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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter 14

Moments after Lanie let herself into Alex's apartment the black BMW pulled up across the street. Sheltered from view inside the car Jon sat and watched waiting for Alex to come home when he would finally be able to get her alone.

He saw the man's car pull up and the two of them get out. OK man, time for you to head home. The pair gathered up all the equipment and made their way inside. He waited for Alex's ride to leave but it didn't happen. Twenty or so minutes had past when movement on her balcony caught his attention. Alex was there again, this time alone. Maybe he just lives in the same block, Jon thought hopefully. She moved to the railing and he a long expanse of exquisite leg beneath her short hot pink baby doll dress. Something within the apartment distracted her and he was rewarded with her rear view when she turned and leant on the door frame. Oh fuck, what a body! He had never seen her so exposed and his dick sure was enjoying the view. She moved away then into the privacy of the apartment.

When she returned to the balcony he was with her, both held a glass of wine. Jon watched their interaction with interest. It was a little like cat and mouse he moved forward, she moved back, he inched forward again. When he placed a hand on her shoulder Jon became annoyed, she belonged to him, and the man leant in to kiss her a searing anger boiled within him. He made to get out of the car, emotion getting the better of him but remembered himself in time. He had no right to be angry, this rationale not altering the emotion. He watched as she leant to kiss her lover on the cheek, oh how he hated that word, and the two of them retreated inside.

He knew he should leave, he really didn't need to see anymore but he couldn't tear himself away. When the blinds closed a little later he placed the key in the ignition and readied himself to leave. The car window was open and the sound of music drifted on the evening breeze to his ears. Looking up he saw the silhouette of the pair dancing together. He watched transfixed when he saw them part and her sit him in a chair before the window. She started to move seductively around him. Jon could see only the shape of her through the blind and even that was enough to send blood racing to his cock. He couldn't bear to think of the lucky bastard that would be taking advantage of her attentions that night. As the music faded and the lights in the apartment went out, the lyrics of an old song of his came to mind.

I'm on the outside, looking inside
You're with him, who's on the wrong side now
Do you still think of me
I try to call but no one answers
Two silhouettes, a private dancer
Lights go dim, as the music starts to fade away
(Turn and walk away)

I'm the one who needs you now, you can believe it
I'll be there to catch you when you fall
Ooo you better believe I'm the man (On the edge of a broken heart)
Here I am (On the edge of a broken heart)
And we stand (On the edge of a broken heart)
So run if you can 'cause you know I'm a man on the edge
(On the edge of a broken heart)
I'm on the edge (On the edge of a broken heart)

Those words seemed prophetic now.

He pulled away from the kerb and made his way back to the hotel, but instead of heading to his own room he made for Richie's. At best he needed an ear at worst a friend with which he could drown his sorrows.

Jon pounded on the door until Richie swung it open unashamedly wearing nothing but frown and a hard on "What the fuck man, I'm busy here"

Jon pushed past him and into the suite "I hope that ain't for me" he said looking down smiling "I mean, ya know I love ya man but I so don't bat for that side" he was trying to cheer himself up with a little humour. It failed miserably.

"Give me a break man, I haven't even gotten through the entree yet...if you get my drift" Richie said licking his lips

"Unfortunately yeah, I ah... I think I do. Ok man when you're done, drop past my room will ya. I really need to talk, don't worry how late" Jon turned and left the room, leaving his friend to his main course.

He made his way back to his own suite and once inside headed to the shower to cool off. He couldn't believe that he had allowed her to get so far under his skin, regardless of how spectacular she was. His cock twitched at the thought, so he bumped up the cold water punishing it into submission. No point lusting after what I can't have. He thought about going out to find some random chick to fuck senseless and get it out of his system, but he knew deep down that wasn't the answer. When he heard a loud knock on the door he switched of the shower and went to answer it, wrapping the towel around him as he went.

He looked through the peep hole to see who was there before swinging it open to his best friend. "Jack and I" Richie said indicating the bottle in his hand "have come to console you." He said.

"What happened to the main course?"

"Let's just say after your little interruption it went a little cold"

"Sorry bro"

Richie grinned and shrugged "Yeah well ..... bro's before ho's." Jon laughed at the strange turn of phrase.

He retrieved two glassed from the bar, set them on the coffee table and settled into the couch as Richie poured the drinks.

"Tell Uncle Richie all about it..."

"Fuck... I don't even know where to start. I went past her house today..."

"And?" OH yeah your gone, Richie thought.

"And I'm getting there...she has a boyfriend man"

"What, some pimply, premature ejaculating little prick? Man I wouldn't worry about that she'll...."

Jon interrupted "Man he's about our age from what I could see of him. I think she might work with him too."

"That can't be good. So what did she say anyway?"

"Nothing man, didn't even look at me this morning when I said hello so I went back tonight. That's when I saw them together, he was kissing her on the balcony. At first it looked as though she was backing away from him..." Jon quietened as he remembered, his friend giving him the time he needed to continue. "but then she led him inside. The last thing I saw before the lights went out was her dancing for him...you know dancing"

"Awe man I'm sorry...but hey maybe it's for the best. You do have Dot to consider after all"

"She gave me a free pass man, told me to get it out of my system" he held out his glass for a refill and Richie obliged.


"Noooo.... " Jon said shaking his head "She doesn't know the details, just that something was bothering me."

"I organised for her to come to Queensland with us" he blurted out knowing his friend would not be pleased.

"Dot? What the fuck were you thinking?" Richie's reaction proving Jon correct.

"No, Alex"

"Better, but still...what the fuck were you thinking?" Richie drained his glass and poured another. "You know what that week is about... pussy, pussy and more pussy. Have you seen the talent that's been coming backstage here? Fuck man, you so do not want to miss that shit."

"I don't fucking know what I was thinking. Maybe that if I fucked her I could get her out of my system. This chick just keeps dragging me in deeper and deeper."

"Dude you've got it bad"

"Now tell me something I don't know asshole" Jon replied draining another glass. Over the course of their brief conversation more than half the bottle had disappeared. "So...What do I do?"


"Queensland...try and follow will ya"

"What does she think about it?"

"She doesn't know. I organised it through her boss, she's coming for a photo shoot but won't know till she gets there that we are the subject. I was hoping by the time we left here she'd be mine and be happy to come along but if she won't even say hello maybe I'm better off dropping the whole thing." He said now uncertain.

"Will you be able to do that though? I mean really Jonny, when you put your mind to something you find it almost impossible to back away. Just let it ride man, leave the plans as they are...at worst we get a damn good photo shoot, she tells you to fuck off and can be on her way. At best the two of you can resolve this thing, whatever it is, between you and it can play itself out before you head home to your wife. Either way it will be resolved."

Jon and Richie finished the bottle and passed out where they sat. A lonely blonde finally fell asleep in Richie's room, forgotten in the concern over his friend's turmoil. Her patience would be rewarded when, early the next morning on returning to his room to find her splayed naked across his bed, Richie, his magical mouth and his legendary length would work some of their 'magic' on her. She had passed muster and would most definitely be coming to Queensland. Unfortunately for the rest of the guys, a night with Richie usually meant that a girl was ruined for the rest of them. This one would be his alone.


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Three chapters in two days-you are the best!! I'm enjoying your story!


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