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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chapter 3

Jon moved away from the window. He knew standing there would not make her arrive any sooner. He walked out into the main living area and over to the state of the art sound system. All of his CD’s were out in his car, so he flicked the tuner to his favourite radio station, and found his own words being played to him.

Never say goodbye, never say goodbye You and me and my old friends Hoping it would never end Never say goodbye, never say goodbye Holdin' on - we got to try Holdin' on to never say goodbye I guess you'd say we used to talk About busting out We'd break their hearts Together - forever

It was their song, the first they ever danced to, and he remembered it like it was just yesterday, the feel of her in his arms, the smell of her. He was 25 again; he was on that platform with her in his arms, and his whole life before him. She had been so unsure, so timid, and such a contradiction to the sign she had held earlier. He found himself wanting so much more than a chaste dance before 12,000 pairs of prying eyes. He wanted her alone and had been ecstatic when she had agreed to attend the after party. His time with her was drawing to a close, but before letting her go he just had to sample those delicious lips. He held her seductively and gently ran his tongue over them before sealing their encounter with a sensuous kiss. She tasted of cherry lip gloss and cola, and it was intoxicating.

Jon found himself distracted for the remainder of the show. All he could think of was her and was considering cutting the encore short so that he could get to her that much sooner. He couldn’t cheat his fans like that. His sense of loyalty to them would not allow it. He was the consummate professional when it came to his shows and, as all ways, he gave his all. Soon enough the show was over. Reg had escorted the boys back to their dressing rooms, dodging the several female fans who had found their way backstage in hopes of getting lucky with the band, some of who’s determination would be rewarded much later that evening, and then made his way back out to the arena floor to collect Alex and her friends.

Lanie and Mel had been hesitant to believe the backstage pass was real. Especially since they were now sitting in an all but empty area, with no indication that anyone would be collecting them. They were forced to acquiesce however when Reg appeared from the curtain below the stage and made his way up to where they were sitting.

“Mr Bongiovi would like you to come with me please.”Reg started “He has arranged for the three of you to travel with him to the after party. Oh, I’m Reg by the way, Mr Bongiovi’s personal body guard.”

Mel responded first “Umm, I have my own transport. Could I perhaps meet you there?”

“As you wish Miss. If you have any trouble gaining access at the venue just show them these passes and have them call me. I’ll arrange for parking for you as well” the man answered kindly handing over two more passes to Mel. “We are heading to the Sebel Town House. Will you be ok to find it or would you like one of my boys to travel with you?”

“No that’s fine, thanks, I know where it is.” Mel said as she fished around inside her bag for her keys. “Girls lets go or we’ll be stuck in the car park all night”

“Excuse me, Mr Bongiovi would like Miss Alex to travel with him. He gave me strict instructions to come and collect her.” Reg interrupted.

“Mel is it ok? Please.” Alex’s calm tone belied the excitement welling inside her.

“Ok, we’ll see you there. But Lanie you’re coming with me, I’m not driving there on my own.” Mel agreed paying no mind to the look of disdain now plastered across her sister’s face. “Take care of her Reg; if anything happens to her my life won’t be worth living. Alex, please be careful!” She stressed and with her sister begrudgingly in tow, they turned and made their way to the car.

Jon was freshly showered and sitting chatting to a slight man when Reg knocked and entered his dressing room with Alex in tow. His hair had been dried, and he was dressed for the party in a pair of skin tight jeans, a muscle hugging black T shirt and a long brown leather jacket. He furtively watched as Alex’s eyed the length of his body, admiring him while she thought he was distracted with Obie. Although never self deprecating, Jon did not consider himself to be an exceptionally attractive man, but the ladies certainly seemed happy with his attributes, and it appeared that Alex was no exception.

“Thanks Obie. We’ll deal with the rest later. It was a really great show tonight.” Jon said dismissively winking at his old friend, then turned and gave Alex the most engaging smile she had ever seen. “Glad you could make it sugar. Are you ready to go? The boys left a few minutes ago, they were anxious to get to the party, well the booze and women at the party” he chuckled.

He rose from the couch and made his way over to her, where he kissed her softly on the cheek and with his hand gently resting in the small of her back, he guided her out to the waiting car. An ebony Mercedes sedan with windows tinted so dark any hope of viewing its occupants was lost.

“We usually travel in buses” Jon explained “helps us remain inconspicuous, but I organised this for my special guest.”

Jon opened the door for her and, with a sweeping gesture, indicated she should slide into the back seat first. Alex had obviously never been in a Mercedes before. Jon watched her closely as her eyes betrayed the awe she was feeling, but from the second he slid in beside her she had eyes only for him. It was then that Jon realised Alex hadn’t said a word since he’d left her on that small stage.

“Cat got your tongue Alex? It’s ok, just breathe baby.” he said with a kind smile.

“Sorry...I...I...I guess this is all just a little surreal. The girls at school aren’t going to believe this.”

“The girls at school huh, how old are you Alex?” Jon cringed a little in waiting for the answer.

Alex sensed his hesitation in asking the question “I don’t lie Jon” It seemed a little surreal to be saying his name “So I suggest that if you don’t think you‘ll like the answer, don’t ask the question. Now do you still want to know?”

Damn it if she didn’t already have him pegged he thought. “I don’t want to baby, but I do need to hear the truth.”

“Sixteen” She said simply.

“Guess that alters my plans some” Jon was trying hard to disguise his disappointment despite her age he felt a connection he just couldn’t deny. She was so young however he sensed a maturity in her well beyond her years. “But its nothing we can’t sort out” a cheeky grin broke across his lips “Just means I’ll have to be a little more inventive than usual. I can’t use my usual tricks”

The ride to the hotel was short and they were soon driving down into the basement car park where they stopped before the elevator doors, avoiding the crowds that had already formed outside surrounding the front entrance and valet. Jon opened the door himself and got out first, he then leaned in and gave Alex his hand, helping her out of the car, sparking an electrical current that seemed to travel up his arm, down the length of his torso and settle in his groin. He had to keep reminding himself that she was only sixteen, and therefore off limits sexually, but god how he wanted to kiss her, to touch her, to be inside her. The taste he had on stage had not been enough to ease his desire for her. Even the thought of the feel of her cradled against him elicited a very uncomfortable physical reaction in his much too tight pants.

As Jon struggled to get himself under control, he thanked the wardrobe gods that he had chosen the long leather jacket tonight, rather than the short denim one that was his usual preference off stage. On getting out of the car Jon used one hand to pull his jacket closed disguising his arousal before taking Alex’s hand with the other to lead her towards the hotel function room where the party was already under way. They walked in to be confronted with Alec, holding a half drank bottle of whisky in one hand as a luscious blonde wrapped herself around him and firmly attached herself to his lips in a proprietary pose that told all the other women in the room to stay away. Jon found himself once again remembering Alex wrapped in his arms, and his pants became just that little more uncomfortable. Oh yeah, he thought to himself, it’s going to be an interesting night alright, but not the kind of interesting I hoped for!

Jon turned to Alex, and upon seeing the discomfort in her eyes, decided this wasn’t the place for her “Honey I really don’t think you should be here, these guys can get a bit out of control.”

“Oh” Alex was crestfallen; she dropped her eyes to the floor so that he wouldn’t see the disappointment there as she didn’t want to appear ungrateful. “Ok, I’ll just collect my friends and we’ll be on our way.”

“Alex, that’s not what I meant” He gently placed a knuckle under her chin and tilted her face up to look into her eyes. They were the most amazing pale brown with flecks of green and gold. They were also the most expressive eyes he had ever seen, the eyes of an old soul. He could see the hurt she was trying hard to disguise, hurt he had put there, and surprisingly it bothered him. “I really would like to spend some more time with you. Just not here. How about you and I go and find ourselves something else to do.”

Alex was reeling from his touch and longed for more contact. “Don’t you need to stay here and socialise?”

“Probably, but I’d much rather spend tonight with you.” Jon placed his arm across Alex’s shoulders and began to steer her towards the door “I can do the party scene anytime. Besides, it’s always the same crowd anyway.” Alex blushed profusely at his words and he found it totally endearing.

“Hey bro, where ya goin’? And who’s this gorgeous lady?” Jon had almost run into Richie who was standing in the door way. Hungrily eyeing her up and down, his gaze finally coming to settle on her breasts he added “Darlin’, are you sure your leavin’ with the right guy?”

“If I wasn’t before, I sure am now.” Alex wasn’t quite sure how to take the tall dark handsome axeman.

Jon chuckled “Hey man, great show!” he released Alex to take his brother in a brief hug. “This is Alex, and now that she’s put you in your place I’m gonna get her out of here.”

Richie gave Jon a sly grin “Right man, I’ll cover for ya, oh and I’ll ah ..... I’ll bunk in with Dave tonight”

“It’s not like that.” Jon glared coolly at Richie. Alex was no groupie. “We’re just gonna go somewhere a little quieter so we can talk, and get away from you assholes. Catch ya later man”

Jon took Alex’s hand, edged past Richie in the doorway and headed for the hotel foyer. Jon ambled across to the reception counter with Alex in tow and asked the concierge for use of a room with some privacy. He didn’t want to take Alex up to his room. He wasn’t sure he could control himself if he put her in a room with an inviting king size bed.

When inside what appeared to be the manager’s office Jon settled Alex on the couch and got busy on the phone. The office was sparsely furnished but exuded luxury and old world charm. The couch that Alex sat on flanked the wall to the right; it was very masculine, of rich brown leather with a button studded back. A bookcase lined another wall filled with novels and reference books alike, some age worn and others, quite obviously, more recent additions. An antique oak desk held court in the centre of the room before a large picture window that revealed a spectacular view of the city. The desk was over large and had an ornately carved privacy panel and rich brown leather inlayed top. It held a few items of stationary, a telephone and a computer. The desk was flanked by two leather arm chairs on one side that matched the couch and a luxurious executive chair opposite.

Jon used none of the chairs, but perched himself on the edge of the desk, and spoke softly into the phone while gazing out the window, facing away from Alex. He was keeping his voice low in hopes that he would be able to surprise Alex with his plans. Even with his back to her, he could feel her eyes on him. He had no idea what she expected from this night but hoped whole heartedly that he did not disappoint.


allina_90 said...

Oh wow, I do like your story.

I imagine Jon with his long blond hair (which actually has nothing to do with the whole story :p), Alex sitting on this leather couch with her shy age of sixteen waiting for Jon to do something. Quite great!!!

Sunstreaked said...

Sitting here remembering when I was 16 and oh those days! Meeting Jon at 25 and in his full puppy glory? Heaven help me!

And Alex too, aparently!

TaraLeigh said...

Nice little twist there. Love the flashbacks.
Can't wait to see just what happens that would make them stay together then fall apart.

I do like the fact that he immediately decided to do something other than seduce her. She gave him the guilt free pass and he didn't take it.


Anonymous said...

I have just started reading your story, I was sent in this direction by one of your fans and I'm glad I was! Can't wait to read further!!!