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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chapter 28

She had waited two long years for this moment, and as she laid there and admired his naked form Alex couldn't quite believe that her dream was finally coming true.

"Oh my God you're gorgeous" She said softly looking at him in awe. "I can't believe I am really here with you"

"Baby it's you that's gorgeous. I'm just an average guy, lying here waiting for you to love me."

He was still lying on his side leaning on his arm so she reached up to pull him down to her. His lips met hers in a kiss filled with such heated passion they almost expected to combust. His mouth soon left hers and found its way to her breasts, soft pliable mounds of flesh with rock hard peaks that ached for his consideration. Jon's hand travelled down her body and she arched her hips showing him where she wanted it to stop but he merely traced the outside edge of her curls and continued on down her thigh. He paused and drew lazy circles with the tip of his middle finger on the underside of her knee before making his way back up and repeating the action on the other side.

"Roll over Ali"


"I said roll over" he stressed each word and this time she did his bidding without a fuss.

Jon used his fingertips to trace feather light patterns all over the back of her body and down her sides. She had brought her hands up to support her head leaving the edges of her breasts exposed and he would occasionally glide over them with the nail of his pinkie finger, at which point he would be rewarded with a gentle mewing sound. He soon incorporated the use of his mouth following behind the path that his fingers laid down, alternating between delicate kisses and tantalising swipes of his warm tongue.

No exposed part of her lacked his attentions, from the tips of her toes to the nape of her neck, but it was not enough, not for Alex. Just when she thought she would go insane, every inch of her skin on fire, he rolled her over and started again, touching, caressing, everywhere but where she needed him the most.

"OH God Jon pleeease" She begged him and it was almost... almost enough to tip him over the edge, to abandon his plans ...but not quite.

He softy blew on the manicured curls at her center and she arched up off the bed but he had already moved on, creating a gentle breeze as he moved up over her taught stomach and ribs on his way to her breasts. He gently sucked on each in turn then blew on them gently causing them to pucker and become erect.

"Jon please no more torture, I need you now, I want to feel you inside me" He did not respond. And I want to be inside you but not yet...

He flicked the nub on one before moving to the other and gently nipping on it, grazing it between gentle teeth. As his mouth continued its ministrations on her breasts his hand came to rest on her rib cage and began to move lower, lower but it stopped short just shy of its target on her pelvic bone, his fingers tapping out a slow rhythm.

Alex trembled as a mini orgasm overtook her. She was so frustrated she thought she would scream. She was ready for him, more than ready, she could feel the wetness between her thighs,now trickling towards the bed. Finally she could stand it no longer. She moved her hand to her dripping pussy and was just about to slide a finger in to her warm folds when Jon pulled her hand away.

"OH no you don't" he took both of her hands and pinned them together above her head and kissed her soundly. "You can put on a show for me a little later baby, but for now I'm in control"

As Jon moved from her mouth down her neck and back towards her breasts he was glad that he had taken things into his own hands in the shower earlier. It was the only thing saving him from embarrassing himself, for had he not done so, he would have lasted no more than a minute after her dress came off. He could understand her frustration and knew the time was right to step things up a notch.

"I need to move now, will you be a good girl if I let your hands go?" He asked her. Alex nodded, unable to trust her voice.

Jon let go of her hands and kissed and licked his way down her body. He paused at each breast then moments later at her navel where he emulated what he would be doing soon after with another part of her body. He continued to move lower. He tenderly parted her thighs with his hands and lowered his head between them where gently nipped at her outer lips with flesh covered teeth. It was all it took to send her into a mind shattering orgasm. She didn't even feel it build, she was already so on edge. He moved back up to kiss her, giving her a moment to come back down before moving back down to plunge deeper into her core.

Again Jon started with her outer lips, kissing, licking, teasing. He parted them with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand to gain better access to the source of her pleasure. With the tip of his tongue he teased all around her clit with light flicks but barely touched it. He moved lower, licking her several times, in long slow strokes from bottom to top stoping just short if her erect bud causing her to moan and writhe beneath him. He looked up at her over her mound and found she was watching him intently. His cock was purple and straining, he couldn't last much longer.

Alex looked down upon Jon, his head contentedly between her thighs showing no sign of letting up. She lifted herself onto her elbows for a better viewpoint. She wanted to see everything she was feeling.

The knowledge that Alex was watching him urged Jon on. He slipped first one then two fingers inside her. He knew when he had found that special hidden pleasure trigger, for she bucked at first touch. Jon went to work in earnest then, his fingers plunged in and out of her increasing in intensity. He set his tongue to work on her clit, alternating between flicking lightly and sucking.

"OH FUCK JON ..YES... Oh my sweet lord yes.....right there" Alex reached down with one hand and gripped his hair, holding him into her. Each flick of her over sensitised clit now caused her to jump. Each time she was about to cum he would change rhythm slightly, holding her back but she was there now right on the edge and it was time to drop off.

Jon began a steady rhythm pumping in and out with his fingers. He placed a gentle kiss on Alex's clit then sucked it into his mouth, stretched it and released. He took it between his lips again and sucked gently, occasionally tonguing the small nub as he went. Jon continued this action until he felt her body begin to tense. He removed his fingers from her clenching pussy and replaced them with his tongue plunging as deep as he could, lapping at her sweet juice.

Alex no longer able to support herself in the throws of passion slumped back onto the bed, she could no longer see anyway...her vision now blurry. She had never felt so intense an orgasm. It started as a tingle in the very tips of her toes and built as it travelled up her body. One hand tangled in Jon's hair, the other in the beautiful bed linen. She felt she would die of ecstasy, that she would explode or implode...something. Just when she thought she couldn't get any higher Jon gave one last hard suck on her clit and she started to buck uncontrollably but he did not stop. He pumped her pussy with his fingers prolonging her orgasm but was mindful to avoid her now painfully sensitive clit.

When she had finally come down he moved above her. Alex could feel his arousal pressing firmly into her thigh. She pulled him down for a kiss and tasted her self on his lips, tangy, musky and sweet. She kissed him deeply, thoroughly.

"Are you ready baby?"


"You're sure?"

"Will you just get on with it and fuck me. I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel this inside me" Alex said as she gripped his straining member.

Jon positioned himself above her. Her touch had felt like fire scorching his skin. He couldn't wait any longer, he wouldn't last long as it was. He guided himself to her entrance then paused. He looked to her for confirmation and at her nod applied a slight amount of pressure. Her hymen was still intact and he felt its resistance. He pushed a little harder and felt her tense.

"OH God baby are you OK? I don't want to hurt you." He said with so much compassion that it bought a tear to her eye.

"I'm fine, baby, please just do it. I want you inside me...all of you."

With one firm push he was fully seated within her. She was warm and wet and felt so good. He stayed still for a moment before beginning to stroke in and out, slowly at first all the way in, all the way out. He kissed her tenderly his tongue reflecting the motion of his cock, slow and steady.

"You feel so good baby..I love how you feel inside me" Alex said, her tender tone belying the urgency she now felt as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "Harder Jon, please..."

He didn't need to be asked twice the change in position had granted him deeper access, she engulfed him completely and as he began to move in and out slowly increasing his speed he could feel her starting to contract around him once again.

"Jesus Alex, you feel so good, you feel like home." He paused all motion then. "Look into my eyes baby please"

Alex did as she was instructed "Now don't look away, look right here" he said and pointed at the crystal blue pools that were his eyes.

Once again Alex obeyed, she held his gaze as he began to move, faster, harder, until she found herself bring her hips up to met him. Jon felt her begin to tremble amd new she was close.

"Wait for me baby" He pumped into her at a feverish pace now and only moments later the two of them exploded in pleasure wrapped in each others arms, staring deep into the others eyes. Alex trembled from within as she felt Jon's seed spill deep inside her, the force with which he had cum astonishing her.

"Ali" Jon said still laying above her, intimately connected.

"Yes Jon" All of her attention was focused on him. Every sense was heightened, every nerve tingled.

"I love you Alex! You don't have to say anything... I just needed you to know that what I feel is real. This is real." It was the most honest moment of his life thus far, his eyes glazed over with unshed tears.

Alex considered him for a long moment. Before struggling to speak "Jon"

"Yes baby? Oh Geez, are you OK? Am I hurting you?" He attempted to move off her but she held him still.

"No Jon I'm fine, please don't move. I love feeling this close to you"

He simply smiled at her "Me too"

"Jon" she paused unsure whether to continue.

"I love you too" She said, tears welled in her eyes, tears of joy but also tears of pain because she knew while she could have this, the here' and now's, she would never truly have him.


Anonymous said...

It was worth the wait!!!! Great chapter!!!!

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Wow - what a great chapter!! And what a memorable first time for Ali. The ending was sad though as she realizes she loves him but she'd never really have him.

Great chapter Venus!! Thank you. And yes, it was soooooo worth the wait!!


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great chapter Venus!! Wow! It was so worth the wait! Can't wait for more!!

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