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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chapter 7

The next twenty-four hours flew by for both Alex and Jon in a haze of professional appointments and social commitments. For him it was interviews and sound check then a light dinner with the boys before the show. For her it was photographic assignments and then a girly afternoon at the spa with Lanie in preparation for the concert that evening.

As with the last tour, the excitement that had been building for Alex since Lanie handed her the tickets two days before, had began its final ascent that morning and would no doubt peak when Jon stepped into the spot light that night. Since Lanie had gotten the tickets Alex had wanted to do something special for her so she had arranged an afternoon of pampering for them both. The girls chatted and giggled endlessly while the therapists worked their magic on them. They were waxed and fake tanned, had manicures and pedicures, a facial, a full body massage and seaweed wrap and finally had their makeup done. When they were finished at the spa they made their way to Sydney’s premier hair salon and had their hair cut, coloured and styled. It was a stark contrast to their preparation for the last tour where all they had managed was lip gloss and nail polish at home in the bedroom.

The girls both looked stunning, turning heads as they made their way to the chauffeured car Alex had hired for the afternoon and evening. It was almost time to head to the concert so the girls rushed back to Alex’s apartment where they had laid out their clothes on the bed before they left. They had decided on matching outfits of jeans and tight black tanks, covered with matching fitted waist length denim jackets and black knee high stiletto boots, not very practical but beauty was pain. They accessorised with large silver hoops in their ears and silver bangles on each wrist, little would people know they were solid platinum, and a black akubra hat.

At seven thirty the girls made their way down to the waiting car and were on their way. The Mercedes, so similar to the one Jon had hired two years earlier, pulled up in front of the venue, its black windows attracting the curious glances of people congregating outside hoping to get a glimpse of a celebrity. Alex stepped out first and felt the eyes of more than a hundred people fall upon her; the same occurred as Lanie got out, but attentions rapidly faded when no-one famous joined them. From a window high above a solitary figure watched a stunning young woman cut her way confidently through the crowds with her friend in tow. He wanted more than anything to be by her side, but unfortunately his wife had just made her way to his and wrapped her arms around his waist dragging his thoughts back to the present.

Watching her husbands gaze Dorothea commented “Wow, that first girl is really stunning; I mean they are both attractive, but she is drop dead gorgeous, I wonder if she’s a model.”

“Yeah she really is,” then added under his breath absentmindedly “in every way.”

“What was that babe?” she questioned

“Huh? Oh nothing, it’s time we get going down. You staying backstage or going up front?”

“I think I’ll go up front tonight. Obie has found me a seat somewhere up close, third row I think he said. That way I can keep an eye on you in case that goddess of a woman is up there.” Dot teased. “You sure do attract the hotties honey!”

Jon glared at her and opened his mouth to speak but Dot stopped him “Just teasing babe, geez things must be worse than you led me to believe for you to bite that easy. You know I don’t care about that shit, it’s just your job. Besides I know that you always come home to me.”

“Yeah that’s right” he rested an arm around her shoulders and placed a brief kiss on her forehead, as he escorted her down to Obie. If only she knew the only reason for their marriage was that same woman she had just admired and her rejection of him.

Dorothea had flown that morning to join the tour in Australia and get in some sightseeing while she was there. She had been missing her husband terribly, and when he had sounded so down on the phone she had decided to surprise him; she had certainly accomplished that when she arrived unannounced at sound check. Jon had been less that happy to see her, but had disguised his feelings well. It was an inopportune time for any of the wives or girlfriends to be on tour.

Bon Jovi had been on the road for over a year on this tour, backing up directly after the Slippery When Wet Tour and recording of the new album. Both band and crew were all exhausted and emotional. Tempers were frayed and bickering, once unheard of, was becoming frequent. They needed a break and one had been scheduled for the end of the Australasian leg, a week long escape to an exclusive Queensland resort, no one but the band and crew were aware of it as it had been planned for a week allotted to press commitments and extra shows that were no longer necessary. As he stood there with his wife in his arms the road crew were in the auditorium, scouting the it for “talent” to accompany the band on their “holiday”, those that made the grade at the after party would be given a ticket to fly, this process would be repeated at all the shows. Luckily due to commitments at home Dot would only be with the tour for a few days and would fly home the day after the last Sydney show.

Jon left Dot in Obie’s capable hands and made his way to the arena floor where he met with the others behind the stage. Roxus were still belting out their set and the crowds were responding with enthusiasm. Jon liked to give up and coming bands exposure when he could and standing backstage listening to them believed this one showed great promise. Roxus began their final song and as the words of their ballad “Where are you now?” found their way to Jon’s ears and permeated his brain, his thoughts turned to Alex. Was she missing him? Was there now a man in her life? Had someone replaced him in her heart? Was he ever in her heart in the first place?

City streets, Walkin' after midnight
Lost in the crowd, out on my own
Without you here, the nights are never endin'
I still see your face, wherever I go
I close my eyes across a million miles of broken dreams
And pray your restless soul will lead you back again to me

Where are you now? Are you missing me tonight?
Or does someone else hold you tight?
Take a look around, are you just too blind to see?
No-one could love you more than me

And when your world comes tumblin' down
Someday I'll hear you say, Where are you now?

All alone in a town full of strangers
Talkin' to myself, over a drink or two
Lookin' through tears for a runway angel
Dancin' 'til dawn, with memories of you
I listen to my lonely heart in rhythm with the rain (rhythm with the rain)
And pray I'll find a way to make your stormy seasons change, baby

Where are you now? Are you missin' me tonight?
Or does someone else hold you tight?
Take a look around, are you just too blind to see?
No-one could love you more than me
And when your world comes tumblin' down
Someday I'll hear you say, Where are you now?

I wonder if you ever wonder what became of me
Baby I need you so desperately tonight
Baby won't you tell me, Where are you now?

And when your world comes tumblin' down
Someday I'll hear you say
You know I'll hear you say

Where are you now?Are you missin' me tonight?
Or does someone else hold you tight?
Take a look around, are you just too blind to see?
No-one could love you more than me

Where are you now? Are you missin' me tonight?

The song ended so Richie gave Jon a gentle nudge to bring him out of his reverie, knowing full well what was bothering his friend but unaware that only minutes before she had taken her seat in the front row between Lanie and Dorothea.

Alex and Lanie had found their seats easily enough and were surprised to find that although the tickets were numbered row C, they were actually front row as the first rows had been removed to accommodate the barricades. The woman seated next to Alex was rather attractive and somewhat familiar.

She seemed to be alone so Alex, never one to see a person left out, introduced herself. “Hi I’m Alex. Are you here alone?”

“Not exactly” the woman answered in an American accent as a warm smile spread across her face “I’m with the band. It’s nice to meet you Alex, I’m Dee. My husband and I were admiring you as you entered the arena earlier; you are a very stunning young lady!” Dot had taken to abbreviating her name to her first initial. To most she was not easily recognisable. Jon’s insistence with the press that she not be photographed had, for the most part, saved her image from being widely circulated. Of course some had been leaked by old acquaintances looking for a quick dollar but that was the price of fame. And though it was not hers to pay she tolerated it because it came with the man she loved. Usually the abbreviation of her name to something other than the usual Dot was enough to elude peoples interest.

“Thankyou, your not too shabby yourself” Alex responded, something about the woman playing on her mind. Then as the woman raised her hand to sweep her hair from her face and Alex saw the flash of a thick gold wedding band, similar to one she had seen on another hand in a recent photograph, awareness dawned. It wasn’t Dee it was D-orothea, Jon’s new wife. Alex quickly excused herself and rushed out towards the bathroom, Lanie right behind her.

“Al...Al wait up” she was setting one hell of a pace “Al, where are you going? Al, slow down the shows about to start” Lanie finally managed to grab her friends arm and swung her around to see tears flowing down her cheeks. “Babe, what’s going on? One minute we’re all happy and chatting away and now tears. He can’t have gotten to you yet. He’s not even on stage.”

“That woman, you know the one sitting next to me” Alex managed through a sob “She was just telling me how beautiful I am and that her and her husband were admiring me as I entered the arena”

“So that’s a huge compliment, where’s the problem in that?”

“Her name is Dot!”


“Dot, Dorothea...she’s Jon’s wife!” Alex responded impatiently.

“So that means her husband was...... Oh shit!”

“I think ‘FUCK!’ would be more appropriate”

Lanie finally managed to talk Alex into re-entering the arena on the condition that they swap seats placing Alex away from Dot. As the girls took to their seats for the second time that night ‘Dee’ turned and spoke to Lanie “Oh, you swapped seats. I hope it wasn’t anything I said. By the way I’m...”

“Dorothea” Lanie finished in hushed tones “And no it wasn’t anything you said, as such. I think it just dawned on Al who you were, and it made your comment a little overwhelming, that’s all.”

“What comm...” Dot started then remembered she had included Jon in her compliment. “Oh that! Sorry, it wasn’t intended to upset your friend. Quite the contrary, it was a huge compliment. My husband socialises with some of the most beautiful women in the world, and I dare say by the look he was giving Alex over there, he would consider her very much at home among them.” She continued “And I’m sorry about the name thing... some fans can get a bit overzealous if they know who I am. So far I’ve managed to stay anonymous for the most part, and I’d like it to stay way so you have no idea how much I appreciate your discretion.”

“Don’t mention it, and don’t mind Al, she’ll be fine just as soon as she wraps her head around everything” Lanie answered with a smile. She liked Dot immediately and thought Alex probably did too. She was correct and, for Alex, that was half the problem, because how could you like the woman married to the man you loved. And though she had never fully admitted it, not even to herself, she had fallen in love with him on that first and only night they had spent together.

Dot leaned around Lanie to lay a gentle hand on Alex’s forearm “I’m really sorry if I freaked you out Alex. I can be a bit abrupt at times and I’m still getting used to this whole ‘rock star’ thing. I mean to me he’ll always be that shy kid I went to school with and fell in love with, but I meant it as a compliment and I’m sure Jon will tell you the same, if you’d like to come back and meet him after the show. Both of you. Oh and please call me Dot.” She said.

Before Alex had an opportunity to refuse her the house lights dimmed and a scream reverberated through the crowd. Tico laid down the first beat on the drums which would become Lay Your Hands On Me, then Jon’s voice echoed clearly “They say that to really free your body, you gotta free your mind, so come on, check this out” there was a curtain shot of fireworks across the front of the stage and when the sparks cleared Jon could be seen dead centre. The show had begun.

Jon found Alex the second he stepped onto the stage. She was in the middle of the front row right in front of his mic stand; he didn’t however see Dot just one seat over. Jon worked the stage as he always did playing to the crowd on both sides of the arena with boundless energy but then stopped right before Alex and pointed as he sang...

Everything you want is what I need
Your Satisfaction is guaranteed
But the ride don't never ever come for free
So If you want me to lay my hands on you

His eyes bore into her very soul, then he was gone dancing across the stage but as Richie’s solo ended he was again back before her, this time reaching out to take her hand while singing, as the music slowed he leaned forward further and further over the front of the stage until he was able to pull her hand to him and place it over his pounding heart...

Don't you know I only aim to please
If you want me to lay my hands on you

Lay your hands on me

The camera panned across the scene and the crowd went wild as they saw it on the massive screens overhead, every woman in the place wished they were that girl. Jon bought her hand from his heart to his lips and kissed it tenderly before reluctantly letting it go to return to his adoring fans. Only a handful of people knew the truth of what was happening. The crowd ate it up believing it to be great showmanship, Dot looking on thought the same, but as the camera panned away a familiar hint of silver could be seen hanging from the girls neck, it caught Dots attention immediately for she had seen it on her husbands neck since the day it was made. It must be a replica she thought, they were becoming common now. Luckily she could not see the back which clearly indicated it wasn’t with the initials J.B. and the tiny phrase “Blood on Blood” engraved into it.

As Richie played the opening chords to I’d Die For You he made his way across to Jon and shouted into his ear “Man have you got guts playing up to that chick with your old lady in the front row one seat over no less.”

Jon began to answer the first part of the statement before the second had registered “That’s not just any chick man, that’s Alex” Then his brain caught up to his mouth “What did you say about Dot?”

Richie said nothing but nodded in her general direction. Jon turned to look and damn if Richie wasn’t right. There just a seat apart was the woman he loved and his only obsession. As Dot stood there gazing up at him oblivious to the truth, Alex, unable to meet his gaze was very obviously caught in the pain of it and it broke his heart. He knew his feelings weren’t rational, this girl, this beautiful young woman was more than just an obsession. He knew now that he did have feelings for her. He wondered how was it that in that one short night she had sparked a desire in him stronger than that he had for his wife. Jon was the consummate professional and his experience on stage was the only thing that enabled him to continue the show, but he needed Alex to know that he too felt the pain she was feeling. He had penned a song after their night together, speaking to of the pain of separation, so he decided to mix up the set list and play it early. He informed Richie and then made a very risky announcement gambling that Dot would believe it to be about her.

“I wrote this for and about a very special lady here tonight. I hope she knows who she is and what she means to me! It’s off the new album.” As he spoke his hand went to the chain around his neck caressing it lightly under the guise of adjusting it. It was a sign just for Alex, one that he hoped she would recognize. He knew that his subtle message had been received when watched her hand move of its own volition to the pendant’s twin hanging from her neck.

I tried to make you happy
You know I tried so hard to be
What you hoped that I would be
I gave you what wanted
God couldn't give you what you need
You wanted more from me
Than I could ever be
You wanted heart and soul
But you didn't know, baby

Wild, wild is the wind
That takes me away from you
Cold is the night without your love
To see me through
Wild, wild is the wind
That blows through my heart

Wild is the wind,
Wild is the wind
You got to understand, baby
Wild is the wind

You need someone to hold you
Somebody to be there night and day
Someone to kiss your fears away
I just went on pretending
Too weak, too proud, too tough to say
I couldn't be the one
To make your dreams come true
That's why I had to run
Though I needed you, baby

Wild, wild is the wind
That takes me away from you
Cold is the night without your love
To see me through, baby
Wild, wild is the wind
That blows through my heart tonight
That tears us apart

Wild is the wind,Wild is the wind
You got to understand, baby
Wild is the wind


Maybe a better man
Would live and die for you
Baby, a better man would
Never say goodbye to you

Wild, wild is the wind
That takes me away from you
Cold is the night without your love
To see me through, baby
Wild, wild is the wind
That blows through my heart tonight
That tears us apart

Wild is the wind,Wild is the wind
You got to understand, baby
Wild is the wind

That song poured out of him with more emotion than ever before. By the end of it the entire arena was silent. Jon was drained and very uncharacteristically left the stage, announcing Richie would sing the next song, much to Richie’s surprise. He made his way to his quick change with tears welling in his eyes and asked to be left alone, telling his guard to “Fuck off” when he tentatively opened the curtain to see if he was ok. The pain he had seen in her was raw, almost tangible, it reflected his own. Yet he still couldn’t begin to imagine her thoughts, sitting there just one seat away from his wife. As he had poured his heart out to her in song, he had observed her sneaking glances at Dot, who was lost in the moment thankfully oblivious to Alex and all else around her.

He needed time to get his shit together. He changed his shirt; air boxed around the small space, actually punched one of the equipment cases and damaged his hand, but was ready to hit the stage by the end of Richie’s impromptu performance. He was lucky he could rely on the axeman, he thought, as he made his way back to the stage. He moved out onto the side of the stage and kept moving in a conscious effort to avoid seeing Alex until his feelings were under better control, so it wasn’t until halfway though the second song back that he realised she was gone and so was her friend. The pain of her absence hit him hard but he carried on...he couldn’t disappoint the fans, the show had to go on, but later in the privacy of the showers he would break down and weep in frustration for the pain he had caused and situation he now found himself in, married to one woman yet obsessed with another.


allina_90 said...

Great, but sad chapter!

But what I didn't understand was why she dressed and made up like that although she didn't want to be seen by Jon? Or did I get that wrong?


Great question Allina,
Ok let me see if I can explain this...

We have to remember that:
a) Alex still believes that Jon forgot her when he left after the first tour.
b)She thinks her tickets will be third row...so there isn't much chance of him noticing her there anyway (as if..... but these are her thoughts)

So realistically, being made up is more about a treat for her and Lanie and to feel good about herself than it is for Jon.....but if he see's her (as he does) well thats just a bonus i guess... :-)

While Alex doesn't want to meet Jon face to face and have to deal with that, she certainly wants to show him what he's missing if she gets the chance.;-)

allina_90 said...

Ah okay, I already thought something like that ;)

But thanks for answering my question!

Anonymous said...

Great chapter. I wonder if they will see each other, to talk, while Jon is in town. He told her alot with Wild Is The Wind.

I love how you work their songs into the story.