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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chapter 34


In October of 1992 Alex was working studiously at her desk at her apartment when Rick arrived bringing the mail in with him. He dropped the pile on the corner of the desk and came around to give her a lingering kiss hello.

"Hey there gorgeous, good day?" He questioned as he pulled away and retrieved the mail, starting to sift through it. He was slowly insinuating himself into her life. Spending more and more time at her apartment and taking care of her. She wasn't sure if she liked it or found the intrusion into her own time annoying.

"Hi sweetie, what do you have there?" Alex asked looking up only briefly from the proof sheets she was engrossed in. They were of her most recent assignment...the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

"Hmm, bills, bills and more...hang on what's this?" he said turning the envelope over in his hand. "This could be something. It's from BJM"

"Who? Should I know them?" Alex asked.

"I dare say so, it's your favourite bands management company."

Alex's heart began to pound in her chest. Even after everything with Jon she was still a diehard fan. "Bon Jovi? No they're with McGhee Entertainment."

"Oh my God...finally something I can tell you about that damned band....hell must have frozen over." Rick chuckled "No honey, they have just dumped McGhee and are self managing, I think I heard somewhere that Jon's family are involved somehow...Oh look I don't really know but I do know it's not Doc."

"Well are you going to open it?" He asked holding it before her.

"Guess so" Alex took the envelope from him with trembling hands and tore it open. The letter inside read...


Tuesday, 27 October 1992

Dear Miss Belle,

Bon Jovi Management wishes to extend an exclusive invitation to you. Given your previous ties to the band and your current success in the world of Entertainment Photography, we ask that you would consider joining the Australian Leg of the Keep the Faith Tour in November of 1993 with the view to being staff photographer for duration of the World tour extending through December and finishing in New Jersey for the annual Christmas Concert.

In the event you should accept this invitation, please be assured that generous remuneration will be made, as well as First Class accommodation and transportation. Further terms will be negotiated with you at your convenience.

A representative of the management company will be in Australia towards the end of next month and has hopes of meeting with you then to discuss this proposal. Could you please register your interest promptly by return mail so that arrangements can be made.

Yours sincerely

Paul Korzilius

BJ Management



"Wow honey that would have to be a dream come true, wouldn't it?" Rick said when Alex had finished reading the letter out loud.

"I guess" she replied, wondering why the letter had come directly to her and not through her agent as was customary for such offers. "I'm not sure I can do it though. I'll have to check in with the office to see if they have anything scheduled"

"Well get on the line then. This would be a great opportunity for you, especially given your affinity for the band" Rick prompted.

"I will in the morning. Right now I just want to get out of here for a bit. How about we head down to the harbour and grab some dinner...I'm half starved"

First thing next morning Alex was on the phone to her agent. She had hired him the year before at Rick's urging when she found it difficult to manage both her assignments and the job offers.

"Hi Martin" She said cheerfully when he finally answered the phone.

"Good Morning Alex, what can I do for you?"

"Well I've just had an offer of employment for the last two months 1993 and I want to know what my schedule looks like before I commit." Alex explained.

"Hmmm, give me a sec" Alex heard the shuffle of papers then Martin's gravelly voice came back on the line "Well there is nothing confirmed but there was a request for you to be in the States for November for the Bryan Adams Tour, other than that it's all clear."

"Perfect, can you lock that in for me?" Alex jumped at the offer...a little too quickly.

"But you don't even know the details.."

"I'll worry about those later...just confirm the job please. Oh and while you're at it, can you arrange for an out of town assignment for the last two weeks of this month, like overseas out of town."

Alex chatted for a few more minutes, reviewing the next week's schedule before saying goodbye. Then began to pen a response...


Friday, 6 November 1992

Dear Mr Korzilius,

I thank you for your offer, but regret to inform you that my services have already been secured for that period and I will be unable to accept your very generous offer. It would be very much appreciated if all further correspondence of this nature be directed through my agent. I have enclosed his business card for your records. Please extend my regards to the band; I have very fond memories of my time working with them.

Kindest Regards

Alex Belle

Alex folded the letter and addressed the envelope, sealing it with a kiss. She just couldn't bear to be in the same country as him again. She feared the temptation to go to him would be too hard to resist. It was best for everyone involved if she put as much distance between them as she could.


When Jon received Alex's return letter he couldn't quite believe his eyes. She had turned him down flat. He had penned the letter in Pauls name so that she wouldn't think it a personal proposition - which of course it was. It just meant that now he would have to travel to Australia himself instead of sending one of the others. He was adamant the he would see her again.

When Jon arrived in Australia later that month for a pre tour promotional visit, he went straight to Alex's from the airport. He was anxious to see her again, it had been far too long. The hire car pulled up in front of her building and he made his way to the door. His sources assured him that this was still her current address. He rang the buzzer for her apartment and ran his hand through now short hair as he waited for a response. When he heard the intercom click his heart jumped up into his throat.

"Yes, can I help you?" An older unfamiliar female voice croaked.

"I'd like to see Alex if I may" Jon said in his best formal voice.

"I'm sorry son, she isn't here. Miss Alex is away on assignment. Won't be back til the end of the month"

Jon's heart fell "Would you have a contact number or address please?"

"Sorry, I can't help you. I'm just in from downstairs to water the plants"

"OK, well thanks anyway" heartbroken he walked away from the apartment once again. It seemed that they would never have their time.

Jon finished his business in Australia and left promptly. He had allocated more than a week there but without Alex there it wasn't the same. With her it had felt like home...now it was just another stop on a busy calendar, and one that he had no interest in at all.


Anonymous said...

OOh. I like this new chapter. How long has it been since they were together?

Can't wait for more!

Merry Christmas!


VENUS said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for the comment and Seasons Greetings to you!!

In answer to your question it has been 3 long tortuous years since the "Lost Week". :(

Anonymous said...

Wow-that is a long time and the passion still burns.....very hot!

Linda :)