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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chapter 42

Alex moaned involuntarily and surrendered to his kiss, her arms wrapped around his neck, her warm soft body rubbed against his. He bent down and grabbed the back of her thighs spreading them wide and hoisting her up so that her robe fell open and her legs wrapped around his waist, her ankles locked holding her tight. He spun around and slammed her up against the door they had been standing before. Wedged there as she was, with no chance of falling, she used her now free hands to open his shirt. Her hands found the buttons, but in her haste her fingers fumbled and she was too impatient to wait so she ripped it open. Little plastic projectiles scattered to every corner of the room.

Jon held her tight bracing her with one hand under her ass as he used the other to fumble with his zipper.

"Bedroom." she ordered.

"Where?" He asked impatiently between kisses, unwilling to rip his mouth from hers.

Her only response was to indicate loosely in the right direction with a flick of her wrist, her mouth busy on his. He carried her in to the room and dropped her on to the bed and collapsed on top of her.

He pulled back from her long enough to position himself at her entrance.

"Are you sure Ali?"

"I need you," was her only response.

And then in one swift movement he plunged deep inside. A scream of ecstasy tore from her throat as he seated himself within her. He felt so good... he felt like home. He lay still within her as they both settled into the position. Their bodies fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

He propped himself up on his elbows - his hands threaded into her hair - so that he could look into her eyes and then he began to move, ...slowly, sensually....rocking up and down along her body, then alternately moving his hips in a circular motion. Her clit was being stimulated with every movement by his pubic bone and before long she was on the brink of orgasm. He stopped moving then and rolled off her.

Her breath was coming in short pants. "Wha....Jon....What's wrong?...why did you stop?"

"Oh baby, I'm not stopping...I've only just begun" he said with smirk, propped up now on one elbow beside her.

Alex watched through hooded eyes as his eyes devoured her, taking in every delicious inch of her flesh. "I need to look at you baby," he said softly.

With a feather light touch Jon traced the outline of her lips with his forefinger. She opened her mouth slightly and he traced the line of her lower teeth as her tongue caressed the tip of her finger. He dragged her lower lip down and let it spring back up as he moved down over her chin and down the elegant line of her throat.

Alex tilted her head back to allow him better access and he leant in to follow the line with his tongue, pausing to kiss her in the hollow at the base of her throat before pulling back. Jon's hand now rested flat between her breasts. Her nipples strained for his touch but he did not indulge them. With his middle finger he traced lazy patterns along her sternum and under each breast. Her nipples were painfully hard now. Alex arched up towards him and his self control faltered, he swiped his tongue briefly over one erect little pebble and then blew across it, his warm breath feeling cool against her over heated flesh.

A soft moan escaped Alex's lips. She threaded a hand in his hair and tried to bring his mouth back to her breast but he resisted.

"Uh, Uh baby...not yet" He moved back up to her mouth and claimed it passionately with his, as his hand began to move lower.

Jon ran his hand across Alex's flat stomach, over her hip and down the back her thigh. Her breath was coming in shallow pants as her body anticipated what was to come next but Jon was not giving it to her that easily. He adjusted his position and rolled her so that they were face to face on their sides and hitched her leg over his hip.

He ran his fingers lightly up and down the back of her thigh causing goose bumps which soon spread all over her body. He nuzzled into her neck, and inhaled deeply the sweet scent of her hair, the scent that drove him wild, the scent that he had missed every day they were apart. He kissed his way to her lips and lost himself in the sweet taste of her mouth. If he could stay attached to her lips for the rest of his life he would never be able to get enough of them, the soft pliable flesh that grew plump and deepened in colour the more attention he lavished on them.

Tonight was a gift. He knew that. He also knew it was most likely the last they would ever have together, in just a few short days she would belong to another. He pulled her closer to him and hugged her fiercely. How would he ever go on knowing that she would never be his? As long as she had been single there was a chance that she would come around to his way of thinking...that chance was now all but extinct. He pulled back from her slightly to gaze upon her dazzling face. One arm laid under his head, bent at the elbow and curled back on itself, in the other he took her hand and entwined their fingers, gently stroking, playing as his eyes found hers and he searched their depths for some sign of the emotion she was feeling.

Alex had always had the most expressive eyes. They would always tell him what her words could not. Right now they spoke of love, a fiery inferno of passion and deep in their depths the sorrow that ultimately the flames of that passion would soon be extinguished forever. He wondered if that was even possible. He knew that from his own experience he hadn't even come close. Hell he hadn't been able to lessen that fire to anything less than a dull roar – a slow burn that consumed him wholly at the mere thought of her. He hoped, for the sake of her future happiness, she had more luck.

The urgency overtook him them. They no longer had years, months, weeks or days to define exactly what they were to each other. They had only hours to enjoy whatever it was.

His lips sought hers again with a fierce desperation. He pulled her tight against his body and rolled so that she was on top of him. He needed her to control what was to come next. He needed to feel her need. He needed to know that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her. And she did.

Alex smothered him with kisses. He marvelled that her mouth seemed to be in so many places at once, for every kiss left an indelible impression on his skin, a scorching path of pleasure. She kissed from the corner of his mouth across his strong jaw and down his neck. Her soft body still lay along his, a contradiction to the hard sculptured length of him; she didn't want to surrender that privilege just yet. She shimmed down a fraction so that she could access the taught little pebbles that were so well hidden in the masses of dark fur that covered his chest.

One tiny flick of her tongue elicited a deep rumbling groan from deep within him and a very persistent poking in the soft flesh of her stomach as his cock, impossible as it seemed, became even harder. She swirled her tongue several times around his nipple before nipping on it gently with her teeth and sucking it into the wet warmth of her mouth.

Jon's hand threaded into her hair, holding her to his chest as she teased him mercilessly, moving from one nipple to the other, while taking the neglected nipple between her fingers and manipulating it gently. Her other hand, still unoccupied, found its way between their tight pressed bodies to slowly stroke his throbbing member. It was rock hard but silky smooth as she moved her hand up and down its length, pausing to smear the pre cum across the head with her thumb.

Ever so slowly she began to rock up and down the length of his body, her hand now flat wedging his cock tighter against her body so that every minute movement was the most excruciating pleasure.

Alex looked into Jon's eyes as she rubbed against him. She watched the passion further ignite and grow in intensity until her mind likened his eyes to the very hottest blue core of a flame.

"Tell me what you want, baby" Her voice was husky, thick with sex.

He grabbed her head gently between his hands and pulled her to him until their lips touched and then spoke against them, his warm delicious breath invading her mouth. "I want this night to last forever."

It was not what she had expected. She tried again "What do you need.

"I need to be inside you, to feel your warmth wrapped around me. I need to feel you cum with me in you. I need to hear you scream my name as you do."

Alex placed her hands on his chest and pushed herself up to a kneeling position, then in one graceful movement impaled herself on his rock hard cock. At an even, measured pace she began to move up and down, arching her body so that each stroke of his cock stimulated that special spot within her, the one that would lead to a mind shattering orgasm if manipulated just right. A low moan escaped her.

"Fuck Jon, you feel so good!"

He tried to arch up to meet her, holding him down she threw his words back at him. "Uh, Uh baby...not yet"

She began to slowly pick up the pace.

Watching her fuck him was the most erotic thing Jon had ever seen, just watching his cock disappear, with each down stroke, into her warm tight pussy. He watched as her control slipped and instinct took over, her pace quickened and her breathing accelerated. Her hands found her breasts, caressing, manipulating, his found her clit, teasing, stimulating. She threw her head back and her silky mane brushed over his thighs and across his balls. The feeling was divine.

Jon felt when her climax was near and knew that he would be with her. He watched as her jaw tensed in an effort to retain control.

"Let it go baby," he urged, "I'm right there with you. Cum for me. Let me hear you scream."

And she did. Her legs began to quiver and then it exploded out in waves from her core, touching every fibre of her being. The magnitude of her release was like nothing she had experienced before.

"Fuck Jon yes, yes, yes!"

As promised he was with her. Alex felt his seed spill deep within her convulsing walls as he came in almost violent bursts, a strangled cry on his lips. Only when the last drops of his release had been spilled did she stop her motions and collapse on top of him. She nuzzled into his neck and his arms encircled her, holding her tight, their joint form finally silent and still.


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