loved it.

Jon concentrated hard on old song lyrics to keep himself in check, the rhythm of his thoughts eventually lulling him into genuine slumber, the sounds of the crashing waves and his measured breathing sending Alex off soon after. When he awoke a couple of hours later Alex was dead to the world. She had turned over in her sleep, shading her eyes from the sun with one arm, her perfect breasts now exposed, their rosy peaks puckered and straining against the light breeze. He reached over and flicked one lightly with his finger tip, she didn't even rouse. He moved closer and flicked it again this time with his tongue before taking it into his mouth and sucking, stretching it out with his lip covered teeth before releasing it. She started to stir. He began a light trail of kisses down, down....He was dipping his tongue into her navel when he heard a gasp and felt her fingers thread through his hair. She tasted salty and sweet, a heady combination, he made to move a lower but her vice grip on his hair had him moving in a different direction.

Alex was overwhelmed at the feelings she was experiencing. She knew what they were doing was wrong and risky, especially out here, but from the moment she became conscious of his mouth on her breast she didn't care. She grabbed at his hair and drew him up for a kiss, she wanted that skilled mouth on hers, and he was only too glad to oblige delving into her mouth exploring her, tasting her until he could take no more.

Jon jumped up suddenly "I'm going for a swim...you coming?" And with that he was running for the surf.

And there it was again, all this stopping and starting was giving her a complex. "Sure, not like I've got any better offers"

Oh you will. Jon had seen the confusion in her eyes when he pulled away from her and felt a pang of guilt for what he was putting her through.

She stood and made her way down to the water's edge, leaving her top laying on the blanket behind her. If he wanted to play games that was fine, but she was adamant that she would show him what he was missing. As she stepped gingerly into the surf the heat of the day made the chill feel colder than it was and she shivered causing her nipple to stiffen, she walked a few steps into deeper water and then dove in immersing herself in its refreshing depths.

Alex and Jon spent the next hour or so playing in the surf. He went for a long swim when he hit the water in an attempt to bring his body back under control. It was somewhat successful but he knew that he would be taking things into his own hands before the big date that evening the second he saw a topless Alex emerge dripping from the water. He had big plans, and he didn't want his traitorous body interfering with them so a repeat of last night's shower was likely...who was he kidding, it was a sure bet.

At about 4 p.m. Jon decided it was time to pack up and head back to the Villa. They gathered their things and headed back, both lost in their own thoughts. Alex wondered why Jon was running hot and cold, while Jon was anticipating everything that lay ahead. The first of his surprises should have arrived by now and he was anxious to get things under way. In his mind the sooner the evening came the better.

Chapter 24

Alex awoke the next morning when the suns warm rays kissed her eyelids. The warmth and weight behind her told her that Jon had stayed the night; the slow even breathing told her he was still asleep. She turned to the clock to find the digital red display reading 6:48 and groaned; they hadn't made it to bed until after 3:00. She carefully rose from the bed and paused to examine the fine specimen that had shared her bed. He looked peaceful lying on his back. A mane of shaggy blonde hair framed his face, the top half of which was obscured by his right arm, raised and bent at the elbow, shielding his beautiful blue eyes from the bright sunlight. His left leg lay straight, his right splayed out slightly and crooked at the knee completing a triangle where it met his left calf. His downy chest rose and fell with each breath, as too did his abs and his left hand that rested lightly upon them. She bent over him and kissed his lips tenderly before making her way to the bathroom to attend to nature's persistent call and take a shower.

A little dazed, Jon emerged from the cocoon of sleep. He had dreamt that he had fallen asleep with Alex cradled in his arms only to find the bed empty when he opened his eyes. He got up and scratched his chest as he stumbled bleary eyed to the bathroom. His brain, still half in the blissful land of slumber, did not register the noises from within. He fumbled for the door knob, got it open and headed for the toilet. He unzipped his jeans and struggled to tame his morning hard on as he relieved himself. Just as he was zipping up he became aware of a noise behind him.

He turned to leave only to find Alex emerging from the cubicle to reach for a towel. He stood silent, captivated by the view. Small droplets of water beaded on her olive skin, her long dark hair darker still with moisture. Rosy peaks puckered on generous firm breasts. A taut flat stomach led down to patch of manicured auburn curls. She's a natural brunette, he smiled to himself. The gentle curve of her back rounded at her bottom and then tapered as it led into long toned shapely legs. Jon's eyes made their way back up her nubile young body, his cock enjoying the show as much as his eyes.

Alex caught a flicker of movement in her peripheral vision and spun around grasping the towel to her bare form only to find Jon standing mesmerised, a large bulge, very obvious in his jeans.

"Jon! What are you doing in here?"

"I came in to take a leak.... sorry I didn't realise you were in here. I stumbled in half asleep." Jon tried to avert his eyes but found it impossible to tear them away from her magnificence.

"Well if you don't mind..."

"Huh...what...Oh yeah of course, sorry, I'll just go wait outside." He stumbled over his words "Um...unless you'd like a little help drying off."

"I think I can manage" Alex said pointedly waiting for Jon to close the door behind him before dropping the towel and wrapping herself in a white fluffy hotel robe.

When Alex emerged from the bathroom moments later she found Jon staring intently at the room service menu, obviously trying to distract himself from what he had seen.

"Watcha looking at?" She asked.

Not what I'd like to. The image of her naked form emblazoned on his brain "Room service. You hungry babe?"

"Eh....I could eat, I guess." She answered. "But we'll have to get moving soon if we want to get the rest of those photos done. I really would like to get the shoot finished so I can courier the film back and have the lab take care of it before I get home. Less work for me."

"Well then we'll just have to get them done then. I'm gonna hit the shower and make a couple of calls. You order a picnic breakfast and..."

"Hey Kidd, where the fuck are ya?" Richie's booming voice interrupted their conversation.

"I'm in here" Jon hollered back.

Seconds later Richie was opening Alex's bedroom door, the sight before him placing a wide grin on his face.

"Well, well, well, and what do we have here?" He said looking over Alex appreciatively. "I guess I'd be late too if I had that in my bed"

"It's not like that man. I just came in to sort out breakfast." Jon said doing his best to protect Alex, who stood quietly to the side blushing profusely.

"Yeah right, and I guess you've become all domestic now and made your bed too" Richie said laughing.

"Hey, at least he can still walk...I doubt you'd even be upright" Alex said quickly getting the upper hand.

"Whoa, all that and sass too...honey you can warm my bed anytime" Richie chuckled.

"Oh no you don't Sambora, hands off. This one is all mine." Jon grabbed Alex from behind in a bear hug and kissed her just below her earlobe. He immediately regretted the action when his dick surged at the feel of her. Jon stepped back quickly so as not poke Alex in the rear with his growing erection, it seemed to be a constant battle, when he was anywhere near her, to remain in control of his libido. Jon's hands remained possessively on Alex's shoulders, sending a very clear message.

"Uh hello, I'm not a piece of meat. I don't 'belong' to anyone" At the comment Richie smiled. Not that he had any intentions towards Alex, he just enjoyed being the pain in Jon's ass. "But I do chose to be with Romeo over here, though I often wonder why."

"Oh, baby, you're breaking my heart." Richie feigned a heart attack clutching at his chest while stumbling backwards.

"Jon I think Rich might need mouth to mouth" Alex said sauntering towards him sexily. With every step her robe swung open at the bottom to reveal a long smooth tanned thigh.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Richie exclaimed, thinking all his dreams were coming true.

She walked until she stood directly in front of him, so close her could feel her warm breath on his neck, trapping him between her body and the small writing table on which the telephone was placed. It was Richie's turn to feel uncomfortable in his pants, as she rubbed herself against him, all warm and smelling sweet, two soft mounds rubbing grazing his chest. Her arm reached around him and he was expecting to be pulled into a hug, instead her hand came back around grasping the phone. "Better call Reg...what do you think Jon?"

She turned to smile at him with a mischievous grin and moved away from Richie enough so that the tent that had formed at his crotch was clearly visible. She had been assured, in her close contact with him, that the nickname donkey dick she had heard volleyed around was more than justified.

Jon smiled then "Hell yeah, we can't have the poor bastard dying here on the bedroom floor. I'm pretty sure Reg has done some first aid"

"Alright, alright. You got me ok, I'm outta here." Richie advanced towards the door, his gait more than a little uncomfortable. Oh well, Elle will fix that soon enough. "You two coming?"

"I hope so" Jon said.

"Jon!" Alex exclaimed exasperated.

"Fine...Come where?" he asked.

"Reg has the yacht sitting at the wharf, they're waiting for us." Richie explained

Perfect, Jon thought. I couldn't have fallen in with his plans any better. "Nah man...we'll give it a miss. We didn't get that shoot finished yesterday and Ali really needs to get the film back to Sydney for processing. We'll catch you all tomorrow."

"What about dinner?" Richie asked.

"Yeah, I guess....we'll see" Jon answered vaguely.

"K then...I'll see ya when I see ya" Richie moved over to Alex, and as he had done on the Beach the day before he lifted her off her feet and swung her around while planting a kiss firmly on her lips. "You just don't know what you're missing babe" He said loudly for Jon's benefit, but then quieter in her ear he whispered "Please don't break his heart darlin', he's been a right prick waiting to come back to you"

"I don't think I could leave him now if I wanted to" She whispered back and he smiled, a gentle smile that reached his eyes. Richie was one of the good guys. Though she hadn't always been so sure, she now understood that the harmless flirting was just in his nature, and that contrary to hurting Jon he would do anything to protect him. She suspected there was some kind of a test in his flirting, a test to see if she would give in to temptation and take them both on...she was sure that had happened before.

When Richie had gone, Jon made his way back to his own room to shower. He didn't want a repeat performance of the night before so he made sure it was cold and quick. Before heading downstairs for breakfast he made a phone call to Mike, the hotel concierge. Only after a very generous sum of money was pledged did the man agree to Jon's request. What the Rock Star wanted was not going to be an easy task by any means, especially given the time frame, but what the Rock Star wants the Rock Star gets.

As soon as Jon had left Alex put the order through for room service. She was unsure what Jon would want so she ordered a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, one serve scrambled, the other poached, tomato, sausage, mushroom, hash browns, toast, muesli, yogurt, fresh fruit and French pastries. She ordered a second serve of the toast, cereal and yogurt and a pot of strong black coffee. She did not drink it herself but had read somewhere that he did. She dressed quickly in a red string bikini, white daisy dukes that showed off her long legs to perfection, and then threw over that a light cheese cloth shirt, tying the two sides together under the bust in lieu of buttoning it up. The outfit left her tummy bare and she hoped to catch some sun before the day was over. She did her hair in two lose plaits and swiped some strawberry lip gloss over her lips, admiring herself in the bathroom mirror she was quite pleased with what she saw. The outfit oozed sex appeal but the plaits gave her a certain innocence she hoped Jon would find appealing. She slide her feet into her flip flops and grabbed her gear bags and bounded down the stairs to find that breakfast had been delivered and the table set.

Alex sat at the table and waited for Jon to arrive. She was more than a little anxious about what the day would bring, about Jon's expectations of her. Last night she had been ready to give herself to him but now in the light of day she wasn't so sure. She wanted him, she wanted him bad. But after ten minutes alone would he still want her. He was Jon Bon Jovi, a Rock Star, he had freely admitted that there had been hundreds of women... Would she just be one of them? How could she ever compare to the models and movie stars he had dated let alone the love of his life, his wife? She decided it would be best not to see him alone just yet, she wanted to gather her thoughts so she made for the door.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chapter 23

Jon pulled back and away from Alex. She moved to him and he stepped away again. "I can't do this Alex, not here, not like this. I'm sorry." He said and left the tent. Alex slumped into the nearest chair bewildered, left wondering what she had done wrong. Finally she had been willing to give herself to him and he walked away. She had no idea how his mind worked...only minutes before he was asking her to be his and now he was walking away. And they think we're the mystery.

Jon jumped in the golf cart that had been left outside the tent and had the accelerator on the floor, in an effort to put as much space between him and Alex as possible. He was totally unprepared for her advances and his response to them. He looked down at the steering wheel, his gold wedding band glinted in the moonlight. His marriage was going to cause problems, he knew that without a doubt but that wasn't the reason for his hesitation. He knew what a precious gift Alex was offering him and he didn't want her first time to be some ill-considered impulsive act that she would regret in the morning. Besides he was in no shape to make slow gentle love to her like he wanted, like she deserved.

Jon made it to the villa and locked himself in his room. He could not guarantee his response knowing she would be in the bed next door. He made his way to the shower, turning it on cold. The very short drive home and the cool night air had done nothing to tame his desire, his dick so hard, from a mere kiss, that it was causing him not only discomfort but pain.

The cold water had Jon shivering the instant it hit his skin but his dick remained at attention. He soaped himself all over, and with images of Alex and alcohol swirling in his brain his hand paused between his legs. Absentmindedly he fondled his sack; enjoying the sensation he began to gently roll his balls around inside, a low moan escaping his lips. The soap lubricated him sufficiently as he began to slowly stroke his engorged member, slowly at first with just thumb and forefinger but soon progressing to his whole fist. He leaned forward slightly letting the cool water pound his back, his head lulling forward, his eyes closed, as he braced himself on the shower wall with his left hand while his right continued its ministrations, up and down in a slow controlled stroke his thumb extended upright, sliding up and down over his ultra sensitive tip, occasionally circling around it lubricating it now with the pre-cum that seeped from his slit. His thoughts turned to the beach that afternoon and his stroke began to unconsciously hasten. He took a deep breath and slowed the motion, not quite ready yet to forgo the pleasure for a quick climax. Once again he thought of Alex, her luscious lips, her firm ass, her perky breasts, and once again his movements increased in momentum. Jon felt as though his whole body was vibrating, he felt the pressure build and his ass and balls start to clench, and with a loud guttural groan, he exploded long and hard, his shaft pumping hot cum up the shower wall. He slowed his motion as the last of the sticky white fluid escaped him. Jon felt relief at last, relief but not yet satisfaction, for that would come only with Alex. He rinsed the shower wall removing the evidence of his release then washed again before exiting the shower.

He pulled on a pair of jeans and, still too wound up to sleep, reached for his old companion, his guitar, and settled back onto the bed. He strummed at the strings but when a song began to form in his mind he surrendered the guitar for a pen and a piece of hotel stationery. Hours later, several balls of scrunched up paper scattered the bedroom floor. As his thoughts began to cohere and the song began to take shape, Jon picked up his guitar and nutted out the melody to go with the words. It was a song about Alex, about forbidden and lost love.

He played the song through a few times until he was satisfied with the result, then, without a second thought, made his way to her door. He knocked lightly but when no response came he tried the knob. It was open. He let himself into her room only to find it empty. He was about to leave when a noise from the balcony caught his attention. He went to investigate.


On return to the villa shortly after Jon, Alex found his door closed and could hear the sound of running water from the other side and then a deep satisfied groan. A self satisfied grin settled on her lips and she blushed at the thought of what had inspired it. She retreated hastily into her room to deal with her own frustration, turned on in the knowledge that she had had such an effect on him. Though still a virgin, she was a highly sexual being and competent at self gratification. With the door barely closed behind her, Alex hoisted her dress and sought the tiny nub contained within the sculptured curls at the apex of her thighs. She made her way over to the bed, her hand never leaving her pussy. Tonight she did not want slow and drawn out, but fast and explosive, her fingers making fast work of her clit bringing her to a spine tingling orgasm in just moments, so intense was her arousal. Her teeth clenched hard as she fought to conceal a scream that threatened to escape, as the tremors wracked through her. Her body relaxed and she lay there spent for long minutes before finally rising and making her way into the shower.

She showered quickly and efficiently, emerging fresh and energised even at that late hour. She made her way out onto the balcony and lay on the day bed. She could hear Jon plucking chords on his guitar in the next room and took comfort in his presence. The music paused periodically, only to begin again...the same tune being played over and over, the melody sweet and soulful. His music relaxing her, Alex drifted off to sleep with the sounds of his song caressing her soul.

Alex woke to find Jon sitting beside her, his guitar abandoned on the floor.

"Hey, Sleepy head" Jon smiled down at her as he gently stroked the hair back from her forehead.

"Mmmmm, I must have fallen asleep. What time is it?" She asked.

"Early morning, about three I think"

"I think we need to get to bed. We have that shoot tomorrow." Alex said.

"Don't worry about that. We have all week." Jon replied gently.

"But according to the itinerary we should have been done today" She said concerned.

"Well the only photo's left to be taken are mine, and besides, who do you think created the itinerary in the first place? The photo shoot was all a set up baby, just so I could get near you, we don't need the photos at all." Seeing her obvious disappointment he added "But of course, we will use them if they're good"

"Of course they'll be good" she said indignantly.

"Ok...Ok of course they will, no need to get stroppy." Jon leaned down, picked up his guitar and placed the strap over his head. "I want to play something for you. But before I do, we'd better move this inside or we'll disturb the neighbours." He swung the guitar on its strap so that it was hanging upside down on his back and scooped her up into his arms and carried her inside.

"Jon!" She exclaimed as her arms circled his neck. "I can walk you know"

"I know" he answered simply as he placed her gently on the bed. He kissed her forehead before releasing her completely and settled himself beside her on the bed, his guitar on his lap.

"When I got back I was so high strung I couldn't sleep..." he started

"I know, I heard you" the slightest grin played on her lips and her cheeks flushed prettily.

Jon's face reddened wondering exactly what she'd heard "Sorry, you heard me play?"

"If that's what you call what you were doing you in the shower." Jon looked away embarrassed. She reached out to take his hand. "Don't be embarrassed baby" He turned to look at her; it was the first time she had used a term of endearment with him. "What... you think I've never done the same." His cock twitched at the thought.

"What I don't understand is why you walked away from me. I was yours for the taking in that tent. Why desert me only to come back and take things into your own hands, pun intended" and though amusement still tainted her voice she was serious now.

He cupped her hand with his free one. "Because I wasn't prepared for it, because I wanted it too much and there was no way I could make love to you the way you deserve in the state I was in." He explained.

"I thought I'd done something wrong, something you didn't like" she said.

"Ali baby, NO, don't ever think that, it was quite the opposite. It was too good, you had me so wound up with just that one little kiss that I was ready to explode, and I just don't have the kind of control needed that would have stopped me from fucking you senseless. You deserve so much more than that. Your first time has to be special. It needs to be considered, and slow and tender, not hard and fast, down and dirty... that will come later" he said grinning now while wiggling his brows. "Now, let me play this song." She settled to listen.

"I hope the title here isn't prophetic...I've called it The One that Got Away" he said and began to sing...

If I, I could be anyone
Could I, I be your only one?
If I, I could be anything
Could I be the secret you keep
Breath that you breathe
Be your dreams while you sleep?
If you, if you could read my mind
Then you, you'd know I'd crossed that line
I'd make you my Valentine
I can't let you go but I know
That this ring is there to remind

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
And you could be the one who got away

Now I'm chasing headlights back home
And you, you're sitting there on your own
When you were sippin' martinis
I started believing I wouldn't be leaving alone
I told you a joke and you laughed
When I asked you to dance
You said there's no band, there's no radio
I got up real slow, started singing real low
When I was melting in your arms I had to let go

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
And you could be the one..
If there was no tomorrow
There were no yesterdays
The stolen moments we've borrowed
We wouldn't let slip away

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
So let's re-enact that scene
Until our dying day
I'll be the hero
And you can the one

Yeah you could be the one

That Got Away


When Jon had removed his guitar Alex flung herself into his arms. "Will stay with me Jon? Just till I fall asleep. I really don't want to be alone"


He kissed her delicately. "Of course. Goodnight my love." Then without a word he settled down into the bed, embracing her from behind, spooning her form and listened to her breathing even out as she fell asleep. Emotionally exhausted from the day's events, he joined her in her dreams only moments later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chapter 22

The evening went well with everyone enjoying good food and better company. Most of the girls there were not as Alex had expected from first impressions. True, the majority were hookers or strippers but a few were just normal suburban girls like herself, who held down office jobs or similar, some of which had families or boyfriends. Most of the girls were friendly and happy to get along except for a small minority who resented having to share, and in particular having to share Jon with Alex, who was clearly entranced by her.

Alex had taken her seat between Jon and Richie and was now imbedded in conversation with the band. Each of them had a female partner at the table, none of whom, thankfully, belonged to the bitchy minority. The group laughed and chatted amicably. David, whose date Amanda was a pretty legal secretary from Adelaide, kept every one amused as usual. Tico, for the most part, chatted quietly to his date Carmen, a fiery South American beauty who worked for a small art gallery in Melbourne. Alec was flanked by Candi and Bambi, bottle blonde, fake breasted, Barbie impersonating sisters from Queensland whose claim to fame was being the star attraction at one of the Gold Coast's hottest strip clubs. Jon and Richie bantered back and forth the entire evening, trading good natured jibes, while Alex and Richie's date Elle, a natural blonde bombshell who had had some success modelling for fashion magazines and who was none too pleased with Jon for his interruption in Sydney, looked on in bewildered amusement.

Slowly as the night went on, couples and some trios began to pair up and take their leave, each of the band members coming past to kiss Alex goodnight on their way out. She had made fast friends with them all over the past eighteen or so hours, only Alec left her slightly uneasy but she was sure that was something she would get past given time. Eventually all that remained were Richie and Elle, Jon and Alex. Jon ever so subtly gave Richie the hint it was time to go, Richie finally getting it about a half hour later.

Richie bid Alex and Jon goodnight, hugging her from behind he whispered in her ear. "Be kind to him Darlin'. He's got it real bad."

Elle said goodnight as Richie grabbed her hand to lead her back to the villa neighbouring Jon's at the far end of the resort. He had plans for her and he hoped this time he wouldn't be interrupted.

"She's lovely" Alex said when the pair were out of ear shot. "She doesn't like you much though."

"No, if I am assuming correctly I interrupted ah...let's say her time with Rich back in Sydney. She obviously hasn't forgiven me" He said with an amused grin.

"You interrupted them?" She questioned.

"That night I'd seen you dancing for Rick, well I thought it was you, I went back to the hotel to and went to see Rich. He greeted me at the door with a hard-on and a frown, and I'd say Elle was the inspiration. I left him to it but he was at my door ten minutes later to commiserate" He explained.

"Can't say as I blame her in that case, I don't like my toys being taken away either."

"Yeah well it wouldn't be the first time it happened and it won't be the last either. Back when we were writing Slippery, I'd roll up to Rich's house around one, he'd still be in bed so I always had to let myself in cause his Mum and Dad were both at work. Well going into his room was always a little scary....I never knew who or what I'd find in there with him." Jon said on a laugh.

Alex enjoyed the twinkle in his eyes and laughed along with him, and could only imagine just what it was he had discovered in Richie's bed.

"Can I get you another drink Ali?"

"Thanks, but no. This Martini is a little like rocket fuel, if I have anything else I don't think I'll be able to stand let alone walk home, which is really where I should be headed." She said indicating the drink before her. She was enjoying it but her head was starting to spin ever so slightly and she knew that she'd need every ounce of her senses to be able to resist him.

"I can always carry you"

"Ummm... I don't think that would be the best of ideas"

"Why?" He reached across and took her hand in his, tracing slow circles on the back with his thumb until goose-bumps began to rise and she pulled away.

"We've been through this Jon. Please let's not do it again and ruin a beautiful evening. I'm not going to deny anymore that I want you. That would be a lie and just plain stupid but I can't go there, especially not now, not after this afternoon." Tears began to sting Alex's eyes and she looked away.

Jon turned her face back towards him and could see the film of unshed tears in her eyes "Ok baby, I won't push. But despite what I said today, I will wait. You did know that was just my bruised ego talking didn't you?"

"You know what? No I didn't. I still don't. Jon it's your intent to cheat on your wife with me. Why wouldn't I expect you to cheat on me with them?"

Jon didn't have an answer for her. At least not a considered one as it was the last thing he expected to hear. In his own mind he was so sure of his feelings for her, that he hadn't even considered another woman sexually... not even his wife.

Alex sat patiently waiting for his response. After hearing his conversation with his wife she wondered what spin he would put on this.

After a few minutes of thought Jon was ready to respond. "Ok... god this is hard. I don't want to lie to you Ali, you've been honest with me and I don't want us to be based on a lie. I can't tell you that I would never cheat. I have had one night stands, too many to even count, and I can't honestly say that it won't happen again. It's hard when your hundreds of miles away from your loved ones Alex.... I can't guarantee that loneliness would never lead me astray. What I can guarantee though is that I will never be as emotionally invested in anyone as I am in you, and that includes my wife. The women on tour are just a hole to poke; a quick fuck or blow job." Alex flinched at the term. "Sorry if that was a bit too graphic but that's all they are. They come and go within the hour. But you...you have had a piece of my heart from that very first moment I held you in my arms. And I know now that it's a piece I won't ever get back."

Jon's honesty was confronting but appreciated. "Thank you for not spinning that." Alex said. "The thing is Jon, I just don't think I can be that girl to sit around and wait for you. If I wasn't so "emotionally invested" to use your terms, it wouldn't be an issue for me to sleep with you. But I am and it is. I would have loved for you to be my first Jon, even now there is a part of me that still wants it, but can't you understand, that would just make it so much harder when eventually it all falls apart. I can't see a happy ending here Jon. No matter how hard I try."

"Alex I promise I won't push you into anything, I know I couldn't even if I wanted to, but I will give you the time you need. But please...please just take some time and consider what we have and what we'd be losing"

Alex nodded, downed the rest of her Martini and rose from her seat.

"Where are you going?" Jon grabbed her hand.

"Back to my room. It's been a long day."

"Not yet! Dance with me?" He asked her not wanting to release her just yet.

"Jon, don't be silly...the bands packed up and there isn't even a sound system or radio" She said looking down at him.

"That, I can fix" he said on a grin.

Jon pushed his chair back and slowly stood to take Alex into his arms and move her out into the open. His taut muscles strained beneath her hands and his warm breath tickled her neck as he began to sing, soft and low...

If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right
If being right means livin' without you I'd rather live a wrong doing life
My mama and daddy say it's a shame, it's a downright disgrace
But as long as I got you by my side I don't care what people say

Your friends tell you there's no future in loving a married man
If I can't see you when I want I'll see you when I can
If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right
If lovin' you is wrong, I don't want to be right

Am I wrong to fall so deeply in love with you?
Knowing I got a wife depending on me too
Am I wrong to hunger for the gentleness of your touch?
Knowing I got someone else at home who needs me just as much

Are you wrong to give your love to a married man?
And am I wrong for tryin' to hold on to the best thing I ever had?
If lovin' you is wrong I don't want to be right
If lovin' you is wrong I don't want to be right

The couple danced close, body to body, soul to soul, as one. With the slightest pause in the song Jon would nip at Alex's ear or kiss her throat, all the while his strong hands gently stroking up and down her back, causing explosions of heat every time he touched the bare skin above her dress. She had her head buried in his neck, breathing in his scent, and feeling the vibration of his song on her lips as she pressed feather-light kisses up and down. She knew then what she would do. If loving him was wrong she didn't want to be right, she wanted to be his, whether for the night or a lifetime, she would deal with the repercussions later.

She could feel his arousal beginning to grow and his body tense. As he finished the song she reached with one hand, and fisting her fingers in his silky hair pulled his face towards hers and kissed him gently, licking at his lips. They opened for her and she kissed him soundly. She lifted his T shirt seeking the warm skin beneath and bought her hands around to nest in his fur, finding the firm pebbles within.

Jon cupped her cheeks delicately in his hands and deepened the kiss further before wrapping his arms around her once more and dragging her tighter in to him so she could feel his intent. Her hands began to tremble in anticipation of what was to come when he moved his hand lower to grasp the firm, rounded flesh of her other cheeks. He wanted to spread her wide on the table before him and plunge into her, lose himself in her. He had never felt so out of control with a woman before, his resolve to do things right, tested to the extreme, as he melted into her...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chapter 21

Jon ran to catch up to Alex and took the bag hanging from her shoulder, slinging it over his own as he fell into step with her.

"What are you doing Jon?"

"Coming with you" A devious grin crossed Jon's face as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"I said we were done Jon and I meant it"

"Yeah I know, we can finish the photo's in the morning. So... is it your room or mine?" Jon asked misunderstanding Alex's intent.

"Well..."She started "You're going to your room, where you can answer your wives phone call and I'll be going to mine."

They had reached the villa by this time. Jon used his key to let them in and placed the equipment on the floor in the entry. "Ok I'll come past your room in a few when I'm done"

He moved to walk off in the direction of his room but Alex caught him by the hand he turned and leaned in, thinking her action was an invitation for a kiss but she stopped him with a hand to his chest. "Jon, I said I'm done." She said quietly

Frustration that had been building in Jon for the past two years had finally met breaking point. "Come the fuck on Alex. How many times are we going to do this? What we shared on the beach just now was real. You know it was" he said his tone bordering on aggressive.

"No Jon, that was fantasy. Unfortunately for both of us, that phone call from your wife just bought me screaming back into reality, the reality that you will never be mine" her voice steady and even belied the conflicted emotions stirring within.

He stepped closer to her and attempted to take her in his arms but she moved away, increasing the frustration he already felt. "I told you my heart is yours. I can't do more than that... look, I don't want to live without you but I'm done chasing you Alex. There are twenty other women here all waiting to please me in any way I ask. Exactly how long do you think I'm gonna play this game of cat and mouse with you?"

Jon hoped that a small dose of reality would bring Alex to her senses. But he knew the second the words were out of his mouth that they were a mistake. He watched her body tense before she carefully selected her words "Well you know what Mr Rock Star, they are welcome to you. It seems every time I get a glimpse of the real you I like you less and less. You claim to love me and then say shit like that well as far as I'm concerned Dot can have you, I pity the poor woman that has to live with an ego the size of yours. I may have been doing her a favour, taking you off her hands but I'm certainly not that stupid." Alex turned and stalked off to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Jon stood dumbfounded in the foyer. He knew he deserved it, but damn it, how hard was she going to make this. He returned to his room where he found the light on the phone still flashing. Fuck, Dot's phone call. He picked up the receiver and pressed the line button to find the call had been terminated at the other end. He punched in the number for home, it rang once, twice...

"Hello?" Came Dot's sweet voice from the other end of the line. He hit the speaker button and began to undress readying himself for the shower.

"Hey Dot, it's me"

"How are you baby?"

"I'm ok I guess"

"You still sound down"

"Do I? Nah I'm ok, just a little tired. I had an early call for a photo shoot and I have another one tomorrow"

There was a long pause then Dot spoke "Jon, I wasn't going to do this while you were away, but are we gonna be ok? It's been a couple of weeks since Sydney. I thought I would have heard from you by now."

"We'll be fine Dot, I just need a little time and some space. Once I get home we'll talk about it more."

"Before I left I heard a rumour Jon. Some of the crew were saying that there was someone else, someone you met last tour. Is that true?" She asked tentatively

"Who said that?" he asked angrily. He would have their head on a platter.

"Doesn't matter, to be honest I don't even recall. It was just something I overheard in the lobby on the way to the car when I was leaving Sydney"

"Dot, you know my job. There are women every tour wanting a piece of me. It doesn't mean they get it."

"But I heard this was different. You've been so distracted. It would make sense that you met up with someone from your past. Are you fucking someone else Jon?"

"NO!" Not for lack of trying.

"I can handle the one nighters Jon. I know they happen, and I don't really give a fuck to be honest. I know they are just a release but if you're having an affair, well that's different."

"I am not having an affair Dot. I'll be honest here, and I'm really sorry if this hurts, there was someone else, a groupie a couple of months back. She was quick fuck in the back of the tour bus and that was it. Other than her and a few quick blow jobs, there has been no-one else but you."

" Fuck Jon, we've been married all of what, six, seven months and your already back to the groupies." Her anger was up now "You bring home some disease to me and I will fucking kill you. Do you understand me?"

"You just said you didn't care about the one nighters. And what do you think I am? Huh? An idiot? I'm careful Dot. Besides you know it's always been like this. What do you expect me to do when I'm on the road and you won't tour, sit in my room alone and jack off every night while dozens of women line up outside my door. Ain't gonna happen honey, I have needs."

"I just hoped that maybe it would be different now that we're married" she paused but no response came from the other end of the phone. "Just be safe ok"

"Of course. Listen Dot, I have to go. I have to get showered and head to dinner. The boys'll be waiting." He couldn't handle this from her right now.

"I love you Jon" Dot said softly.

"Bye Dot" he said and quickly replaced the receiver, effectively hanging up the call.

Alex sat in her room and listened to the conversation that drifted in through the open balcony door. She didn't mean to listen, but when she heard Dot ask about the rumour she couldn't help herself, it was about her after all, she had a right to know. She listened intently until she heard Jon say "I'm not having an affair" at which point she made her way into the bathroom for a shower. She had to show her face at dinner tonight. It would be impolite to the rest of the band if she didn't.

As she stood under the pulsing water she contemplated what Jon had said. She always did her best thinking in the shower. What was it between them if not an affair? Just because it hadn't turned physical, well not really, she turned the cold water up at the uncomfortable sensation the thought evoked, that didn't mean it wasn't an affair. The emotion behind an affair is far worse that the physical act. And according to him the emotion is there. As if it wasn't confusing enough.

Alex completed her shower and wrapped herself in a big white fluffy hotel towel. She dried her hair and pinned back the front scooping it away from her face, but leaving the long tresses to fall down her back. She applied light makeup in muted bronze tones and dressed simply in one of the sun dressed she had packed, placing simple leather flip flops on her feet. She accessorised with classic silver hoops in her ears and the ever present pendant around her neck, no point hiding it now that he knows the truth.

She opened her door a crack and looked towards his. It was open and she could once again hear his voice coming from within. A second male voice joined him that she identified immediately as Richie.

"Rich, I don't know what to do, man? I don't want to keep chasing her but fuck, I've never been this emotionally invested in anyone"

"Surely you don't mean that. What about Diane? What about Dot?"

"You know Diane was just a bit of fun. That was never gonna go anywhere. And as for Dot, well yeah... as much if not more. I thought she was just some kind of infatuation. That once I'd fucked her I could get over it, but she is so much more than that. I mean look at her... yeah she's gorgeous, but man she's smart, real smart and talented and the most infuriatingly stubborn.....but most importantly man, she's not afraid to call me on my bullshit."

"Fuck yeah... last thing your ego needs is another yes man. So what are you going to do?"

"I have no idea. Obie interrupted us in a uh... let's say compromising position" She could hear the grin in his voice and couldn't resist a small one herself at the thought "Thanks for that by the way, Obie said you sent him. Anyway after she put it together that it was Dot on the phone she shut me down. Told me it was over...again. I got angry and said some shit I didn't mean and she walked away. Now I don't know how to back down without looking like a pussy."

"How far did you get?" Richie asked trying to get a better sense of Alex's poition.

"What do ya mean?"

"When Obie found you"

"Not far enough" he said on a chuckle "What I'm about to say goes no further ok?"

"Jon, c'mon" Richie said, clearly exasperated.

"I know, I know. But it had to be said." Jon knew that anything he told Richie was safer that Fort Knox "She's been waiting for me"

Alex listening at the door way blushed at thought of the information being revealed. Oh no he isn't.

"Yeah and now your here, what's the big secret in that?"

"No Rich. She waited for me" he said pointedly. Richie still looked at him quizzically "Fuck man do I need to spell it out for you. She's a virgin." Richie stood his mouth agape "She wanted me to be her first. Then I went and married Dot and fucked up her plans. If I could turn back time...."

"That shit ain't funny man" Richie said grinning. Jon had unwittingly used the title to one of Richie's woman's songs."

"What?" Jon found nothing in the whole situation amusing, but it was his turn to be puzzled.

"Cher's song 'If I could turn back time' not funny. I so don't need to be reminded of my woman when I'm thousands of miles away with a bevy of beauties at my beck and call." He chuckled. "Anyway what was it you said that you shouldn't of?"

"Well..." Jon started sheepishly "I kinda threw that bevy of beauties in her face, and told her that I wouldn't wait forever"

"You're fucked man"

"I know... now again... what do I do about it? Oh shit, look at the time man, we better move"

Alex heard the shuffle of feet moving towards the door and quickly and quietly closed hers. She heard the start of Richie's response as the pair made their way to the stairs.

"Tell her sorry, dickhead..that would be a good start and then...." the voices faded and she could make out no more. When she heard the main door to the villa close she made her way slowly down the stairs herself, giving the boys enough time to make it to the tent that had been set up as the Bon Jovi party's own private restaurant and bar.

Apparently an incident in the restaurant the evening before had management rethink the use of the hotel restaurant for the party so alternate arrangements had been made, consisting of a large marquee, two personal chefs and several staff to work it. On their way there Jon and Richie continued the conversation.

"...and then I suggest that if you really love this girl you start some serious sucking up. I think diamonds would be in order...no seriously man, just tell her how you feel about all of it, everything that's in your heart, and keep telling her until she believes. And show her too...because up til now, your words are saying one thing and your actions another. And I guess the diamond wouldn't hurt either." Richie finished smiling as they settled themselves at the main table, leaving a seat free between them for her.

"Thanks man. I'll consider the diamonds. I'll do my best on the rest but I don't know when I'll get the opportunity to start I doubt she'll even co......" Jon stopped mid sentence when he she entered the tent. She was stunning in a white halter-neck sundress. The fitted bodice enhancing her curves before flaring out to a cocktail length skirt at her pinched in waist. Her shoulders and arms were lightly sun-kissed, as to were her face and what he could see of her legs. She was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and a far cry from the spandex clad, painted faced, puffy haired women that made up the majority of the female company at the resort. How could he have held them up against her.

Richie leaned towards Jon "Looks like now"

A pair of spandex covered boobs obscured Jon's view as one of the many women in their party made to sit in the seat between himself and Richie.

"Sorry honey. That seat's taken." Jon said

"I don't see a name on it. Besides I'll be far better entertainment than anyone else you'd want sitting here." She said running a red taloned hand up Jon's thigh.

"Sorry hon, like I said... it's taken now scoot" Jon said as he rose from his seat giving Alex a brief wave to indicate that she should join him.

The disgruntled woman took herself back to her table mumbling under her breath "Your loss, I'm a helluva lot more woman than the scrawny kid that just walked in, dress better to."

As Alex entered the tent she felt all eyes on her. Silence fell but resumed quickly as she scanned the room for somewhere to sit. Jon stood at a table in the middle of the room and indicated she should join him, he was dressed casually in jeans and a short sleeve white button up shirt, the top button lay open exposing the abundance of chest hair that lie beneath.

As her eyes met his it was as though they were alone in the room and she imagined him laying her across the table and fucking her senseless, a thought that was quickly extinguished when she noticed a woman retreating from that same table shooting daggers at her from steely eyes. She looked around for an alternative seat and found all the other tables occupied, so she reluctantly made her way to her place between the two hottest men in the room. She had made up her mind to be friendly and civil with Jon. At least with this many people surrounding them she would safe from acting on her own impulses she thought. But as she sat down next to Jon, and felt the heat radiate from his body, and breathed in the musky scent of him mixed with spicy cologne, she suddenly doubted her resolve.