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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter 24

Alex awoke the next morning when the suns warm rays kissed her eyelids. The warmth and weight behind her told her that Jon had stayed the night; the slow even breathing told her he was still asleep. She turned to the clock to find the digital red display reading 6:48 and groaned; they hadn't made it to bed until after 3:00. She carefully rose from the bed and paused to examine the fine specimen that had shared her bed. He looked peaceful lying on his back. A mane of shaggy blonde hair framed his face, the top half of which was obscured by his right arm, raised and bent at the elbow, shielding his beautiful blue eyes from the bright sunlight. His left leg lay straight, his right splayed out slightly and crooked at the knee completing a triangle where it met his left calf. His downy chest rose and fell with each breath, as too did his abs and his left hand that rested lightly upon them. She bent over him and kissed his lips tenderly before making her way to the bathroom to attend to nature's persistent call and take a shower.

A little dazed, Jon emerged from the cocoon of sleep. He had dreamt that he had fallen asleep with Alex cradled in his arms only to find the bed empty when he opened his eyes. He got up and scratched his chest as he stumbled bleary eyed to the bathroom. His brain, still half in the blissful land of slumber, did not register the noises from within. He fumbled for the door knob, got it open and headed for the toilet. He unzipped his jeans and struggled to tame his morning hard on as he relieved himself. Just as he was zipping up he became aware of a noise behind him.

He turned to leave only to find Alex emerging from the cubicle to reach for a towel. He stood silent, captivated by the view. Small droplets of water beaded on her olive skin, her long dark hair darker still with moisture. Rosy peaks puckered on generous firm breasts. A taut flat stomach led down to patch of manicured auburn curls. She's a natural brunette, he smiled to himself. The gentle curve of her back rounded at her bottom and then tapered as it led into long toned shapely legs. Jon's eyes made their way back up her nubile young body, his cock enjoying the show as much as his eyes.

Alex caught a flicker of movement in her peripheral vision and spun around grasping the towel to her bare form only to find Jon standing mesmerised, a large bulge, very obvious in his jeans.

"Jon! What are you doing in here?"

"I came in to take a leak.... sorry I didn't realise you were in here. I stumbled in half asleep." Jon tried to avert his eyes but found it impossible to tear them away from her magnificence.

"Well if you don't mind..."

"Huh...what...Oh yeah of course, sorry, I'll just go wait outside." He stumbled over his words "Um...unless you'd like a little help drying off."

"I think I can manage" Alex said pointedly waiting for Jon to close the door behind him before dropping the towel and wrapping herself in a white fluffy hotel robe.

When Alex emerged from the bathroom moments later she found Jon staring intently at the room service menu, obviously trying to distract himself from what he had seen.

"Watcha looking at?" She asked.

Not what I'd like to. The image of her naked form emblazoned on his brain "Room service. You hungry babe?"

"Eh....I could eat, I guess." She answered. "But we'll have to get moving soon if we want to get the rest of those photos done. I really would like to get the shoot finished so I can courier the film back and have the lab take care of it before I get home. Less work for me."

"Well then we'll just have to get them done then. I'm gonna hit the shower and make a couple of calls. You order a picnic breakfast and..."

"Hey Kidd, where the fuck are ya?" Richie's booming voice interrupted their conversation.

"I'm in here" Jon hollered back.

Seconds later Richie was opening Alex's bedroom door, the sight before him placing a wide grin on his face.

"Well, well, well, and what do we have here?" He said looking over Alex appreciatively. "I guess I'd be late too if I had that in my bed"

"It's not like that man. I just came in to sort out breakfast." Jon said doing his best to protect Alex, who stood quietly to the side blushing profusely.

"Yeah right, and I guess you've become all domestic now and made your bed too" Richie said laughing.

"Hey, at least he can still walk...I doubt you'd even be upright" Alex said quickly getting the upper hand.

"Whoa, all that and sass too...honey you can warm my bed anytime" Richie chuckled.

"Oh no you don't Sambora, hands off. This one is all mine." Jon grabbed Alex from behind in a bear hug and kissed her just below her earlobe. He immediately regretted the action when his dick surged at the feel of her. Jon stepped back quickly so as not poke Alex in the rear with his growing erection, it seemed to be a constant battle, when he was anywhere near her, to remain in control of his libido. Jon's hands remained possessively on Alex's shoulders, sending a very clear message.

"Uh hello, I'm not a piece of meat. I don't 'belong' to anyone" At the comment Richie smiled. Not that he had any intentions towards Alex, he just enjoyed being the pain in Jon's ass. "But I do chose to be with Romeo over here, though I often wonder why."

"Oh, baby, you're breaking my heart." Richie feigned a heart attack clutching at his chest while stumbling backwards.

"Jon I think Rich might need mouth to mouth" Alex said sauntering towards him sexily. With every step her robe swung open at the bottom to reveal a long smooth tanned thigh.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Richie exclaimed, thinking all his dreams were coming true.

She walked until she stood directly in front of him, so close her could feel her warm breath on his neck, trapping him between her body and the small writing table on which the telephone was placed. It was Richie's turn to feel uncomfortable in his pants, as she rubbed herself against him, all warm and smelling sweet, two soft mounds rubbing grazing his chest. Her arm reached around him and he was expecting to be pulled into a hug, instead her hand came back around grasping the phone. "Better call Reg...what do you think Jon?"

She turned to smile at him with a mischievous grin and moved away from Richie enough so that the tent that had formed at his crotch was clearly visible. She had been assured, in her close contact with him, that the nickname donkey dick she had heard volleyed around was more than justified.

Jon smiled then "Hell yeah, we can't have the poor bastard dying here on the bedroom floor. I'm pretty sure Reg has done some first aid"

"Alright, alright. You got me ok, I'm outta here." Richie advanced towards the door, his gait more than a little uncomfortable. Oh well, Elle will fix that soon enough. "You two coming?"

"I hope so" Jon said.

"Jon!" Alex exclaimed exasperated.

"Fine...Come where?" he asked.

"Reg has the yacht sitting at the wharf, they're waiting for us." Richie explained

Perfect, Jon thought. I couldn't have fallen in with his plans any better. "Nah man...we'll give it a miss. We didn't get that shoot finished yesterday and Ali really needs to get the film back to Sydney for processing. We'll catch you all tomorrow."

"What about dinner?" Richie asked.

"Yeah, I guess....we'll see" Jon answered vaguely.

"K then...I'll see ya when I see ya" Richie moved over to Alex, and as he had done on the Beach the day before he lifted her off her feet and swung her around while planting a kiss firmly on her lips. "You just don't know what you're missing babe" He said loudly for Jon's benefit, but then quieter in her ear he whispered "Please don't break his heart darlin', he's been a right prick waiting to come back to you"

"I don't think I could leave him now if I wanted to" She whispered back and he smiled, a gentle smile that reached his eyes. Richie was one of the good guys. Though she hadn't always been so sure, she now understood that the harmless flirting was just in his nature, and that contrary to hurting Jon he would do anything to protect him. She suspected there was some kind of a test in his flirting, a test to see if she would give in to temptation and take them both on...she was sure that had happened before.

When Richie had gone, Jon made his way back to his own room to shower. He didn't want a repeat performance of the night before so he made sure it was cold and quick. Before heading downstairs for breakfast he made a phone call to Mike, the hotel concierge. Only after a very generous sum of money was pledged did the man agree to Jon's request. What the Rock Star wanted was not going to be an easy task by any means, especially given the time frame, but what the Rock Star wants the Rock Star gets.

As soon as Jon had left Alex put the order through for room service. She was unsure what Jon would want so she ordered a full breakfast with bacon, eggs, one serve scrambled, the other poached, tomato, sausage, mushroom, hash browns, toast, muesli, yogurt, fresh fruit and French pastries. She ordered a second serve of the toast, cereal and yogurt and a pot of strong black coffee. She did not drink it herself but had read somewhere that he did. She dressed quickly in a red string bikini, white daisy dukes that showed off her long legs to perfection, and then threw over that a light cheese cloth shirt, tying the two sides together under the bust in lieu of buttoning it up. The outfit left her tummy bare and she hoped to catch some sun before the day was over. She did her hair in two lose plaits and swiped some strawberry lip gloss over her lips, admiring herself in the bathroom mirror she was quite pleased with what she saw. The outfit oozed sex appeal but the plaits gave her a certain innocence she hoped Jon would find appealing. She slide her feet into her flip flops and grabbed her gear bags and bounded down the stairs to find that breakfast had been delivered and the table set.

Alex sat at the table and waited for Jon to arrive. She was more than a little anxious about what the day would bring, about Jon's expectations of her. Last night she had been ready to give herself to him but now in the light of day she wasn't so sure. She wanted him, she wanted him bad. But after ten minutes alone would he still want her. He was Jon Bon Jovi, a Rock Star, he had freely admitted that there had been hundreds of women... Would she just be one of them? How could she ever compare to the models and movie stars he had dated let alone the love of his life, his wife? She decided it would be best not to see him alone just yet, she wanted to gather her thoughts so she made for the door.


Anonymous said...

OMG-these two are frustrating me! Are they ever going to be in the same place emotionally at the same time?


Joviswoman said...

'She had been assured, in her close contact with him, that the nickname donkey dick she had heard volleyed around was more than justified'

Hot damn I died and went to heaven on that comment*snickers*

Great chapter, loving and fun.

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