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Friday, February 20, 2009

Message from Venus

Hi Everyone,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my personal life I’m afraid my blogs won’t updated with the regularity they have been up until this point.  Please be assured that Frankie and Alex haven’t been forgotten, I will continue to plot and plan for both of them and I hope to see some regularity return in the next few months.  In the mean time, anything you can send me for inspiration would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry to keep you all waiting and thank you for your patience.  Please keep checking back...I’ll post as I can.



Kris said...

I'll be there! I know RL can be a bitch sometimes...don't worry, you won't lose us, we are addicted to your stories! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I 'll be weiting - take your time... will check in often...

Anonymous said...

Sh*t, sure I meant "waiting"... lol...