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Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter 31

It was with a heavy heart that on Monday evening while Jon was busy with his band mates that Alex packed her bags and left the resort without so much as a goodbye. She and Jon had spent the entire evening before and the whole day in bed, ordering room service for sustenance and venturing no further than the bathroom.

They had made love slowly, sensually, revelling in each other. Delicate touches, sweet kisses, passionate explorations. They dozed in each other's arms when they became tired, and fed each other when they were hungry, and time passed all too quickly. Before either of them realised, the sun was setting, signalling that dinner would soon be served at the farewell bash some of the girls had arranged as a thank you for an extraordinary week.

Jon regretfully disengaged himself from Alex's arms; she had once again fallen asleep. He hated that he had to move away from her, hated that he had to spend what was possibly his last evening with her for quite a while in the company of strangers. He wanted to wrap the two of them in a cocoon and never come out, but real life and all that it entailed beckoned...he only hoped that he could convince her to join him. He had already begun to make some of the arrangements. He had an agent looking for a suitable residence and had made some enquiries about her career and job availability, all very discretely of course.

He made his way to the shower and stood beneath the pounding water jet. He could feel the tension begin to build in his body once again at the mere thought of continuing the tour, and knew that within days it would seem like the last week had never happened. Jon felt a soft hand encircle his manhood and turned to greet Alex with a kiss. She kissed him hungrily, her tongue delving deep into his mouth, and he felt he knew then what her answer would be to his question later that night, she was already saying goodbye. At least they still had the night, and now that he had found her he had no intention of letting her go. He was committed to doing whatever it took to keep their relationship alive in whatever way possible.

Alex moved slowly down his body until she was close enough to take him in her mouth but didn't. No longer was she the hesitant inexperienced girl of a week ago. Jon was a kind and patient lover and was teaching her well. She slowly ran the tip of her tongue up the underside of his cock but stopped short of the head. She repeated this several times before she paused at the base to suck one of his balls into her mouth; Jon braced himself on the wall no longer confident in the ability of his legs to hold him. She rolled it around gently eliciting a moan from him as her hand moved frustratingly slowly up and down his shaft that was still slightly lubricated by the bodywash that remained there from his cleansing ritual, but once again she was careful to stop just shy of its head, denying him the pleasure he sought.

Jon thrust his pelvis in her direction but she took no notice. It was happening on her terms. She released his ball from her mouth and instead cupped both of them in one hand rolling them gently in her palm while massaging the sensitive area behind them with the tip of her middle finger. Her free hand snaked a slow curvy path up over his abdomen and chest to play with an erect nipple, flicking and pinching, teasing unceasingly.

Taking his penis to hand once again, Alex changed the motion slightly rotating it clockwise on the downstroke and anticlockwise on the up. She kissed his left thigh and began a large circle of kisses around his manhood, all the way up to his navel and around closing in with each lap until she was upon him again, her warm breath tantalizing and then her mouth was on him and he was gliding into the warm silky depths of her mouth. She looked up at him through the shower spray, making eye contact, as she took him deeper and deeper, all the way until her nose nestled in his pubic hair. She moaned a little and he noticed then that one of her hands had moved to her own sweet folds and she was pleasuring herself, turned on by her ministrations of him. The moan vibrated through his cock as she withdrew all the way, where she teased the tip a little with her tongue before sliding back down his shaft again. He felt his head hit the back of her throat and prompted her up, knowing it wouldn't be long now and wanting to feel her against him... all of her.

As Alex stood he swung her around parted her feet with his foot and promptly slid into her from behind, clenching her tightly to him with an arm wrapped around her waist as he thrust into her. One hand found her breast and kneaded and teased the nipple, the other moved lower to her pussy where he found her hand still at work. He covered her small hand with his and learned her most intimate secrets of how she liked to be pleasured, his hand mimicking hers as it worked her erect little nub. His rigid member slid in and out of her slowly at first but as her breath quickened and started to hitch he quickened the pace.

She began to clench around him and her hand moved away from her now sensitised bud, pulling his with it. She braced her hands against the shower wall before her, high over her head, and he gathered them up in one hand and held them there, his other hand spread low across her abdomen still holding her two him. He was now pumping at a furious pace and she met every thrust with a backwards push, allowing him deeper access.

Jon's lips were all over her shoulder, neck and ear and once she turned to grant him access, her mouth, his kisses reflecting the urgency he felt, no longer soft and gentle but hard and demanding, searching for an answer he knew he wouldn't find, for this was a goodbye, he was sure of it now, he saw the tears in the depths of her eyes as they both climaxed in unison. A mind shattering, debilitating orgasm that left them both as exhausted as satisfied.

They stood together for long moments still joined, Alex never wanting to forget the feeling of his hard body against her, inside her, Jon simply too spent to move. The warm water washed over them and disguised the tears that now flowed freely from her eyes. In little more than an hour she would be gone from this place and Jon's embrace forever.

She turned around and held him tightly to her and whispered in his ear "I'll love you, baby....always."

"This is goodbye isn't it?"

"Don't be silly Jon. We still have all night ....and a little bit of tomorrow." She lied.

He kissed her deeply and picked up the sponge he had dropped when she had joined him and washed her reverently. Though he desperately wanted to believe her he had a sinking feeling that this would be the last time he would hold her in his arms.

Jon was right. A little less an hour later while he was seated in the tent watching the evenings "entertainment" Alex stood on the sidewalk as the chauffer placed her bags into the trunk of the limousine that would speed her away from him. He rounded the lengthy white monster and opened the door for her and she slid inside. The sense of loss she felt was profound, she hit the button for the privacy screen, the driver had no need to speak to her for he knew their destination. Tears flowed unchecked, knowing, as the car pulled away from the kerb, she was leaving behind the only man she would ever love.


A couple of hours into the farewell party Jon checked his watch. Where the fuck is she? A sense of dread washed over him. NO way would she leave without as much as a goodbye! Would she? He looked at his watch again. FUCK!!

"Rich..Richie....." Jon tugged on his brother's sleeve. Slowly Richie turned towards him, an alcohol induced daze affecting his reaction time.

"What?! Man, can't you see I'm busy?' His words slurring just a little.

"Did Alex say anything to you today?"

"How could she? You most likely had her in bed all day" Richie hadn't taken his eyes off Elle who was on stage dancing. She hadn't taken her eyes off the exchange happening before her, knowing that Alex should be gone by now.

Jon grinned at the thought "Oh yeah...well last night then? How did she seem to you?"

"Fine man, why, what's this about?" Richie was still absorbed in Elle.

"She should've been here by now, that's all?" Jon glanced at his watch again. "She was just going to do her hair and shit and follow after me." Jon's gaze followed Richie's to rest on Elle, welcoming the distraction. She managed a small smile but looked at him with pity, a sadness in her eyes and he knew.

"FUCK...FUCK...NO FUCKING WAY" Jon stood knocking the chair backwards and ran from the tent, Richie calling after him. He ran all the way back to the villa, stormed through the door and took the stairs two at a time.

"ALI...ALEX" No answer.

He went to her old room, the one she had all but abandoned days before, but that still housed her belongings.

"Alex you can't do this to me, not again." He was speaking to an empty room. He swung the wardrobe doors wide. It was empty.

His heart started to pound, the thump, thump, thump echoing in his ears.

He hesitated when he got to the door of the room they shared, placing his forehead against it. It was closed but he could hear gentle music coming from the other side, U2's With or Without you.

"OH thank God" he exclaimed as he swung the door open. But it too was empty.

Please don't be gone, please don't be gone. But she was.

In the middle of the bed lay a single red rose across a photo of the two of them together. The inscription at the bottom read 'Goodbye baby.
I will love you always. A.'

Jon raged at the closest thing to him. The table lamp beside the bed flew across the room with one bat of his hand and smashed against the wall, the pieces scattering throughout the room. The momentum of his swing and the alcohol he had consumed throwing him off balance causing him to fall to his knees, where he stayed as the despair of loss consumed him once again.


Anonymous said...

Perfect chapter!
Almost made me cry... To be honest, you had me in tears.

Bayaderra said...

Oh so sad....
They NEED to be together...
More please!

Anonymous said...

This is too heartbreaking...I can't believe she just walked away like that....please more soon, Venus!