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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chapter 21

Jon ran to catch up to Alex and took the bag hanging from her shoulder, slinging it over his own as he fell into step with her.

"What are you doing Jon?"

"Coming with you" A devious grin crossed Jon's face as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"I said we were done Jon and I meant it"

"Yeah I know, we can finish the photo's in the morning. So... is it your room or mine?" Jon asked misunderstanding Alex's intent.

"Well..."She started "You're going to your room, where you can answer your wives phone call and I'll be going to mine."

They had reached the villa by this time. Jon used his key to let them in and placed the equipment on the floor in the entry. "Ok I'll come past your room in a few when I'm done"

He moved to walk off in the direction of his room but Alex caught him by the hand he turned and leaned in, thinking her action was an invitation for a kiss but she stopped him with a hand to his chest. "Jon, I said I'm done." She said quietly

Frustration that had been building in Jon for the past two years had finally met breaking point. "Come the fuck on Alex. How many times are we going to do this? What we shared on the beach just now was real. You know it was" he said his tone bordering on aggressive.

"No Jon, that was fantasy. Unfortunately for both of us, that phone call from your wife just bought me screaming back into reality, the reality that you will never be mine" her voice steady and even belied the conflicted emotions stirring within.

He stepped closer to her and attempted to take her in his arms but she moved away, increasing the frustration he already felt. "I told you my heart is yours. I can't do more than that... look, I don't want to live without you but I'm done chasing you Alex. There are twenty other women here all waiting to please me in any way I ask. Exactly how long do you think I'm gonna play this game of cat and mouse with you?"

Jon hoped that a small dose of reality would bring Alex to her senses. But he knew the second the words were out of his mouth that they were a mistake. He watched her body tense before she carefully selected her words "Well you know what Mr Rock Star, they are welcome to you. It seems every time I get a glimpse of the real you I like you less and less. You claim to love me and then say shit like that well as far as I'm concerned Dot can have you, I pity the poor woman that has to live with an ego the size of yours. I may have been doing her a favour, taking you off her hands but I'm certainly not that stupid." Alex turned and stalked off to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Jon stood dumbfounded in the foyer. He knew he deserved it, but damn it, how hard was she going to make this. He returned to his room where he found the light on the phone still flashing. Fuck, Dot's phone call. He picked up the receiver and pressed the line button to find the call had been terminated at the other end. He punched in the number for home, it rang once, twice...

"Hello?" Came Dot's sweet voice from the other end of the line. He hit the speaker button and began to undress readying himself for the shower.

"Hey Dot, it's me"

"How are you baby?"

"I'm ok I guess"

"You still sound down"

"Do I? Nah I'm ok, just a little tired. I had an early call for a photo shoot and I have another one tomorrow"

There was a long pause then Dot spoke "Jon, I wasn't going to do this while you were away, but are we gonna be ok? It's been a couple of weeks since Sydney. I thought I would have heard from you by now."

"We'll be fine Dot, I just need a little time and some space. Once I get home we'll talk about it more."

"Before I left I heard a rumour Jon. Some of the crew were saying that there was someone else, someone you met last tour. Is that true?" She asked tentatively

"Who said that?" he asked angrily. He would have their head on a platter.

"Doesn't matter, to be honest I don't even recall. It was just something I overheard in the lobby on the way to the car when I was leaving Sydney"

"Dot, you know my job. There are women every tour wanting a piece of me. It doesn't mean they get it."

"But I heard this was different. You've been so distracted. It would make sense that you met up with someone from your past. Are you fucking someone else Jon?"

"NO!" Not for lack of trying.

"I can handle the one nighters Jon. I know they happen, and I don't really give a fuck to be honest. I know they are just a release but if you're having an affair, well that's different."

"I am not having an affair Dot. I'll be honest here, and I'm really sorry if this hurts, there was someone else, a groupie a couple of months back. She was quick fuck in the back of the tour bus and that was it. Other than her and a few quick blow jobs, there has been no-one else but you."

" Fuck Jon, we've been married all of what, six, seven months and your already back to the groupies." Her anger was up now "You bring home some disease to me and I will fucking kill you. Do you understand me?"

"You just said you didn't care about the one nighters. And what do you think I am? Huh? An idiot? I'm careful Dot. Besides you know it's always been like this. What do you expect me to do when I'm on the road and you won't tour, sit in my room alone and jack off every night while dozens of women line up outside my door. Ain't gonna happen honey, I have needs."

"I just hoped that maybe it would be different now that we're married" she paused but no response came from the other end of the phone. "Just be safe ok"

"Of course. Listen Dot, I have to go. I have to get showered and head to dinner. The boys'll be waiting." He couldn't handle this from her right now.

"I love you Jon" Dot said softly.

"Bye Dot" he said and quickly replaced the receiver, effectively hanging up the call.

Alex sat in her room and listened to the conversation that drifted in through the open balcony door. She didn't mean to listen, but when she heard Dot ask about the rumour she couldn't help herself, it was about her after all, she had a right to know. She listened intently until she heard Jon say "I'm not having an affair" at which point she made her way into the bathroom for a shower. She had to show her face at dinner tonight. It would be impolite to the rest of the band if she didn't.

As she stood under the pulsing water she contemplated what Jon had said. She always did her best thinking in the shower. What was it between them if not an affair? Just because it hadn't turned physical, well not really, she turned the cold water up at the uncomfortable sensation the thought evoked, that didn't mean it wasn't an affair. The emotion behind an affair is far worse that the physical act. And according to him the emotion is there. As if it wasn't confusing enough.

Alex completed her shower and wrapped herself in a big white fluffy hotel towel. She dried her hair and pinned back the front scooping it away from her face, but leaving the long tresses to fall down her back. She applied light makeup in muted bronze tones and dressed simply in one of the sun dressed she had packed, placing simple leather flip flops on her feet. She accessorised with classic silver hoops in her ears and the ever present pendant around her neck, no point hiding it now that he knows the truth.

She opened her door a crack and looked towards his. It was open and she could once again hear his voice coming from within. A second male voice joined him that she identified immediately as Richie.

"Rich, I don't know what to do, man? I don't want to keep chasing her but fuck, I've never been this emotionally invested in anyone"

"Surely you don't mean that. What about Diane? What about Dot?"

"You know Diane was just a bit of fun. That was never gonna go anywhere. And as for Dot, well yeah... as much if not more. I thought she was just some kind of infatuation. That once I'd fucked her I could get over it, but she is so much more than that. I mean look at her... yeah she's gorgeous, but man she's smart, real smart and talented and the most infuriatingly stubborn.....but most importantly man, she's not afraid to call me on my bullshit."

"Fuck yeah... last thing your ego needs is another yes man. So what are you going to do?"

"I have no idea. Obie interrupted us in a uh... let's say compromising position" She could hear the grin in his voice and couldn't resist a small one herself at the thought "Thanks for that by the way, Obie said you sent him. Anyway after she put it together that it was Dot on the phone she shut me down. Told me it was over...again. I got angry and said some shit I didn't mean and she walked away. Now I don't know how to back down without looking like a pussy."

"How far did you get?" Richie asked trying to get a better sense of Alex's poition.

"What do ya mean?"

"When Obie found you"

"Not far enough" he said on a chuckle "What I'm about to say goes no further ok?"

"Jon, c'mon" Richie said, clearly exasperated.

"I know, I know. But it had to be said." Jon knew that anything he told Richie was safer that Fort Knox "She's been waiting for me"

Alex listening at the door way blushed at thought of the information being revealed. Oh no he isn't.

"Yeah and now your here, what's the big secret in that?"

"No Rich. She waited for me" he said pointedly. Richie still looked at him quizzically "Fuck man do I need to spell it out for you. She's a virgin." Richie stood his mouth agape "She wanted me to be her first. Then I went and married Dot and fucked up her plans. If I could turn back time...."

"That shit ain't funny man" Richie said grinning. Jon had unwittingly used the title to one of Richie's woman's songs."

"What?" Jon found nothing in the whole situation amusing, but it was his turn to be puzzled.

"Cher's song 'If I could turn back time' not funny. I so don't need to be reminded of my woman when I'm thousands of miles away with a bevy of beauties at my beck and call." He chuckled. "Anyway what was it you said that you shouldn't of?"

"Well..." Jon started sheepishly "I kinda threw that bevy of beauties in her face, and told her that I wouldn't wait forever"

"You're fucked man"

"I know... now again... what do I do about it? Oh shit, look at the time man, we better move"

Alex heard the shuffle of feet moving towards the door and quickly and quietly closed hers. She heard the start of Richie's response as the pair made their way to the stairs.

"Tell her sorry, dickhead..that would be a good start and then...." the voices faded and she could make out no more. When she heard the main door to the villa close she made her way slowly down the stairs herself, giving the boys enough time to make it to the tent that had been set up as the Bon Jovi party's own private restaurant and bar.

Apparently an incident in the restaurant the evening before had management rethink the use of the hotel restaurant for the party so alternate arrangements had been made, consisting of a large marquee, two personal chefs and several staff to work it. On their way there Jon and Richie continued the conversation.

"...and then I suggest that if you really love this girl you start some serious sucking up. I think diamonds would be in order...no seriously man, just tell her how you feel about all of it, everything that's in your heart, and keep telling her until she believes. And show her too...because up til now, your words are saying one thing and your actions another. And I guess the diamond wouldn't hurt either." Richie finished smiling as they settled themselves at the main table, leaving a seat free between them for her.

"Thanks man. I'll consider the diamonds. I'll do my best on the rest but I don't know when I'll get the opportunity to start I doubt she'll even co......" Jon stopped mid sentence when he she entered the tent. She was stunning in a white halter-neck sundress. The fitted bodice enhancing her curves before flaring out to a cocktail length skirt at her pinched in waist. Her shoulders and arms were lightly sun-kissed, as to were her face and what he could see of her legs. She was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and a far cry from the spandex clad, painted faced, puffy haired women that made up the majority of the female company at the resort. How could he have held them up against her.

Richie leaned towards Jon "Looks like now"

A pair of spandex covered boobs obscured Jon's view as one of the many women in their party made to sit in the seat between himself and Richie.

"Sorry honey. That seat's taken." Jon said

"I don't see a name on it. Besides I'll be far better entertainment than anyone else you'd want sitting here." She said running a red taloned hand up Jon's thigh.

"Sorry hon, like I said... it's taken now scoot" Jon said as he rose from his seat giving Alex a brief wave to indicate that she should join him.

The disgruntled woman took herself back to her table mumbling under her breath "Your loss, I'm a helluva lot more woman than the scrawny kid that just walked in, dress better to."

As Alex entered the tent she felt all eyes on her. Silence fell but resumed quickly as she scanned the room for somewhere to sit. Jon stood at a table in the middle of the room and indicated she should join him, he was dressed casually in jeans and a short sleeve white button up shirt, the top button lay open exposing the abundance of chest hair that lie beneath.

As her eyes met his it was as though they were alone in the room and she imagined him laying her across the table and fucking her senseless, a thought that was quickly extinguished when she noticed a woman retreating from that same table shooting daggers at her from steely eyes. She looked around for an alternative seat and found all the other tables occupied, so she reluctantly made her way to her place between the two hottest men in the room. She had made up her mind to be friendly and civil with Jon. At least with this many people surrounding them she would safe from acting on her own impulses she thought. But as she sat down next to Jon, and felt the heat radiate from his body, and breathed in the musky scent of him mixed with spicy cologne, she suddenly doubted her resolve.


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