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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chapter 23

Jon pulled back and away from Alex. She moved to him and he stepped away again. "I can't do this Alex, not here, not like this. I'm sorry." He said and left the tent. Alex slumped into the nearest chair bewildered, left wondering what she had done wrong. Finally she had been willing to give herself to him and he walked away. She had no idea how his mind worked...only minutes before he was asking her to be his and now he was walking away. And they think we're the mystery.

Jon jumped in the golf cart that had been left outside the tent and had the accelerator on the floor, in an effort to put as much space between him and Alex as possible. He was totally unprepared for her advances and his response to them. He looked down at the steering wheel, his gold wedding band glinted in the moonlight. His marriage was going to cause problems, he knew that without a doubt but that wasn't the reason for his hesitation. He knew what a precious gift Alex was offering him and he didn't want her first time to be some ill-considered impulsive act that she would regret in the morning. Besides he was in no shape to make slow gentle love to her like he wanted, like she deserved.

Jon made it to the villa and locked himself in his room. He could not guarantee his response knowing she would be in the bed next door. He made his way to the shower, turning it on cold. The very short drive home and the cool night air had done nothing to tame his desire, his dick so hard, from a mere kiss, that it was causing him not only discomfort but pain.

The cold water had Jon shivering the instant it hit his skin but his dick remained at attention. He soaped himself all over, and with images of Alex and alcohol swirling in his brain his hand paused between his legs. Absentmindedly he fondled his sack; enjoying the sensation he began to gently roll his balls around inside, a low moan escaping his lips. The soap lubricated him sufficiently as he began to slowly stroke his engorged member, slowly at first with just thumb and forefinger but soon progressing to his whole fist. He leaned forward slightly letting the cool water pound his back, his head lulling forward, his eyes closed, as he braced himself on the shower wall with his left hand while his right continued its ministrations, up and down in a slow controlled stroke his thumb extended upright, sliding up and down over his ultra sensitive tip, occasionally circling around it lubricating it now with the pre-cum that seeped from his slit. His thoughts turned to the beach that afternoon and his stroke began to unconsciously hasten. He took a deep breath and slowed the motion, not quite ready yet to forgo the pleasure for a quick climax. Once again he thought of Alex, her luscious lips, her firm ass, her perky breasts, and once again his movements increased in momentum. Jon felt as though his whole body was vibrating, he felt the pressure build and his ass and balls start to clench, and with a loud guttural groan, he exploded long and hard, his shaft pumping hot cum up the shower wall. He slowed his motion as the last of the sticky white fluid escaped him. Jon felt relief at last, relief but not yet satisfaction, for that would come only with Alex. He rinsed the shower wall removing the evidence of his release then washed again before exiting the shower.

He pulled on a pair of jeans and, still too wound up to sleep, reached for his old companion, his guitar, and settled back onto the bed. He strummed at the strings but when a song began to form in his mind he surrendered the guitar for a pen and a piece of hotel stationery. Hours later, several balls of scrunched up paper scattered the bedroom floor. As his thoughts began to cohere and the song began to take shape, Jon picked up his guitar and nutted out the melody to go with the words. It was a song about Alex, about forbidden and lost love.

He played the song through a few times until he was satisfied with the result, then, without a second thought, made his way to her door. He knocked lightly but when no response came he tried the knob. It was open. He let himself into her room only to find it empty. He was about to leave when a noise from the balcony caught his attention. He went to investigate.


On return to the villa shortly after Jon, Alex found his door closed and could hear the sound of running water from the other side and then a deep satisfied groan. A self satisfied grin settled on her lips and she blushed at the thought of what had inspired it. She retreated hastily into her room to deal with her own frustration, turned on in the knowledge that she had had such an effect on him. Though still a virgin, she was a highly sexual being and competent at self gratification. With the door barely closed behind her, Alex hoisted her dress and sought the tiny nub contained within the sculptured curls at the apex of her thighs. She made her way over to the bed, her hand never leaving her pussy. Tonight she did not want slow and drawn out, but fast and explosive, her fingers making fast work of her clit bringing her to a spine tingling orgasm in just moments, so intense was her arousal. Her teeth clenched hard as she fought to conceal a scream that threatened to escape, as the tremors wracked through her. Her body relaxed and she lay there spent for long minutes before finally rising and making her way into the shower.

She showered quickly and efficiently, emerging fresh and energised even at that late hour. She made her way out onto the balcony and lay on the day bed. She could hear Jon plucking chords on his guitar in the next room and took comfort in his presence. The music paused periodically, only to begin again...the same tune being played over and over, the melody sweet and soulful. His music relaxing her, Alex drifted off to sleep with the sounds of his song caressing her soul.

Alex woke to find Jon sitting beside her, his guitar abandoned on the floor.

"Hey, Sleepy head" Jon smiled down at her as he gently stroked the hair back from her forehead.

"Mmmmm, I must have fallen asleep. What time is it?" She asked.

"Early morning, about three I think"

"I think we need to get to bed. We have that shoot tomorrow." Alex said.

"Don't worry about that. We have all week." Jon replied gently.

"But according to the itinerary we should have been done today" She said concerned.

"Well the only photo's left to be taken are mine, and besides, who do you think created the itinerary in the first place? The photo shoot was all a set up baby, just so I could get near you, we don't need the photos at all." Seeing her obvious disappointment he added "But of course, we will use them if they're good"

"Of course they'll be good" she said indignantly.

"Ok...Ok of course they will, no need to get stroppy." Jon leaned down, picked up his guitar and placed the strap over his head. "I want to play something for you. But before I do, we'd better move this inside or we'll disturb the neighbours." He swung the guitar on its strap so that it was hanging upside down on his back and scooped her up into his arms and carried her inside.

"Jon!" She exclaimed as her arms circled his neck. "I can walk you know"

"I know" he answered simply as he placed her gently on the bed. He kissed her forehead before releasing her completely and settled himself beside her on the bed, his guitar on his lap.

"When I got back I was so high strung I couldn't sleep..." he started

"I know, I heard you" the slightest grin played on her lips and her cheeks flushed prettily.

Jon's face reddened wondering exactly what she'd heard "Sorry, you heard me play?"

"If that's what you call what you were doing you in the shower." Jon looked away embarrassed. She reached out to take his hand. "Don't be embarrassed baby" He turned to look at her; it was the first time she had used a term of endearment with him. "What... you think I've never done the same." His cock twitched at the thought.

"What I don't understand is why you walked away from me. I was yours for the taking in that tent. Why desert me only to come back and take things into your own hands, pun intended" and though amusement still tainted her voice she was serious now.

He cupped her hand with his free one. "Because I wasn't prepared for it, because I wanted it too much and there was no way I could make love to you the way you deserve in the state I was in." He explained.

"I thought I'd done something wrong, something you didn't like" she said.

"Ali baby, NO, don't ever think that, it was quite the opposite. It was too good, you had me so wound up with just that one little kiss that I was ready to explode, and I just don't have the kind of control needed that would have stopped me from fucking you senseless. You deserve so much more than that. Your first time has to be special. It needs to be considered, and slow and tender, not hard and fast, down and dirty... that will come later" he said grinning now while wiggling his brows. "Now, let me play this song." She settled to listen.

"I hope the title here isn't prophetic...I've called it The One that Got Away" he said and began to sing...

If I, I could be anyone
Could I, I be your only one?
If I, I could be anything
Could I be the secret you keep
Breath that you breathe
Be your dreams while you sleep?
If you, if you could read my mind
Then you, you'd know I'd crossed that line
I'd make you my Valentine
I can't let you go but I know
That this ring is there to remind

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
And you could be the one who got away

Now I'm chasing headlights back home
And you, you're sitting there on your own
When you were sippin' martinis
I started believing I wouldn't be leaving alone
I told you a joke and you laughed
When I asked you to dance
You said there's no band, there's no radio
I got up real slow, started singing real low
When I was melting in your arms I had to let go

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
And you could be the one..
If there was no tomorrow
There were no yesterdays
The stolen moments we've borrowed
We wouldn't let slip away

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's-his-name's one act play
I'll be your hero
So let's re-enact that scene
Until our dying day
I'll be the hero
And you can the one

Yeah you could be the one

That Got Away


When Jon had removed his guitar Alex flung herself into his arms. "Will stay with me Jon? Just till I fall asleep. I really don't want to be alone"


He kissed her delicately. "Of course. Goodnight my love." Then without a word he settled down into the bed, embracing her from behind, spooning her form and listened to her breathing even out as she fell asleep. Emotionally exhausted from the day's events, he joined her in her dreams only moments later.


Anonymous said...

Another great chapter! I`ve always loved that song. Loved that Jon left the tent because he wanted her first time to be special.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the chapter, and I understand Jon wanting it to be special-but at the same time, how can they take a chance on more interuptions, mistakes, miscues or whatever to come between them?

PLEASE don't make us wait too long-I'm addicted to your story!!