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Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter 30

The rest of the week passed in a blur for Alex and Jon. They spent every moment together, not wanting to waste any of the precious little time they had left. The only time they emerged from the cocoon of their newfound passion was for meals, these they spent with the band and crew, laughing and joking, and accepting the good natured ribbing they knew was their due, given their inability to keep their hands of each other.

It was obvious to Alex that the other women at the resort were less than impressed at Jon's attachment to her, but she couldn't care less. While she was friendly and courteous to all, she had really only formed a friendship with one, Elle. Given her exclusivity with Richie, and the brotherly relationship that Jon and Richie enjoyed, it was a natural evolution for the two women to become friends. The four sat together for meals, often detached from the rowdy goings on that had become the norm at this week long party.

In a very early conversation, Elle revealed to Alex that she was under no illusion as to the nature of her relationship with Richie.

"I know all I am to him is a diversion from his real life. He's in a relationship, I accept that. We are just enjoying what we have while we are here." Elle explained.

"But how can you do that? How can you be with him every day knowing that in a few days you will part and never see each other again?" Alex asked.

"Well" Elle considered the question before answering "Aren't you doing exactly the same thing? I mean what will happen with you and Jon once you leave here? Will you join him on tour?"

"Noooo, I couldn't. My life is here; my family, my friends, my job. I could never leave all of that behind"

"Well then, you are doing the same as me. I mean, if he's there and you're here what kind of future can you have. No man wants a mistress that lives on the other side of the world. What would be the point of that?" Elle offered.

She had articulated Alex's thoughts perfectly. Deep down, hell even not so deep down, Alex knew there was no future for her and Jon. It was an impossible situation, and while they hadn't discussed it yet, she knew what he would offer.... and knew that she would turn him down.

Laying on the beach three days later Alex revealed her thoughts to Elle. The two men were taking advantage of the cooling waters while the women lazed on the sand working on their tans.

"Elle" Alex said almost tentatively. She felt she could rely on her new friend but was hesitant given the gravity of what she was about to reveal.

"Hmmm" Elle answered lazily as she turned her head towards the voice.

"I need to ask a favour of you. I'm sorry to do this to you but I really need your help, thing is you can't tell anyone, especially not Richie or Jon?"

"Sure, whadda ya need?"

"I'm leaving here tomorrow night. Jon doesn't know and I'm not going to tell him. He's told me he has something to ask me after dinner tomorrow and if it's what I think it is I don't want to be here for the question."

"You think he's gonna ask you to go back to the States with him?" Elle asked surprised, she still did not know the history between Jon and Alex so had no reason to think of her as anything more than a holiday fling.

Alex nodded in affirmation. "There is a history here Elle and a lot you don't know. Jon and I met last tour and when he got here he sought me out again. I know it sounds crazy but there is a connection there, and he's told me he feels it too. And if he does ask me to go back with him, well....I'm not sure I would have the strength to say no to him and I really need to for my own sanity."

Elle was now sitting crossed legged on her towel her attention peaked. "So what do I have to do?"

"I need transport, a car to get me out of here while Jon is distracted at dinner tomorrow night, and for you to do some of the distracting. I don't know maybe get some of the girls to do a farewell floor show...I'm sure they'd be up for it"

"A few of them already have something in the works I hear but I'll see what I can find out. As for the car, consider it done, I'll head over to the concierge before I hit the shower." Elle agreed. "But are you sure this is what you want, I mean imagine the life you could have with him."

"But that's just it" Alex lifted a hand to wave at Jon who currently had Richie in a headlock and was waving furiously to catch her attention before he slipped from his grasp, which he did grabbing Jon about the waist and tackling him into the surf. Alex grinned "Hmph ...boys will be boys. Where was I ...Oh yeah... but that's the thing I wouldn't have a life with him, I'd have a life on the sidelines and just can't be the other woman. That's just not enough for me."

"OK, well I'll head over there while they are re-enacting their childhoods, save the suspicion if I need to make excuses later. Just let Rich know I'm heading back to my apartment to grab a couple of things and I'll meet him at his before dinner."

"Thank you sooo much Elle, this really means alot to me." Alex engaged the other women in a brief hug before she rose.

"Don't mention it" Elle shot over her shoulder as she moved off down the beach towards the resort.

Alex spent the rest of the afternoon and evening saying her goodbyes. Of course no-one realised that's what she was doing. She managed to get each of the band members alone for a quite chat and thanked them for their friendship and acceptance. They all thought she was just a little emotional now that their holiday was drawing to a close.

She found her time with Richie to be the hardest, and it was for this reason she left him until last and caught up with him after dinner while the boys were enjoying a game of pool. Alex had spent more time with him than any of the others, and his charming easygoing nature had led to a fast friendship being formed. He teased her relentlessly and on more than one occasion had referred to her as the little sister he always wished he had. It was the time Alex spent with him that made her realise she was not only saying goodbye to Jon but to all of them, and it hurt her deeply, a small tear forming in her eye as she took him in a deep hug.

When Alex pulled back Richie noticed the tear and the sadness in her eyes. "Hey what's this darlin?" he said as he brushed away the tear with his thumb. "We still have a couple of fun filled days and as for us, I really don't think it will end there"

"It's just been a bit overwhelming, this week, ya know? This is a dream come true for me, meeting all of you, being with him. You have become like family, I never expected that and I just don't want it to end, but reality has to hit sometime."

"Maybe not," Richie hinted "now, don't let on I told you but I believe Kidd may have plans for you yet."

Alex simply smiled in response but Richie noticed it didn't quite reach her eyes, and he thought then that this may indeed be goodbye. He hoped he was wrong for Jon's sake, but feared he was right.


Anonymous said...

Ohh, just when they found each other and some happiness, the week is almost over.

Please don't let her get away. And please don't make us wait too long. I have a knot in my stomach already!!


Anonymous said...

I have been home sick today and read this from start to finish! Couldn't stop reading, and now, just want to know what happens, just when they finally seal their love, ohhh, pleaseeee, post more soon! You write soooo well!