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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chapter 58

It was a chilly day in February when Jon rushed from the cab directly into the foyer of a large tower of concrete, steel and glass in Manhattan. Outside a constant drizzle of sleet drifted down from gloomy grey skies. He gave his head a quick shake to rid his hair of the icy slush, and adjusted the deli bag in his arms. If Alex wouldn't come to him he would go to her, God damn it. He had tried earlier to entice her to lunch, but she assured him she was far too busy with a strict deadline to meet. She had done a photo session for an album cover, and the edited images needed to be submitted the following day so the covers would go into production on time. He nodded to the doorman as he passed, stepped into a conveniently waiting elevator and hit the button for the 24th floor, where he knew Alex would be slaving away in her new city residence come studio.

A sharp rap on the door had Alex's head shoot up. She wasn't expecting anyone today...it was the weekend for Christ sake...she didn't generally see clients on weekends...but did that stop them from coming around? She ignored the persistent tapping. When the intruder knocked more forcefully, she cursed but tried to remain focused on the work before her. When the knocks turned into loud thuds, she strode to the door with the sole purpose of telling the person on the other side of it just where they should shove their fist. She swung the door wide with a serious amount of bluster, but the second she saw who was standing on the threshold, all the wind went out of her proverbial sails.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, an edge of her recent annoyance creeping into her voice.

"Aw, come on baby," Jon cooed as he stepped through the door, "don't I deserve a better welcome than that? I did bring lunch after all." He held up the deli bag.

"Ooh, what did you bring?" Alex asked excitedly.

"So you don't get excited when your lover...a stunningly gorgeous international rock star slash actor, no less....," he added mockingly, "...turns up on your doorstep to fuck you senseless...but you do get excited over the food he brings. Hmmm....we may have to work on your priorities Miss Belle." He still couldn't bring himself to think of her as married, let alone refer to her in that sense. So the maiden name remained, besides he justified to himself, she still used it professionally anyway.

Alex giggled. "I only wish I had time to be fucked senseless. Now what's in that bag?"

"Only the best pork roll sandwich Jersey has to offer," he beamed at her.

"Hmmm yummy...you definitely do deserve a good fucking..." she said, he grinned and reached for her but she stepped deftly out of his path and continued, "but can we take a rain check til this job is in the bag...literally in the bag. I need to get it in an overnight satchel first thing in the morning."

"I can wait. Eat first, work second, fuck last. You should always leave the best for last anyway...and I am definitely the best." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Ha, Ha." Alex replied.

After a very satisfying lunch, Jon insisted on staying to keep her company while she worked. He settled on the couch with a book, and without so much as a murmur of complaint, let her go about her business.

When dinner time rolled around he ordered in pizza and made sure she ate, before returning quietly to his book. He was exhibiting patience she didn't even know he possessed. She doubted that when he had insisted on staying he had any idea of what he was letting himself in for...but he had showed no signs of wanting to leave anytime soon.

It was hours later, as Alex was bent over a light board full of negatives, that the sound of deep rhythmic breathing drifted to her ears. She turned slightly and looked over her shoulder to the long, white, low line couch that was the only piece of furniture gracing a wall of windows. Outside the city lights twinkled against the inky black backdrop of deep night, only a few stars bright enough to compete. Inside, another kind of star dozed on her couch.

He lay stretched out on his back. His left arm was slung carelessly across his face shielding his eyes from light, his right hand rested on the bare expanse of skin created where his soft blue cotton T had ridden up from his low slung faded denims. The book he had been reading rested open and face down on the floor beside the couch.

Alex grabbed her camera and crept quietly towards him. She checked the camera settings and shot off a rapid succession of photos. Jon stirred under the intrusion of the camera flash, not quite waking but rolling onto his side, resting his cheek upon his clasped hands. A stray lock of hair fell across his face. Alex moved forward and ever so gently pushed it back and away from his eyes, before crouching in front of him with her camera aimed. Dropping her camera she paused and just looked at him...really looked at him. In sleep he was stripped of all the responsibilities and trappings of fame and fortune, he was just a man...a gorgeous, sweet, sexy, thoughtful man, who in that moment, looked so carefree, so vulnerable, that her heart swelled with love.

This was the man she had fallen in love with so long ago. Over the years she had periodically questioned her feelings and motives in loving him, often wondering if she had been captivated by the rock star instead of the man. In this moment all of those doubts melted away. There was only one reason why she was here, and he was lying peacefully asleep in front of her.

Alex raised the camera and took a couple more pictures before putting it aside and kneeling on the floor at his head. With a feather light touch, Alex brushed her fingers through the hair at Jon's temple and bent to kiss him lightly on the lips. "My love," she whispered against them.

As she rose and turned to head back to her desk, he snagged her hand and pulled her down on top of him.

"Oh you...you..." she squealed, swatting him playfully on the chest as she nestled into his arms. "You are supposed to be asleep."

"How could I sleep through that kiss? I thought the prince was supposed to awaken Sleeping Beauty with a kiss...not the other way around." he smiled up at her...a slightly crooked, sleepy, sexy smile and then drew her down to him for a kiss. The second their lips touched the spark ignited and all thoughts of sleep or work were banished.

The kiss was languorous and consuming. Jon reached up to the nape of Alex's neck, where he found the clip that bound her hair and released it. Lustrous waves of deep auburn cascaded over her shoulders and around them. Jon threaded his hands in it and twined its silky strands around his fingers.

Alex let her hands drift over the firm lines of his chest until she found the pert buds of his nipples through his shirt. She gave them a little tweak and smiled when his chest rumbled with an almost inaudible groan. Jon held her tightly to him before sitting up abruptly and yanking the offending garment off over his head...he wanted nothing in the way of her touching him.

When Jon collapsed back onto the couch, Alex remained upright and adjusted her position so she was straddling him. She could feel his rock hard length pulsing, even through their two layers of denim jeans and the one of filmy lace that covered her core. She scored her fingernails down his chest, flicking over erect nipples, continuing down over defined abs, before resting her palms flat just below his pectorals, where she could feel his ribcage expand and contract with each ragged breath.

Jon could feel the wet heat of her core penetrate their clothing as she undulated above him. With each movement, the coarse texture of the denim rubbed across the tip of his cock, eliciting a sharp intake of breath. He lifted his hands and took her face between them, tracing the lines of first her jaw and then her collarbones with his thumbs as he flattened his palms against her overheated flesh and began his journey down. He paused at the swell of her breasts to cup them as he rolled her nipples expertly between his thumb and forefinger. Her movements became more urgent, and in turn so did his.

As Jon's hips arched up off the couch beneath her in his desperation to get closer, Alex felt the sweetest sensation shoot from her core to every nerve, from the very top of her head to the tips of her curled toes. Her head fell back in pleasure, exposing the graceful line of her throat. Unable to resist, Jon sat up pulling her to him, nuzzling into that sweet place just below her jaw.

The sensation of her soft mounds with their erect nipples against the hard plains of his chest was his undoing. He lowered her onto her back and came down on top of her.

"God Alex, look what do you do to me?" He rumbled, grasping her hand and putting it on his erection. She rubbed up and down his length through the fabric of his jeans and he moaned. "Oh fuck yeah," he growled through clenched teeth.

Alex smiled. "Baby," she cooed, "I haven't even started yet."

She managed to manipulate her other hand in between them to join the first at their joined crotches, and began to work on the fly of her jeans. Realising what she was doing, Jon raised his pelvis off her slightly, and with a little difficulty, Alex managed to undo her jeans and wiggle them off her hips. The black lacy creation beneath them could barely have been considered underwear.

"Christ," Jon muttered against her lips after looking down her length, "you're trying to kill me here aren't you."

His mouth claimed hers with an urgent possession, his tongue slipping inside as his finger slid under the lace and into her core. She moaned.

Her hands fumbled at his zipper. "Off," she said urgently.

He lifted a little once again. The second his pants were open, her hand was inside them, her fingers wrapped around his hard thick length, pre-cum oozing onto her palm as she stroked him.

An alarm sounded, and a vibration buzzed at Jon's hip. "What the fuck?" she snarled.

To Jon that noise was like a bucket of ice water. Every muscle in his body tensed. "Please God, not now....not now." He whispered, dropping his head to her shoulder. But instinctively she knew.


He reached to unclip the offending article from the waist band of his jeans. She hadn't noticed it before. It was a pager. He glanced briefly at the screen and cursed. "I have to go."

"Why? What's going on? What's...." the question trailed off as realisation hit. "You've got to be fucking kidding me? Now?"

He nodded.

"Could the woman have worse fucking timing?"

"Jesus, Ali I'm so sorry."

"Just go." She said softly. Alex watched as the panic from her words touched his eyes. He thought she meant he had to leave for good.

"You mean..."

She didn't allow him to finish the sentence, "I mean... go be with your pregnant wife. She needs you more than I do right now. I'll be here when you can get back." She assured him.

"I don't want to leave you like this." He said, clearly torn. He had moved himself into a sitting position and she got up to sit beside him.

"Jon, your wife is in labor...you have to go." She rose to her feet, he followed, pulling her to him.

"Fuck baby, I really am sorry." He looked at her pleadingly.

"It's fine Jon. I'm fine." She kissed him tenderly then disengaged from his arms so he could dress. She bent to retrieve his shirt from the couch arm, where it had landed just a few minutes earlier, while he fastened his pants. She turned the shirt out so it was the right way around and handed it to him. "Now you need to go."

He pulled the shirt over his head and ran his fingers through his mussed hair. "I love you." He whispered in her ear as he drew her in for one final hug.

"Love you too." She said as she pulled back. She kissed him chastely on the lips. "Now go...before you miss it." She urged.

"You are one special lady Ali. You know that?" He said as he headed for the door.

She smiled. It was a small tight smile. "Call me when there's news." She called after him as she followed so she could lock up behind him.

"You'll be the first. I promise." He raced back to her, kissed her again and was gone.

Alex slid down the wall and sunk to the floor near the door, her knees drawn up to her chest. She hated this...really hated it. No matter what they may have together, this was something she could never give him. It was a connection they would never share...not only that, it was one she would never have with anybody...and that knowledge was absolutely devastating. Tears coursed down her cheeks as her body was wracked with silent sobs of desolation.

Alex sat slumped against the wall for a long time, until the chill from the cold concrete wall permeated her bones. When she shivered, she looked down at herself and realised she was still all but naked. She drew herself off the floor and walked zombie like into her room, not bothering to head back into the studio to clear up and or even turn off the lights. She fell into bed and soon after into a restless sleep, filled with dreams of a dark haired, baby girl with her gentle features and Jon's blue eyes.

She started awake when the phone rang. Fumbling to retrieve it from the side table, she was finally able to answer it on the forth ring. "Hello?"

"It's a boy."

And the tears started again.


Anonymous said...

Ah, poor Ali! No only does she have to be patient for him, she can't ever have his children. But, to know he really LOVES HER is what is so important too!

Anonymous said...

thanks for another great chapter...

first I thought its a happy one... now I need a tissue...

diane4jovi said...

Loved this chapter. You brought me to tears. Please don't let it be this long again between chapters. Great job. I check your stories daily for up dates and definitely need them more often. Thanks for what you do.

Heike said...

Same here - great story - I check in often - but the breaks between the chapters are too long!
This one is bittersweet... poor Ali!

Anonymous said...

So happy to have a new chapter! Really enjoy this story and can't wait for more!

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Please Please finish this story!I wouldn't have started reading it if I knew it wasn;t finished. I have read a lot of Bon Jovi fics and this one is yummy. So Please finish I'll keep checking. Thanks,

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