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Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapter 51

Jon continued to kiss Alex until they were both breathless with desire. While one hand remained entwined in hers, his other roamed her silky skin, working its way beneath the flimsy pajama top to a soft warm mound of flesh. Her erect nipple dug into the palm of his hand as he kneaded one of the more obvious traits of her womanhood, causing her to gasp.

She reveled in the touch of his hand. She knew what they were doing was wrong, but here…now… she didn't want to be right. She would quite gladly take her punishment and burn in hell, as long as he was by her side. Every touch, every caress was exquisite torture. Her whole body ached for him as it did for no other.

Jon began to move lower, worshiping her body, her womanhood. He kissed and licked his way down her graceful neck, pausing to nuzzle at her delicate clavicle. He moved his hand from her breast, trailing feather-light fingers over her ribcage, to her tiny waist. His thumb traced lazy circles around her belly button, before a finger dipped inside sending a jolt to her core. He ran his hands back up her ribs, catching her shirt as he went, pushing upwards until she had to raise her head so that he could slip it up over her arms and off her. Her mouth reached for his and engaged him in another mind numbing kiss.

Jon broke the kiss to move to her ear where he traced along the rim with the tip of his tongue before whispering, "you are so beautiful Ali…so perfect."

His breath was warm and moist in her ear. Gooseflesh rose all over her body, and he chuckled sexily at the involuntary shiver her body gave. Every reaction was involuntary with him. When he was this close she was unable to think coherently, let alone move decisively.

He couldn't get enough of her, he couldn't get close enough, never close enough. He swung a leg over her body so that he was straddling her, a knee either side of her hips, a hand either side of her head. He kissed her softly on the lips, trailing kisses over her chin and down. He ran a rough calloused hand down the smooth flesh between her breasts, and followed it with the softness that was his mouth. His now shoulder length hair trailed over her breasts as he moved, causing her nipples to pucker achingly.

Sliding even lower, Jon once again came to her tiny waist and the luscious curves of her hips – wide set and perfect for childbearing that would never again know that privilege. His thumbs traced up and down the lines of her pelvis that were exposed above her sleep shorts, as his tongue soothed her scar.

"I need to see you baby…I need to see all of you," he said against her skin.

Scooting backwards on the bed, he hooked his fingers in the top of her shorts and dragged them down her body, never once losing contact with her skin. His hands ran over the firm rounded cheeks of her ass, his fingertips dipping close to her center as they trailed down the back of her thighs, eliciting a small moan, almost a purr, from her chest. He followed the shapely curve of her calves all the way down to her ankle, then ever so gently, with a hand beneath her bottom, prompted her to roll onto her stomach. He then started the process all over again, kissing, caressing savoring every inch of her he could access until she was writhing beneath him.

"Please Jon…"she whimpered. Alex felt as though every cell in her body was electrically charged. Every nerve ending was heightened, waiting for his next touch.

"Shhhh…" he soothed.

He kissed each vertebrae in turn as he followed her spine down…down… Grabbing two pillows from the bed, he propped up her waist, granting him better access to his next target. Kneading her cheeks with firm hands he used his thumbs to part them and reveal his prize. He ran his tongue down the valley of her buttocks, pausing to flick over her sensitive puckered hole only briefly before travelling even lower. The musky scent of her sex intoxicated him, his tongue stretched out to lap at her clit as his nose nuzzled into her silky depths. Alex's breath hitched and almost immediately she began to contract around him.

He pulled back, "Hush baby…not yet" he murmured.

From the very first second he had touched her Alex had been in an impending state of orgasm. She fought back the urge with all her will, she didn't want it like this either. She wanted to see him when she came…to look into his eyes and see the love there. For the second time he prompted her to rollover – she did so gladly.

It never failed to amaze Jon just how responsive she was to him. Her body was made for his touch. He discarded the pillows and tenderly parted her thighs, then sat back on his haunches to admire her. What an erotically wonton picture she made laying there waiting for him to please her. She watched him through hooded eyes. Her lips were swollen and pink, no longer from sleep but from his kisses. Her cheeks held a rosy glow, and her pale skin was a stark contrast to the masses of soft curls that spread out around her, framing her face. One hand lay above her head, the other traced unconscious patterns across one heaving breast. He took a mental picture of the image before him, knowing it was a sight he would never forget as long as he lived.

As Jon admired her, Alex likewise admired him -his square jaw, tight with the effort of control, his eyes, usually crystal blue, now dark and stormy with lust. The single bead of perspiration that dripped from the nape of his neck and rolled down his muscular chest, only to get lost in the abundance of black fur that narrowed as it descended to his rippling abs and lower, between the delicious indentations that were his hips as they disappeared into his low riding sweats.

Alex reached a hand out towards him. Unable to deny her anything he entwined his fingers with hers and led them to her pussy. He traced the line of her slit with his thumb, while their joined hands hovered above. At the top of her lips, he allowed his thumb to delve inside, to press down on her erect nub, and watched as her sweet juices flowed for him.

"Is that for me baby?" he asked, his voice a husky growl, "are you wet for me?"

Drawing her bottom lip through her teeth, Alex nodded her assent.

Jon lowered his mouth to her. There was no teasing this time. He needed to taste her fully, his tongue immediately replaced his thumb on het clit…flicking, licking, sucking.

"Mmmm…taste so good." His stubble tickled her lips as he spoke against them.

Within seconds Alex was mumbling incoherently and when Jon slid two fingers inside her, and touched that sweet spot that only he had ever found, her body convulsed.

"Fuck me….yes…yes Jon yes, yes..." she screamed.

"Oh baby… I intend to." He growled as he rid himself of his sweats and sat back on his haunches again.

His cock was purple and straining, his immense need and incredible self control fully evident. Alex sat up and scraped her nails up his ribcage. It was her turn to chuckle at his involuntary shiver. She leaned up and kissed him soundly, and while he was preoccupied with that, took him in her hand. Pre-cum oozed from his tip and she spread it with her thumb, pumping him slowly. She kissed the corner of his mouth, his chin, his jaw…she nuzzled into his neck and nipped at his adams apple before kissing a trail down over his chest and beyond.

Jon was lost in sensation, her hand on his cock, her lips all over his torso, her hair on his thighs. She was more than halfway do her destination when he realized where she was headed.

"Oh no baby," he chided, taking her gently by the arms and pulling her up, "today is all about you Ali…only you."

"I need you...Jon. I need you inside me…I need you now," she pleaded.

"Ughh," he groaned, "...fuck Ali...How could I ever say no to you?" He moved to sit cross legged before her. "Come here." He held his arms wide and she climbed into them, wrapping her legs around his waist, her ass cradling into the hollow of his folded legs, until they were face to face, no space between them, the thick hair on his chest grazing her pert nipples.

Jon's arms wrapped around her at the waist, one hand slid slowly up her spine until it came to the nape of her neck. He grabbed a fistful of hair and tugged gently so as to gain better access to her neck. He dipped his tongue in the hollow at the base of it then followed the line of her throat up to her chin and beyond to trace the seam of her lips. With tender prodding they granted him access to the pleasures beyond. He tasted her fully, languorously, until her taste infiltrated all of his senses, until she was everything, until they were one.

As the kiss deepened, Alex opened her eyes to look at him. The pain was gone from his face now, only pleasure remained. He looked like the carefree man that had dazzled her that first night when she was just sixteen...really only a few short years, yet a lifetime ago. He must have sensed she was watching him, because his eyes fluttered open. Had she not felt the same, the intensity she saw there would have scared her – the raw lust, the overwhelming desire, the unconcealed, unrivalled love.

Alex ran her hands down the length of his arms, over rippling biceps until she came to his hands, where she entwined her fingers with his, his large competent hands dwarfing hers. It seemed like an eternity that they sat like this, kissing tenderly, simply enjoying each other. And then she started to move, undulating against him. His rock hard cock protruded proudly from his torso, the tip placing pressure on her sensitised clit, causing tiny wave after tiny wave of pleasure for both of them, his response a groan rumbling deep in his chest, hers a soft mewing.

He brought her hands to his lips, kissing both of them in turn, then gently placed her arms around his neck.

"Ali," he whispered, tenderly tilting her chin up with thumb, his lips so close to hers that his breath felt like an intimate caress. "Are...you sure baby?"

She nodded quickly, so filled with desire that she didn't trust herself to speak.

"I need you so bad...I need you more than anything...more than the air I breathe...I can't live without you...I've tried but I can't do it," he muttered.

With trembling fingers, he caressed her cheekbones, his eyes the color of a stormy ocean, never leaving hers as his hands slowly traced down her throat, down the outer curve of her breasts, and down her torso. His thumbs rested against her lower ribs while his hands encircled her tiny waist.

His breathing was hot and heavy as he watched her, watched as she bit her shaking lower lip, the intensity of the moment not lost on either of them. "You are so very beautiful," he said softly. "The most beautiful woman I have ever known…"

Slowly his fingers trailed down her spine and outwards, his palms gliding over her hipbones. Ever so gently, he parted her bottom, curving around her soft flesh, lifting her just the few inches needed until she was positioned precisely where he wanted her.

He lowered his forehead to hers, his eyes never leaving hers as he lowered her, his breath coming in heaving gasps until she was fully seated on him.

She watched his face, fascinated by the play of emotions she saw there. And then she read his lips, his voice silent as he mouthed, "I love you."

Crushing her to him, he kissed her passionately as he moved inside her. Alex swung her legs around and raised herself onto her knees to gain leverage, but no matter what she did she couldn't get him deep enough inside her. With a gentle push on his shoulders she encouraged him to lie back on the bed so she could ride him. Her hands drifted down over his chest and rested on his abdomen as he stretched his legs out behind her.

Deliberately she began to move, rising and lowering herself on his swollen cock, withdrawing until only the tip remained inside on each up stroke, contracting her pussy around it and feeling it fill her completely with each down stroke. She lifted her face towards the ceiling, causing her silky curls to tickle his thighs. He watched the ecstasy on her face as her eyes fluttered closed, watched as she bit down on her lower lip in an effort to retain control, as she took deep measured breaths to assist in that same effort.

Alex reached around behind her and took his balls in her hand, grinning wickedly when his breath hitched and his back arched up off the bed momentarily. He watched intently with smouldering eyes as her other hand came up to caress her breast momentarily before her middle finger followed an imaginary line down the centre of her torso and slipped between the silky wet lips of her pussy. The image before him was one of the most erotic he had ever witnessed, seeing her stimulate her clit as he watched his length slide in and out of her warm moist depths.

He was close to the edge, but she was closer. He diverted his attention from her pussy to her face as her breath came in raspy shallow pants. "That's it Ali...let me see you come for me. You look so beautiful when you come baby. Let me hear you scream...come hard for me baby."

Again Alex leaned down over him, her hands braced against his chest. She no longer pumped him but instead ground and against him. He lifted the hand she had used to stimulate herself and one by one sucked each finger into his mouth to taste her, it seemed he could never get enough.

"Ohh..ooh God Jon..." she panted as she began to grind into him in earnest, his hips meeting her thrust for thrust.

He reached between them, it only took a moment. The second his thumb touched her clit, her body began to shudder powerfully and a guttural scream escaped her as she toppled into oblivion, orgasming so powerfully that every nerve, every feeling seemed to center in her core, until she could no longer hold herself up and collapsed on top of him breathless.

Jon gave her only a moment to recover. He drew her lips to his, kissed her soundly, then uttered against them, "My turn." With a grin twice as wicked as hers he snagged her hands in his and in a fluid motion, rolled them so that he was on top of her.

"My pleasure," she grinned back at him.

"uh uh...our pleasure," he murmured against her ear, his warm breath already coming in pants, his tongue moist as it traced a bead of sweat that trailed from her temple. And with that he began to move, his weight balanced on one elbow, the hand of that arm wrapped around the back and over her shoulder, bracing her against his thrusts as the other hand ran down her leg and hoisted it over his hip.

Alex lifted her other leg of her own accord and wrapped them securely around his waist, locking them at the ankle. With every thrust, she felt him deep within her. Still aroused, it wasn't long before once again her walls began to pulse around him.

"Jon...I'm gonna...."

"It's ok baby...I know. I'm with you honey...let go." Jon replied as he felt his balls tighten and his toes curl.

Alex stared deep into his eyes as her walls contracted hard around him and Jon spilt his seed deep within her, his release signalled with a load groan that she muffled with a fiery soulful kiss before he collapsed exhausted on top of her.

They lay like that, still joined and silent for a long time. Jon made to move away from her but she clutched him tightly to her. He adjusted their position so they were laying side by side, still intimately joined.

Minutes later thinking he was asleep, when his breathing began to slow and even out and she felt him slip from her body, she kissed each of his closed eyelids and whispered against his forehead, "I love you too Jon...It's always been you. It always will be."

She did not see the huge grin on his face, she too was well on her way to a peaceful slumber.


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